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NinjaFirewall (WP Edition)

A true Web Application Firewall to protect and secure WordPress.


  • Fixed a bug introduced in v3.2.5 where the firewall could block attempts to update WordPress options.


  • Updated Anti-Malware signatures.
  • [WP+ Edition] Fixed a bug where notifications sent or displayed by NinjaFirewall were showing the load balancer IP when an alternate address was defined in the "Access Control > Source IP" section.
  • Blocked threats written to the firewall log will be hexencoded, to lower false positives from antivirus scanners.
  • The "Anti-Malware" operations and errors will be written to the /wp-content/nfwlog/cache/malscan.log log.
  • Improved local privilege escalation protection.
  • Minor fixes and adjustments.


  • Added a warning about the XMLRPC system.multicall option if the Jetpack plugin is installed.
  • Fixed a double-slash bug in filenames in the Anti-Malware results.
  • Updated Anti-Malware signatures.
  • [WP+ Edition] Updated IPv4/IPv6 GeoIP databases.
  • Minor fixes and adjustments.


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Anti-Malware scanner to run if the ALTERNATE_WP_CRON method was enabled.
  • In a multisite environment, notifications will always be sent to the SuperAdmin by default, instead of the administrator of the site where originated the alert.
  • Fixed an issue where NinjaFirewall could wrongly flag a POST request as a BASE64 encoded injection attempt.
  • Updated Linux Malware Detect signatures.
  • [WP+ Edition] Updated IPv4/IPv6 GeoIP databases.


  • Fixed a bug in subdomain-based multisites: the Super Admin was not whitelisted when accessing a sub-site and could not upload files.
  • Added the last scan date to the Anti-Malware page.
  • Fixed a typo in the Anti-Malware JavaScript code.
  • Added a warning to the Anti-Malware page if the scanning process seems to have unexpectedly terminated or was killed because it reached the PHP max_execution_time value allowed by your host.
  • Renamed the signatures file from .php to .txt to prevent it from being wrongly flagged by some antivirus.
  • Minor fixes and adjustments.


  • [v3.2.1] Fixed a small bug introduced in v3.2 (see below) in the "Anti-Malware" page: the animated GIF didn't load because it was blocked by the .htaccess mod_rewrite rules. This issue affected Apache users only. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • [v3.2] Added a new feature: "Anti-Malware". It allows you to scan your website for malware. The scanning engine is compatible with the popular Linux Malware Detect LMD (whose anti-malware signatures are included with this release) and with some ClamAV signatures as well. You can even write your own anti-malware signatures. See our blog for more details about that: http://nin.link/maldet/
  • [v3.2] Fixed a JavaScript warning in the "File Check" page.
  • [v3.2] Minor fixes and adjustments.


  • Fixed a bug in the "Daily Report": on the first day of each month, the report was empty because of the monthly log rotation.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Plugins" page where NinjaFirewall "Settings" link was not accessible in a multisite environment.
  • [WP+ Edition] Updated IPv4/IPv6 GeoIP databases.
  • It is possible to import the configuration from the WP Edition to the WP+ Edition.
  • Minor fixes and adjustments.
  • NinjaFirewall's icon displayed in the admin dashboard menu was converted to grayscale.


  • It is possible to exclude multiple files/folders in the "File Guard" options page (multiple values must be comma-separated).
  • The "Firewall Policies" sanitise options (GET, COOKIE etc) will replace all less-than and greater-than signs with their corresponding HTML entities.
  • The "X-XSS-Protection" and "HttpOnly flag" options from the "Firewall Policies" page will be enabled by default with new installations of NinjaFirewall.
  • [WP+ Edition] Added an option to select the number of log lines to display (see "Firewall Log > Log Options").
  • Minor fixes and adjustments.


  • Added a new option to whitelist all logged in users in addition to the Administrator. This can be set up from the new "Firewall Policies > Users Whitelist" option. Note that this feature was added to the free WP Edition only, as the premium WP+ Edition can whitelist users depending on their Role, IP etc.
  • [WP+ Edition] Geolocation access control can apply to the whole site or to some specific URLs only (e.g., /wp-login.php, /xmlrpc.php etc). See the "Access Control > Geolocation Access Control > Geolocation should apply to the whole site or specific URLs" option.
  • [WP+ Edition] Added an option to the "Firewall Log" page to export the log as a TSV (tab-separated values) text file.
  • [WP+ Edition] The "Delete" button from the "Firewall Log" page was moved above the textarea, beside the "Export" new button, and can be used to delete the currently viewed log.
  • Minor fixes.
  • We launched NinjaFirewall Referral Program. If you are interested in joining the program, please follow this link: http://nin.link/referral/
  • Updated security rules.


  • Fixed a PHP notice in the "Firewall Policies" page.
  • NinjaFirewall will always search for the wp-config.php script in the current folder or, if it cannot find it, in the parent folder (there is no need to use the .htninja configuration script for that purpose).
  • The "Protect against username enumeration > Through the author archives" policy will be disabled by default when installing NinjaFirewall.
  • The "WordPress XML-RPC API > Block only system.multicall method" policy will be enabled by default when installing NinjaFirewall.


  • This is a major update: NinjaFirewall has a brand new, powerful and awesome filtering engine. Please see our blog for a complete description: http://nin.link/sensei/
  • Added many new security rules.
  • Fixed a bug where NinjaFirewall was unable to retrieve the DB password from the wp-config.php file if it contained a double-quote character.
  • The Firewall Policies "Force SSL for admin", "Disable the plugin and theme editor" and "Disable plugin and theme update/installation" options will be disabled if their respective constants have been defined elsewhere (e.g., in wp-config.php).
  • Minor fixes.
  • [WP+ Edition] Updated IPv4/IPv6 GeoIP databases.

Requires: 3.3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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