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No Browser Nag

Removes the browser nag that appears in the admin dashboard when using a less-than-current web browser.

What is this browser nag you mention?

Since versions 3.2 of WordPress, when visiting the admin dashboard WordPress will alert you if are currently using an out-of-date version of your particular web browser.

Why would I want to remove the update nag about new releases of my browser?

Maybe you're made aware by your own means as to new browser releases and choose to upgrade on your own schedule. Or maybe you don't feel WordPress should be nagging you about your browser. Either way, you can save precious dashboard screen real estate otherwise taken up by a browser update nag.

How will I know if my browser has been updated if the nag doesn't appear?

Heretofore you haven't relied on WordPress to alert you to browser updates. In most cases, the browsers themselves will alert you to updates. And maybe you're tuned into tech news enough to learn of browser release updates. If you need/prefer for WordPress to alert you to browser updates then of course don't use this plugin.

Does this plugin just simply hide the nag using CSS or JavaScript?

No, it does not make use of CSS nor JavaScript to disable the nag. It more efficiently prevents the check from being performed in the first place, which saves a network request to the Browse Happy service to check if your browser is out of date or not.

Can't I just click the "Dismiss" link at the bottom of the nag and be done with it without using a plugin?

Clicking the "Dismiss" link at the bottom of the browser nag admin dashboard widget only hides the nag for the person clicking it; you cannot otherwise proactively prevent other users from seeing the browser nag. Also, even if the nag is dismissed, WordPress still routinely performs the check, which incurs a network request.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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