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NGS SAM Integrator

Plug-in to integrate SAM Broadcaster with your WordPress site


  • Added "Album Art Directory" setting to album art settings page
    • Use the setting to tell the plugin where your album art folder is located.
  • Moved settings for "Playing Now" widget to it's own tab
  • Added link settings and icons for popular players of streaming music
    • Now you can embed links to playfiles for your stream in the "Playing Now" widget. Common filetypes are: PLS -> For Winamp and VLC ASX -> For Windows Media Player QTL -> For QuickTime and RealPlayer RAM -> For iTunes
  • Added color setting for "Playing Now" text. -when Linked Icons for players is disabled the "Playing Now" text becomes visible, this setting will allow you to change that color to suit your theme. - will accept default CSS color names, such as white, blue, red, etc... - will accept full HTML color color palette (eg. #FFFFFF == white)


  • Added "Playing Now" Widget and options.
    • With the new widget, you can use it to display the track currently playing.


  • Enable/Disable feature added for song information widgets
    • You can now enable and disable song information within the widgets


  • NEW FEATURE: Album Art
    • Now you can upload your album covers to the site, and decide if you want to show them in the widgets and request pages


  • NEW FEATURE: Request Throttle for Unregistered Users
    • Settings mimic SAM Broadcaster Pro configuration but only affect unregistered users
    • Some request data is now stored directly in the WordPress database so that throttling can be handled completely by the web server without touching the SAM client or database.
    • Requests are now associated with users. This will be used later to implement additional features like personal request histories.
    • Requests for unregistered users can be completely disabled by setting the daily limit to zero (0).
  • Improved Error Handling


  • Reorganized the Settings Page into Tabs. There are now three separate tabs.
    • Connections - SAM Client and SQL Database Settings
    • Pages - Page IDs and other page display options
    • Status Messages - Custom Status Messages when a request is rejected.
  • BugFix : The Custom Status messages for Song and Artist were reversed.
  • Compatibility: Changed the implementation used to initialize the widgets in order to ensure better compatibility with outdated themes and PHP versions.


  • Added Customizable Status Messages (Feature Request from JTMVK )


BUGFIX: Fixed a bug in the error trapping logic.


  • Added songsearch shortcode.
  • Added toplist shortcode.
  • Added Top Requests Widget
  • Added Upcoming Tracks Widget
  • Added Recently Played Tracks Widget (Includes currently playing track)


Removed some preliminary test code that was inadvertently included in the initial release. The code in question generated a blank widget. Widgets are still being worked for a later release (Likely the 1.1 release).


Initial Public Release

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.12
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 200+


3.2 out of 5 stars


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