Weight zone shipping for WooCommerce 2.6


If your WooCommerce store needs to calculate shipping charges based on cart weight and delivery region then this plugin is for you.


This plugin replaces the oik-weightcountry-shipping plugin. Designed to work with WooCommerce 2.6 it is integrated with shipping zones.

Each shipping zone can contain multiple shipping methods with rates that apply to all regions in the zone.


  • Shipping rates based on cart weight and delivery region
  • Unlimited weight ranges
  • Carts with zero weight
  • FREE shipping in selected weight ranges
  • Default rates using the Rest of the World shipping zone
  • Maximum cart weight
  • WooCommerce 2.6 and above
  • Available in English and French


  • Add Shipping Method for Weight zone shipping
  • Weight zone shipping - initial display
  • Weight zone shipping rates
  • Weight zone settings - modal
  • Cart totals
  • Checkout shipping rate
  • WooCommerce > System Status > Tools > Shipping debug mode


Which version of WooCommerce does this work on?

Tested with WooCommerce 2.6 and higher

What is the separator for the shipping rate table?

You can use vertical bars, forward slashes or commas
Blanks around values will be ignored

0| 9.99| Zero weight
1 / 1.24 / 
2 , 3.45 ,
3 | 4.56 

Enter one rate per line.

How do I set the Method Title?

Set the default Method Title and add overrides in the Shipping Rates table

0| 9.99| Zero weight
1 / 1.24 /  
2 , 3.45 , 
3 | 4.56 , Another method title override
Does this support multiple rates per weight/shipping zone combination?

Yes – from version 0.0.2

Because this plugin is integrated with WooCommerce Shipping Zones you can achieve it by
creating multiple shipping methods using Weight zone shipping.

For each shipping method you add to a zone set the Method Title to reflect the rates.
e.g. UK second class, UK first class.

If you want to define multiple rates in the Shipping Rate table then you will need to use the
Multi rate weight zone shipping for WooCommerce plugin,
which is the premium version of the plugin.

Are there any other FAQs?

Yes. See oik weight zone shipping for WooCommerce 2.6 FAQS
and Multi rate weight shipping for WooCommerce 2.6 FAQ’s


Almost perfect 🙂

Enrique J. Ros

Works nicely, easy to set up. Would be great if the handling fee could be set also as a percentage of the cart total (just a pair of lines of code).



This plugin is a life and time saver. Thank you for the great work!

Read all 4 reviews



  • Fixed: Support multiple rates using multiple methods Issue 6
  • Tested: With WordPress 4.6.1 and WooCommerce 2.6.7
  • Updated: readme links


  • Changed: Move shipping rates before tax status Issue 1
  • Changed: Share OIK_Weight_Shipping class with oik-weight-zone-shipping-pro Issue 3
  • Changed: Implement checks for WooCommerce 2.6 or higher Issue 4
  • Changed: Update language files Issue 5
  • Changed: Updated readme: description, screenshots and captions


  • Added: New plugin cloned from oik-weightcountry-shipping v1.3.2
  • Changed: Synchronized with code from oik-weight-zone-shipping-pro v0.0.0
  • Changed: readme updated to reflect the move to a new plugin.
  • Changed: Renamed language files

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