This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

NGS SAM Integrator


The NGS SAM Integrator is a WordPress Plug-In designed for users of Spacial Audio’s
SAM Broadcaster software. It allows you to set up a section on your WordPress
site which integrates directly with your SAM Broadcaster Pro software, allowing
your visitors to make requests whether you are DJing live or not.

It has been tested with and confirmed to work with SAM Broadcaster installations
using the MySQL database system. Other database systems have not been tested,
nor can this plug-in be verified to support them. If you find the plug-in
works as-is with other the other database systems which SAM supports, please
let me know.

Detailed documentation and information about upcoming features available at the
development site


  • The Top Requests Widget (Available in Version 1.1.0 and Higher)
  • The Recently Played Tracks Widget (Available in Version 1.1.0 and Higher)
  • The Upcoming Tracks Widget (Available in Version 1.1.0 and Higher)



Before you install the WordPress plug-in, you will need to configure both SAM
Broadcaster and your mySQL database to allow your webserver to access them.
It is highly recommended that you set up a mySQL user specifically for use by
the plug-in. This user only requires SELECT access on the songlist, requestlist,
and queuelist tables of your SAM database. It does not require any global access
privileges, nor does it need to be able to modify any data in your database.

For security reasons, the plug-in will NOT allow you to use the “root” user, even
if you have configured it to be allowed external access. For instructions on how
to add a new mySQL user, please see

It is also recommended that you take steps to secure your installation of mySQL
before allowing external access by this, or any other application or user. For
information on how to secure your mySQL installation, please see

There are lot of different options you configure in SAM Broadcaster related to how
it handles incoming requests. Most of these are fairly self explanatory and can
(and should) be adjusted over time to best suit your own needs as well as those
of your visitors. I will only cover those settings which are necessary to allow
the plug-in to function.

  1. In SAM Broadcaster, click File > Config and select Request Policy.
  2. Make sure that Enable Requests is checked.
  3. You will see a list entitled Only accept requests from these IP addresses.
    The default IP addresses in that list are mostly associated with Audiorealm,
    which is the site that Spacial Audio uses to process requests if you choose not
    to process them yourself. This plug-in processes all request internally so you
    will need to add your webserver’s IP address to this list. It is recommended,
    when possible, that you use the IP address rather than the domain name here.

For information on the additional Request Policy settings in SAM Broadcaster,
please see your SAM Broadcaster documentation or integrated help files.

You will also need to ensure that your firewall and/or router are configured to
allow incoming connections on the proper ports for MySQL and SAM Broadcaster. By
default, these ports are 1221 for SAM Broadcaster and 3306 for MySQL.

Once this is done, the hard part is out of the way. Installation and configuration
of the plug-in itself is very easy and straight forward.

Album Art

  1. Add folder to root directory of your wordpress called “sam”
  2. chmod 777 sam folder
  3. setup sam broadcaster to upload album art images to this folder.

Manual Installation Instructions

  1. Upload the NGS SAM Integrator Plug-In to your WordPress Site and Activate it
  2. Open the NGS SAM Integrator Settings
  3. Enter Your SAM Broadcaster details including the host address and port
    where the SAM Broadcaster client is running.
  4. Enter the Connection Details for your SAM Broadcaster Database.

    For security reasons, the “root” user should never be used for this or any
    other web based application. For this reason, the plug-in will not allow
    to use “root” as the database user name.

    It is recommended that you configure a new database user specifically for
    use by the plug-in and only give it SELECT access on your SAM Database.
    The plug-in does not need, nor would it make use of, any other privileges.

  5. The option for “Show Queue Time” will display a message to inform one of
    seven different messages to give your visitors a general idea of how long
    the queue is, but not a specific queue time. (Default is YES)
  6. You may manually specify the post ID’s of pages you have already set up to
    hold your play list and top requests list. If these are left blank (or if
    the specified posts do not exist), new posts will automatically be created
    containing the proper shortcodes when you save your options.


Will I need to make CSS modifications in order for the plug-in to work with my Theme?

The plug-in minimizes the use of internal formatting, allowing your theme to
determine as much about the appearance as possible. This should allow the plug-in
to look nicely integrated with your site, regardless of the theme used, providing
the theme conforms with the standards for WordPress themes, and makes proper use
of hooks.

All NGS SAM Integrator pages which appear on the front-end of your site are
contained with a div wrapper with the class “ngssamintegrator”. You can modify
the included CSS file to your liking to format these pages, if you desire.

Does the plug-in support saving configurations for more than one DJ?

While this is planned for a future version, the current version only supports
saving the details for a single SAM Broadcaster client.

I am getting the message “Authorization failed. IP not in allowed list.”

Believe it or not, this message is a good thing. It means the plug-in is
properly configured and working. This message is generated by the SAM
Broadcaster client, so if you’re seeing it, it means that your webserver and
SAM Broadcaster client are successfully talking to one another.

For security reasons, SAM Broadcaster will only accept incoming connections from
IP addresses you permit. You need to add the IP address of your webserver
(which will be included in the error message) to SAM Broadcaster’s allowed IP
list. You can find this under “File->Config->Request Policy” in your SAM
Broadcaster client.

Contributors & Developers

“NGS SAM Integrator” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Added “Album Art Directory” setting to album art settings page
    • Use the setting to tell the plugin where your album art folder is located.
  • Moved settings for “Playing Now” widget to it’s own tab
  • Added link settings and icons for popular players of streaming music
    • Now you can embed links to playfiles for your stream in the “Playing Now”
      widget. Common filetypes are:
      PLS -> For Winamp and VLC
      ASX -> For Windows Media Player
      QTL -> For QuickTime and RealPlayer
      RAM -> For iTunes
  • Added color setting for “Playing Now” text.
    -when Linked Icons for players is disabled the “Playing Now” text becomes
    visible, this setting will allow you to change that color to suit your theme.
    – will accept default CSS color names, such as white, blue, red, etc…
    – will accept full HTML color color palette (eg. #FFFFFF == white)


  • Added “Playing Now” Widget and options.
    • With the new widget, you can use it to display the track currently playing.


  • Enable/Disable feature added for song information widgets
    • You can now enable and disable song information within the widgets


  • NEW FEATURE: Album Art
    • Now you can upload your album covers to the site, and decide if you want
      to show them in the widgets and request pages


  • NEW FEATURE: Request Throttle for Unregistered Users
    • Settings mimic SAM Broadcaster Pro configuration but only affect
      unregistered users
    • Some request data is now stored directly in the WordPress database so that
      throttling can be handled completely by the web server without touching the
      SAM client or database.
    • Requests are now associated with users. This will be used later to implement
      additional features like personal request histories.
    • Requests for unregistered users can be completely disabled by setting the
      daily limit to zero (0).
  • Improved Error Handling


  • Reorganized the Settings Page into Tabs. There are now three separate

    • Connections – SAM Client and SQL Database Settings
    • Pages – Page IDs and other page display options
    • Status Messages – Custom Status Messages when a request is rejected.
  • BugFix : The Custom Status messages for Song and Artist were reversed.
  • Compatibility: Changed the implementation used to initialize the widgets in
    order to ensure better compatibility with outdated themes and PHP versions.


  • Added Customizable Status Messages (Feature Request from JTMVK )


BUGFIX: Fixed a bug in the error trapping logic.


  • Added songsearch shortcode.
  • Added toplist shortcode.
  • Added Top Requests Widget
  • Added Upcoming Tracks Widget
  • Added Recently Played Tracks Widget (Includes currently playing track)


Removed some preliminary test code that was inadvertently included in the initial
release. The code in question generated a blank widget. Widgets are still being
worked for a later release (Likely the 1.1 release).


Initial Public Release