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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


Analyzer for WordPress, can filter IP address, host name, and User Agent widely. Also can check movement in your admin page.

  1. Summary make recent result of statistics as graphs in realtime processing, and display that per day or each it in a week.

  2. Realtime make a list from visitor's information and visited URL at real. In referrer field, it divide below each. BLUE: visit from search engine (display search query) GREEN: visitor's movement. RED: maybe referrer spam.

  3. Referrer make a list of referrel users.

  4. Search query make a list of organic users(refering searchquery.dat).

  5. Crawlers make a list of crawlers(refering crawler_*.dat).

  6. Movement in Admin It displays movements in your admin page. however, generally displaying IP address is fixed, you can check your WP site is cracked.

  7. Search logs Using your query and specified columns, make a list from logs.

  8. Settings You can change settings "How terms display in summary graphs", "Number of Logs in Realtime", and "Retention Periods of Data".

How to use

You can operate graph in Summary and items in Setting.

  • Summary - You can choose following indicators,

    1. (none) don't use indicator(except main indicator of BLUE)

    2. Unique user (except crawler) value of unique users

    3. Page view (except crawler) value of page views

    4. Processing time (except crawler) processing time your site spend

    5. Crawler visit value of crawler's visit

    6. All unique IP all unique IP includes crawler

    7. Page view (+Crawler visit) all page views includes crawler

If you make some indicators directly in graph, you need to set "(none)" in the sub indicator. Setting indicator both main and sub indicator, you can see new value which calculated *100 as [percentage].

  • Settings - Those means as text of each items.

    [Management of logs]

    1. How terms display in summary graphs [day] You choose how long in graph, stcastics is displayed in. (from now to ~ days before)

    2. Number of Logs in Realtime [line] You choose how many logs display in Realtime item. If you set the value is 1000, it spends about 1 sec to display.

    3. Retention Periods of Data [day] You choose how long those data is holded. If they are over to your set value, they are deleted automatically.

    [Submenu for displaying] You can change whether each menu are displayed except "Summary" and "Settings"

About Determination

Discrimination of datas is dealed through dat files in "Nudalytics/filter" and "Nudalytics/identify" directory. In files of "Nudalytics/filter" directory, they exists to refuse targeted records. Conversely, In files of "Nudalytics/identify" directory, they are to give datas to identify targeted records. They formats "StatPress" writing for that user. I Explain how to write dat files below.

Nudalytics/filter ip.dat: specify single IP address [ex] if specify multi IP address, you must insert "-" between that [ex]

    write all or a part of host name

    write all or a part of User Agent
    [ex]Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
            //User Agent of IE6 cannot be recorded
            //In case of this、you refuse records all of Trident rendering engine
    write all or a part of URL as referrer

Nudalytics/identify --- use "|" in order to present datas to identify browser.dat: browser name|all or a part of User Agent

    crawler name|IP address
    about how to write IP address, it sames as ip.dat

    crawler name|all or a part of User Agent

    OS name|all or a part of User Agent

    Search engine name|Search engine's URL|string of Search query ([ex]if "q=hogehoge", you must set "q")

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