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[nivo] shortcode for the responsive jQuery "Nivo slider" for posts, pages, attachments and custom post types using oik


  • Fixed: Dependency checking issues when oik v2.4 is active [github bobbingwide oik-nivo-slider issue 4]


  • Fixed: nivo slider formatting issues when attachment titles contain HTML tags [github bobbingwide oik-nivo-slider issue 3]
  • Changed: Now reports dependency on oik v3.0.0 or higher
  • Tested: With WordPress 4.5 and WordPress MultiSite


  • Added: New theme called 'custom' which allows you more control over styling. Issue #2
  • Changed: Logic now sets style=display:none on all but the first image to be displayed, for attachments and screenshots
  • Fixed: Reverted deferred registration of the [nivo] shortcode. Issue #1


  • Added: link=full parameter option to open the full sized image.
  • Changed: Supports symlinked installations.
  • Changed: Now depends on oik v2.4
  • Changed: Does not register the [nivo] shortcode until notified by 'oik_add_shortcodes'
  • Fixed: Includes minor CSS changes to improve the initial display of sliders displayed using Nivo jQuery 2.7.1 themes@ default271, oik271, orman and pascal
  • Tested: With WordPress 4.3


  • Fixed: Added call to bw_clear_processed_posts()


  • Added: Support for the format= parameter - allowing HTML content to be displayed in the caption area


  • Fixed: Changed nivo-slider-32.css to correctly display transitions in text widgets... where oik.css was setting max-width to 100%, but nivo needs max-width: none;


  • Fixed: Logic now allows thumbs=n parameter to override setting of Control nav thumbs.
  • Added: support to override: Control nav ( nav=n|y ), Pause time ( pause=nnnn ) and Manual advance ( manual=n|y )


  • Added: Added link=file parameter option to enable opening of images with "fancybox" without having to set the oik custom image link field
  • Added: rel="slider-n" to allow fancybox to open media files (link=file) in a fancybox gallery
  • Added: class "iframe" to allow fancybox to open attachment links (link=y) in an iframe.
  • Changed: Now uses jQuery nivo slider version 3.2
  • Changed: Updated oik nivo caption click jQuery; replacing live() with on()
  • Tested: With WordPress 3.6.1


  • Added: Support for displaying images from NextGEN galleries using post_type=nggallery:n where n= gallery ID
  • Changed: Updated to use the latest dependency checking logic
  • Tested: with WordPress 3.5.1
  • Changed: Improved some documentation comments
  • Changed: Added a blank space in the syntax for the effect parameter - to improve the formatting in oik shortcode help


  • Added: effect parameter to override the profile setting


  • Changed: Improved CSS to allow for themes that set margins on tags
  • Noted: bug causing small images to appear


  • Added: Slider transitions: "slideInLeft" and "slideInRight".
  • Fixed: Bug preventing boxRain transition from completing when boxCols or boxRows values set in Nivo settings. Depends on oik v1.17.1128


  • Added: controlNavThumbs option in Nivo settings. For Nivo 3.1
  • Added: Also supports thumbs=y|n parameter to override controlNavThumbs


  • Added: Now supports nivo version 3.1 AND nivo 2.7.1. You can mix and match slider themes on a page
  • Changed: Default theme is still called default. If you want the default theme from nivo 2.7.1 use default271



  • Fixed: Added support for the thumbnail parameter. Required when the full size image is much larger than the slider size.


  • Fixed: Unrecoverable fatal error in admin pages if the oik base plugin is deactivated. Missing bw_trace2()


  • Added: Improved dependency checking. oik-nivo-slider will produce a link to install, upgrade or activate oik
  • Fixed: slider only working for post_type="attachment" since the post_mime_type=image parameter was being set incorrectly
  • Note: There is a workaround for the above problem; include post_mime_type=" " thumbnail="large" in the shortcode


  • Added: Link to any content from attached images
  • Fixed: calls bw_jquery() setting $windowload parameter to true... the default in oik v1.13 is false
  • Fixed: can't click on captions - undefined variable oik_nc_script


  • Added: Default slideshow options can be configured
  • Added: post_mime_type parameter defaults to "image"
  • Added: option to display "screenshot" files from installed plugins [nivo post_type="screenshot:oik-nivo-slider"]
  • Changed: The example logic will display the oik-nivo-slider screenshots
  • Changed: oik-nivo-slider will now produce warning messages when the pre-requisite version of the oik plugin is not satisfied
  • Changed: BUT it WILL crash if you try to run it against oik version 1.11
  • Fixed: Corrected the name of the oik base plugin when using Plugin Dependencies
  • Fixed: minimum version of WordPress required is 3.3
  • Fixed: Added a workaround to allow oik version 1.12 on single site, but needing oik v1.12.1 for MultiSite


  • Fixed: Correction for Fatal error due to _sc_thumbnail() not being defined... it's in the next version of OIK.


  • Added: link=n parameter for when you just want a slideshow
  • Added: caption=n parameter for when you want plain pictures
  • Added: ribbon=n parameter to disable the ribbon image shown in some themes
  • Added: oik theme - demonstrating CSS for hovering over the caption
  • Changed: corrections and updates to this readme.txt file
  • Changed: Uses the the minified jQuery Nivo slider library by default.
  • Fixed: Uses the metadata to find the filename for the attached image


  • initial version. Works with oik version 1.11

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


2.8 out of 5 stars


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