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NEX-Forms - Ultimate Form builder

40+ form fields, conditional logic, responsive, multi-step forms, drag and drop, full bootstrap grid sytem, confirmation email setup, and many more...


  • FIXED: HTTPS problem with loading styles and scripts
  • FIXED: UTF-8 issue with mail methods that sent garbage characters in autoreponder emails and admin emails
  • FIXED: Autoresponder not retrieving saved data
  • ADDED: Password Field
  • ADDED: Date format settings for date-picker (save form or preview to see effect on field)
  • ADDED: Language selection for date-picker (save form or preview to see effect on field)
  • ADDED: Ability to have same name labels but different field names vie new field name setting
  • ENHANCED: Conditional logic. Panel/grid selection is now possible as well as single field selection for targeting


  • NEW FEATURE: Export to PDF via new add-on
  • FIXED: Saving new form issue
  • FIXED: Saving Auto responder issue


  • NEW MAIN FEATURE: Sticky Forms - Add sticky paddels to hide and show forms (top, left, right and bottom) Found in widgets section.
  • NEW MAIN FEATURE: Thumbs Single Selection Field - Add images (ie: product) to be used to select in a form.
  • NEW MAIN FEATURE: Thumbs Multi Selection Field - Choose more then one thumbnail selection.
  • NEW MAIN FEAUTRE: Email Setup - Configure emailing with SMTP, PHP Mailer, WordPress Mailer or striaght PHP mailing function. SMTP includes optional authentication settings
  • NEW MAIN FEAUTRE: Form entries page - View and export all form entries from all forms
  • NEW MAIN FEAUTRE: Global settings page - Configure various settings
  • NEW FEATURE: Add unlimited hidden fields
  • NEW FEATURE: Custom form action or ajax
  • NEW FEATURE: Custom form method
  • NEW FEATURE: Javascript Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue scipts in case of javascript confict with 3rd party plugins or themes.
  • NEW FEATURE: Styling Trouble Shooter - enqueue/dequeue styles in case of display interference from 3rd party plugins or themes.
  • NEW FEATURE: Admin Config - Includes settings involving nex-forms admin inclusions like widgets
  • NEW FEATURE: Form duplication with a single click
  • NEW FEATURE: Popup forms for widgets
  • NEW FEATURE: Popup forms button color selection (bootstrap style)
  • NEW FEATURE: Forms selection for view and export
  • NEW FEATURE: Ajax pagination for Form entries
  • NEW FEATURE: Ajax Column sorting for form entries
  • ADDED: Date Time display for forms entries - Shows date and time the form was submmited
  • ADDED: User field for form entries - show the usernamke if logged in when completing a form
  • ADDED: User IP field for form entries - Shows IP address
  • ADDED: Page field for form entries - Shows where the form was submmited from
  • ADDED: Form name field for form entries - Shows the form name that was submmited
  • ADDED: Bath delete form entries
  • ADDED: Modal popup display for form entry data
  • ADDED: Tabbed selection for settings
  • ADDED: Ajax saving for global settings
  • ADDED: Thumb Size selection
  • ADDED: Icon selection for thumb selection
  • ADDED: Column selection for thumbs display
  • ADDED: Drag handel to field on form canvas
  • FIXED: Popup displaying when tabing on none required fields
  • FIXED: Overl grid style display
  • ENHANCED: Optimised DOM to make use of minimum output
  • ENHANCED: Optimised scripts and styles for page load performance
  • ENHANCED: Page load - YSlow raking = 89/100 with 10+ forms on a single page!, YSlow raking = 94/100 with 1 form on a page!!
  • ENHANCED: Admin load speed - no external calls are made


  • ADDED: Custom Background image up-loader for form fields and bootstrap panels
  • ADDED: Background settings: background-position, background-size, background-repeat
  • ADDED: Instant preview for form themes add-on to try before buy
  • ADDED: NEW HTML Field - Embed HTML into forms
  • ENHANCED: Back-end usability with a few styling changes
  • ENHANCED: Overall speed and performance and CSS.
  • FIXED: Multi-step forms functionality - next and previous buttons that sometimes skipped steps
  • FIXED: Multi-step forms styling - next and previous buttons that were vertically off line
  • FIXED: Auto populate countries, us states and languages
  • FIXED: Auto populate allowed file type extensions for file up-loaders
  • FIXED: Grid styling when it comes to panels, steps and extreme nesting
  • FIXED: Label to top (bootstrap class col-sm-12 not col-sm-10)
  • FIXED: Check box issue only submitting one value instead of an array
  • FIXED: Some styling interference from themes


  • FIXED: Default bootstrap styling issue regarding grids


  • FIXED: "Form title can not be empty" bug
  • FIXED: Overcome styling interference from themes
  • FIXED: Styling issues relating to overall theme compatibility
  • ENHANCEMENT: Overall performance
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added compatibility backbone for "Form Themes for NEX-Forms" add-on
  • REMOVED: Splash screen...load time is fast enough now so no need for this
  • NOTE: Skipped to version 3 from 2.4 as NEX-Forms is in a new era now with add-on capability


  • FIXED: Form entries CSV export path


  • FIXED: Styling compatibility issues relating to a few reported themes
  • FIXED: a few JavaScript compatibility issues regarding a few themes


  • FIXED: AJAX URL for form submissions
  • FIXED: a few JavaScript compatibility issues relating to a few reported themes


  • ENHANCEMENT: Complete re-write of AJAX form submissions.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Form preview.
  • ENHANCEMENT: More code optimization to increase performance
  • ADDED: Multiple forms on a single page/post


  • ENHANCEMENT: Includes a complete redesign of the back-end to increase usability
  • ENHANCEMENT: Overall code optimization to increase performance
  • ENHANCEMENT: Reduced plugin with more then a 3rd of version 1.2 making it feature packed and yet light
  • ENHANCEMENT: Increased form load speed to be exponentially faster by rewriting user interface output
  • ADDED: Module popups for forms
  • ADDED: Multistep Forms and extra button control
  • ADDED: All new form manager to enhance user control over existing and new forms
  • ADDED: Field filters to ensure quick access to all fields
  • FIXED: Some JavaScript validation issues
  • FIXED: Reported back-end bugs
  • FIXED: Styling issues relating to overall theme compatibility
  • FIXED: Numerous small JS issues
  • FIXED: Numerous small styling issues


  • FIXED: UTF8 Character encoding in emails
  • FIXED: Java-script validation issues
  • FIXED: Styling issues relating to ensure overall theme compatibility
  • ADDED: Extra control over field editing and deletion


  • ADDED: New Feature - Conditional Logic
  • FIXED: Back-end styling issues


  • Fixed: WordPress version 3.9 "insert into post" problem


  • Fixed: Auto-responder single line placeholders


  • Fixed: Styling issues in chrome/web-kit. All Cross browser styling now resolved!


  • Fixed: Front end compatibility issues. forms are now not affected and do not effect any other styling on themes)
  • Fixed: Email auto responder problems
  • Fixed: Back-end icons not showing
  • Added: Email Attachments: File uploads are now sent as attachments
  • Added: Default admin email: Specified email addresses receive a default email containing all form values as well as the attachments.
  • Added: Redirect to URL after form submission. Display message or redirect to a thank you page (submission are saved and emails are sent either way)
  • Enhanced: User Confirmation mails to be sent to users after completing the form
  • Enhanced: Overall back-end details.


  • Fixed: Safari compatibility issues
  • Fixed: Form visibility (in some cases did not display in relation to form animations)


  • Fixed: Styling issues
  • Fixed: Check boxes (back-end)
  • Fixed: Multi-select (back-end)
  • Enhanced: Admin panel responsiveness


  • First release

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-20
Active Installs: 9,000+


2.7 out of 5 stars


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