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Odyno GoogleGroups

Yes, OdynoGoogleGroups embed the Google Groups on WordPress!

The OdynoGoogleGroups embed the Google Groups on WordPress! You can see all discussion on your article or WordPress page. All you must do is to add a shortcode on your page editor!



  • API for the extensions
  • Embed your "custom domain" Google Group on WordPress page/post
  • Embed public Google Group forum on WordPress page/post
  • Widget with last messages of group.

It's easy

  • To add gGroups on page/post add this shortcode,just swap “name-of-group” with your group name [google-groups name="my-group-name"]
  • To add widgets into sidebar Go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Google Groups Widget

It's opened to extensions

You can use it on your plugin or into "Page Template" (see Page Templates « WordPress Codex ) with the function do_odyno_google_groups(...) or with 4 custom actions!! (see one example on plugin Home Site or on plugin admin section)

How to use it?

It’s very easy! You can add the group forum on your page in only three steps!

  • Add page
  • Set follow code on post editor [google_groups name="name-of-groups"] just swap “name-of-group” with your group name
  • And now.. that’s all… go to the preview!

Configure it

If you want to control the view, you can add these attributes on shortcode

  • id: unique id of groups (default is random number)
  • name: name of groups (default is random number)
  • width: the width of page (default is 100%)
  • height: the height of page (default is 800px)
  • domain: the name of domain of groups (default none)
  • showsearch: whether to show an embedded search box on destination forum pages. (default is false)
  • hideforumtitle: if you want to show the forum title and description, false if you don't want to show the title or description (default is true)
  • hidesubject: if you want to hide the subject of the last post in My Forums view, false if you want to leave the subject visible (default is true)
  • showtabs: whether to show tabs for changing views (e.g., to the Members view), on destination forum pages (default is false)

For designers

If you want customize the style of view, you can add css and use the hook!!

For developer

You can use the Odyno Google Groups on your plugin! Otherwise you can use it on your current theme. In according to Codex, you can modify the current theme with "Child Themes « WordPress Codex", with a new "Page Templates « WordPress Codex" or simply modify directly the php file of theme. In any of this case you can add a invocation of function do_odyno_google_groups() and you will have same action of shortcode. Also the parameters of function are the same of shortcode. Otherwise on your plugin or on your function.php you can add one hook to one of 4 action and you can run your custom code. The allowed action are show below and all action have the same parameter of do_odyno_google_groups() function:

  • pre_ogg_show action. It's called before do_odyno_google_groups() function
  • post_ogg_show action. It's called after do_odyno_google_groups() function
  • pre_ogg_shortcode action. It's called before invocation of all shortcode [google_groups]
  • post_ogg_shortcode action. It's called after invocation of all shortcode [google_groups]

Requires: 3.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 400+


5 out of 5 stars


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