This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Netforum Member Directory


Contributed by fusionSpan ( Displays a member directory on any page on the wordpress site with
the shortcode [member_table].
It also comes with a GUI to make it easier to import data from netforum to wordpress.

You can specify the fields you want shown with [member_table display_fields=”fields here“]. Supported fields are
– first name
– last name
– middle name
– title
– email
– city
– state
– address1
– address2
– address3
– country
– organization

We also have an additional sync utility that adds more functionality syncs the data periodically with data pulled from netforum.
Contact for more information.


  • An example of the member directory on a page.

  • Here is what the import screen looks like.

  • Dragging an item from used to unused.


  1. Unzip the into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. The import page is called FS Netforum Import located under “Tools” in the admin menu.

To import your existing data from netforum. Export it from netForum in csv format click on Import Netforum Data in the plugin menu and
follow the instructions there. NOTE: The customer key field is a required field since some of our other plugins make use of it.

Using shortcodes:

The member’s table can be displayed by using the shortcode [member_table] on any page. Alternatively you can use the
[member_table_url] shortcode get a link to a page that would return member data in json format.

The optional fields of both shortcodes are:

  • limit eg. [member_table limit=50] which limits the number of records that will be
    displayed. The default is to show all.

  • display_members_only eg. [member_table display_members_only=1]. This takes either 1 or 0 with 1 meaning only records for which the
    Customer Member Flag or Receive Benefits Flag is true, will be displayed, or 0 which means all records will be displayed. The default is 0

  • display_fields eg. [member_table display_fields=”first name, last name, email”]. This can be used to specify which fields are shown in
    the table, and in which order they should be shown. The default is display_fields=”first name, last name, title, email, city, state”.
    The valid options are:

    • first name
    • last name
    • middle name
    • title
    • email
    • city
    • state
    • address1
    • address2
    • address3
    • country
    • organization
  • ignore_do_not_display_online. The values are 1 and 0 with 1 showing records regardless of the
    value in the do_not_display_online_flag, and 0 only showing records that does not have this flag set to true. The default is 0.

[member_table] has three additional shortcode fields: thead_color, tfoot_color and color. thead_color sets the color of the header and tfoot_color
sets the color of the footer. As a shortcut you can use color to set the header and the footer to the same color. eg [member_table color=#CDCDCD]
eg2: [member_table color=red]

The shortcode fields can be used together eg. [member_table limit=50 display_members_only=1 display_fields=”first name, email”] will
display 50 records whose member flag is set to true and will list only the first name and email in the table generated by this shortcode.


Why can’t I drag Customer Key, Customer Member Flag or Receive Benefits Flag to the unused box in the import screen?

Some of our other plugins require these fields in order to work correctly, therefore to ensure compatablilty with those plugins,
they are required fields.

Contributors & Developers

“Netforum Member Directory” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial Upload


  • Added more functionality to the member_table shortcode.


  • Bug fixes


  • Minor changes


  • Added new shortcode [member_table_url] which when placed on a page, is replaced by a link that returns the members data in
    json format


  • Changed import functionality. Now users have to select a file to be uploaded to the server
  • Added three new shortcodes fields to the [member_table] shortcode. thead_color, tfoot_color and color which allows for coloring of the
    table header and footer.


  • Minor addition, added email as an option to import in the import file screen


  • Updated for WordPress 4.3