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Obfuscate E-mail

Obfuscate e-mail addresses to deter e-mail harvesting spammers, while retaining the appearance and functionality of hyperlinks.

So it'll be impossible for spammers to harvest my site for e-mail addresses?

Of course nothing is guaranteed. By its very definition, "obfuscate" means "to make obscure or unclear", and that's all it's really doing. It's some degree of basic protection, which is better than nothing. Much as how locks in real-life at best provide some measure of deterrent for a would-be criminal rather than absolute security from a determined and capable individual. That said, some testing (as described elsewhere in this documentation) indicates using one or more of the supplied techniques are extremely effective.

Aren't there better methods of e-mail obfuscation?

Nothing short of not actually displaying e-mail addresses can guarantee that e-mail addresses can't get harvested. Some methods are more aggressive and therefore have compatibility and/or usability issues. This plugin can be very compatible and usable by all visitors to your site, but also has allowances for greater protection with minimal impact (though how minimal is for you to judge).

= Does this plugin make use of JavaScript as other e-mail obfuscators do?

No. This makes this plugin's implementation of obfuscation more compatible and usable by more visitors. This may leave out techniques that some could argue are aggressively protective, but I feel (based on the aforementioned study and personal experience) that the included techniques are just as effective.

This plugin provides multiple techniques for e-mail obfuscation; can I apply more than one at once for even greater protection?

Yes, all techniques can be activated at once (and multiple ones are by default).

Does this plugin modify the post content in the database?

No. The plugin filters post content on-the-fly. E-mails will remain unchanged in the database.

Why don't I see any obfuscation when viewing the source for the page (or a selection) via my browser's inspector?

The web browser's inspector tool will process certain techniques (such as HTML hexadecimal substitution) before showing the source in the inspector. You should "View Source" to see the raw markup sent to the browser.

Does this plugin include unit tests?


Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.1
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


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