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Allows you to use media from other blogs in a Multisite environment.

Editing an image in WordPress 3.9 shows the wrong image!

Yes, I know :-(

Starting from WordPress 3.9, when editing an image in the post editor, the original image data is retrieved from the server using only the image id. Using NSM, this will be the ID from a different blog. When, by coincidence, the current blog also has an attachment with that ID, the information for that image is displayed.

v0.10.0 of my plugin has a fix for newly inserted images, but old embeds will not be changed (please see this forum post for more info).

If you encounter this, the most straight-forward solution is to:

  1. Cancel the image edit
  2. Go to the text view of the post
  3. When your image has a caption, clear the id attribute of the caption shortcode
  4. Also remove the wp-image-<id> and wp-att-<id> classes from the image tag
  5. Return to Visual mode and try and edit the image again

Sorry for the inconvenience...

About Permissions

This plugin depends on the global WordPress blog permissions for viewing and editing Media.

Only blogs where the user has 'upload_files' permission are shown in the Network Shared Media tab.

If a user doesn't have the 'upload_files' permission on the current (active) blog, the tab isn't shown at all since that user can't access the Add Media pop-up window.

I still can't see the site listed!

A site can have several attributes which can be set through /wp-admin/network/sites.php .

This plugin only shows sites which attributes are set as follows:

  • Public: true
  • Archived: false
  • Spam: false
  • Delete: false
  • Mature: ignored

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.3
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 900+


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