Obituary Assistant by Funeral Home Website Solutions


Obituary Assistant by FHW Solutions is an obituary plugin that allows you to create and manage obituaries and fully integrate them into your existing WordPress website in minutes.

Obituary Assistant is fully free to funeral homes in the United States and Canada that generate flower sales and we pay you a 15% commission on flower sales.

Obituary Assistant can also be used by pet cremation facilities, newspapers and international funeral homes. All users get 5 free obituaries to try out the plugin. After that, pet crematoriums, newspapers and international funeral homes are required to pay a fee to continue to use Obituary Assistant.

Obituary Assistant is trusted by over 200 funeral homes in the United States and Canada.


  • Easy to use online obituary management system lets you add and edit your obituaries
  • No need to login to WordPress to add obituaries, obituaries added immediately appear on your website
  • Obituary Assistant fit seamlessly into the look and feel of your website
  • Mobile optimized and mobile friendly
  • Easy sharing of obituaries via Facebook, Twitter, email and text
  • Modern and smooth interface to upload and manage photos and videos
  • Fully optimized for search engines – SEO built into each obituary means they will be found in Google
  • Approve condolences manually or set condolences on auto-approve
  • Choose to receive email and text notifications when condolences or photos are added by visitors
  • Your visitors can also subscribe to receive notifications each time a new obituary is added on your website
  • Supports multiple funeral home locations
  • QR codes on obituaries can be used in printed materials at your services
  • No desktop software to install, add the Obituary Assistant Plugin and access online from anywhere
  • Built in search features lets you easily search obituaries
  • Display obituary snippets on your homepage
  • Daily backups of all your data means it won’t be lost
  • Fully free to funeral homes in the United States and Canada, we pay you a 15% commission on flower sales
  • All other users get 5 free obituaries to test the system
  • Pricing plans available for pet cremation facilities, newspapers and international funeral homes, please contact us for details
  • We migrate your existing obituaries into Obituary Assistant if you’re a funeral home in the United States and Canada generating flower sales
  • Funeral homes can choose the local florist delivering flowers
  • Stability and support you can rely on: our parent company has been in business for over 20 years, our plugin is more than 4 years old with many feature updates and releases
  • Obituary Assistant lets your community stay connected to your funeral home, it raises customer awareness and builds your funeral home’s brand name
  • More on Obituary Assistant


  • Set Up: Sign Up Form
  • Set Up: Setting up your dedicated page with Obituary Assistant shortcode
  • Set Up: Letting us know the pagename of the page with the shortcode
  • Set Up: Your credentials
  • Your FHWS administration panel at
  • Adding a new Obituary
  • Your obituary listing page
  • A full Obituary display page


  1. Install plugin in WordPress Plugin manager.

  2. Activate Obituary Assistant plugin in WordPress plugin manager.

  3. Go to Obituary Assistant plugin settings page, either through WordPress plugins page, or directly through new “Obituary Assistant” menu item on the left side of your WordPress Admin dashboard.

  4. Sign up for your Funeral Home Website Solutions account with the sign up form. You will receive a Florist One Affiliate ID and login from the sign up which is used to track flower sales at Florist One.

  5. Specify which of your Webpage pages will be dedicated to running the plugin and displaying your obituaries. If you have not yet created one, you can do that now. We recommend calling the page ‘obituaries’. On this page, you need to put the shortcode “[obituaries]”.

  6. On the Obituary Assistant settings menu, under the “Setup” heading, choose the name of the page you’ll be using in the drop down and click “Save Changes”.

  7. Obituary Assistant is now all set up! Login to your FHWS account page at <a href=""FHW Login or from the link under the “Manage Obituaries” header to Add and Manage obituaries. Each time you add an obituary, it will automatically appear on your website.

  8. You will receive an email each time a flower sale is made or you can login to your Affiliate Control Panel at Florist One to track flower sales.


How does the Obituary Assistant plugin work?

The Obituary Assistant plugin displays obituaries on your website. Obituaries are entered inside your FHW Login and not through your WordPpress login. When an obituary is entered, it automatically appears on your funeral home website. We made obituary entry separate from WordPress as WordPress can be confusing and intimidating for the average user.

How will my obituaries look?

Your obituaries will look exactly like your current website does. Obituary Assistant sits inside your WordPress theme and maintains the look of your website template.

Can I change the colors of the obituary section and the buttons?

Yes, colors are all customizable and that is done inside your FHW Login through your settings.

After installation, how do I add and edit obituaries? Is this done inside my WordPress login?

There is a separate login from your WordPress login. Go to your FHW Login and use the login information you were given during installation. Obituary Assistant is easy to use and intuitive but you will be emailed documentation on how to use Obituary Assistant when you sign up.

Is Obituary Assistant really free?

Obituary Assistant is fully free to any funeral home in the United States and Canada that generates flower sales. Obituary Assistant comes with a flower delivery module built in. When you sell flowers, you earn a 15% commission on flower sales. Flowers are delivered by the local florist of your choosing. When flowers are sold, FHW Solutions also profits from the flower sale which pays for Obituary Assistant.

If you are funeral home in the United States and Canada but do not want flower sales integrated into Obituary Assistant, a fee will then be required to use Obituary Assistant.

All users receive 5 free obituaries. Pet cremation facilities, newspapers and international funeral homes are required to pay a fee to use Obituary Assistant after the 5 free obituaries have been used. Please contact us for details.

How will my existing obituaries be imported into Obituary Assistant?

We need a ‘csv’ (or Excel) file with your current obituaries. We can then load your old obituaries into Obituary Assistant. Contact us and we’ll import your existing obituaries into Obituary Assitant for free if you’re a funeral home in the United States and Canada.


June 2, 2021
I used this plugin to design a website for a customer of mine back in 2019. The support staff at Obituary Assistant was nothing but HELPFUL! Any issue or misunderstanding I had, the staff would reply in a swift manner making sure I got the help I need. I recommend this plugin and plan to use them again for future funeral home websites.
February 26, 2020
This plugin was used to replace a poorly aging system used by a funeral home. I found it to be well built and easy to customize with CSS. It has all of the modern features that a client would want and is simple and intuitive to use. Support is immediate, helpful, and friendly. Highly recommended.
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Contributors & Developers

“Obituary Assistant by Funeral Home Website Solutions” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • resolves display conflict with obituary and website template


  • resolves services not showing for individual obituary


  • resolves error when no data for checkout is stored by checking local storage first
  • allow for size change to be seen on shopping cart pop up / modal


  • resolve flowers css styling not showing using the shortcode


  • resolves small text size by using em rather than rem (root font-size)
  • changes to step size for text size increase and decrease size buttons, size does not go smaller then base set size
  • allows text increase and decrease in pop up / modals


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.8
  • Resolves pop up / modal backdrop conflicts
  • Resolves pop up / modal being under other items on the website
  • Allows user to move pop up / modal
  • Update messages for Obituary Assistant on the plugin list


  • Added functionality to additional buttons for obituaries to allow for opening in another window


  • A new light weight jQuery captcha for subscriptions, directions, and sharing
  • Change messages for successful and duplicate subscription to all and individual obituaries
  • Left and right padding added for obituaries detail pages


  • Fix for conflicting modal classes css moved in code


  • fix uploading of photos
  • Allow adding same product multiple times to cart


  • Boostrap JS


  • SVG class
  • Reload style for public display for modal


  • Remove style in every obituaries list and add to page once
  • Reload style for public display for modal


  • Text size option for Individual Obituaries
  • Resolve conflict of modal
  • Fix for Gallery Conflict with Slick
  • Use em dash css for name on Condolences list
  • Remove white background for Condolences list


  • Choose default or custom colors for flower store front
  • Videos and Images listed separate in photo and videos


header change


Flowers navigation Styling improvement


Style change to popup


  • Mobile styling for theme header and navigation improved
  • Template styling used for links and buttons
  • Flower navigation improvement and integration with flower storefront colors


Modifications on Photo Gallery


  • Style and responsiveness improvements using Bootstrap 5.0
  • Full header image visible and sizes to device
  • Responsive sidebar with a new style for buttons
  • More spacing between header, sidebar, and navigation
  • Alignment of condolences, using same size candles or comment icons
  • Larger photo and video gallery with clickable thumbnails that open an individual popup/modal
  • new and consistent alert styles
    Send Flowers Changes
  • Navigation items separated by space
  • My cart displays the number of items in the cart
  • Spacing increase between individual product images and description
  • Individual products viewed in popup/modal, add to cart displays shopping cart in popup/modal
  • New look shopping cart displays the image of the product
  • One-page checkout with new look shopping cart


Removal of second upload button in Photos and Video tab


Important payment key change


Added plant a tree in loving memory option for Funeral & Sympathy