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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


Connect posts and external resources (websites, pdf, doc, data). Use Captions, Footnotes, Bibliography. Netblog is highly customizable.

Netblog disrupts widgets and sidebars

In case Netblog's integrated dynamic sidebar, which is used to display widgets like Further Reading or Referenced By below a WP article, interferes with one of your existing plugins, try to disable Netblog sidebar by going to Settings -> Netblog -> General and then under 'Advanced' make sure the option 'Activate Netblog sidebar to display widgets...' is unchecked.

How to disable export functionality?

Go to Settings > Netblog. In the General tab, under Export & Import, 1. uncheck the option Automatically rebuild EED while saving a post/page and 2. click the button Remove EED.

How do I create a bibliography?

This question has been solved in Forum Post. To sum up, either use the built-in Reference Maker (choose the wizard: Tables -> Bibliography, and click on Copy&Pase and paste the generated content into your editor), or use the following code syntax:

[nbcite print_headline="My References" print="apa" ]

How to search for external links?

In NB-MEL, use quick find and type something following this syntax: [match words] [sort:id|title|refs|flag[-desc]] [flag:offline|trash|lock] [limit:integer]. For example: wordpress sort:refs-desc,title limit:25 flag:lock

How to add custom search templates?

Go to Settings > Netblog - if not listed, you have not enough privilege.

How to reference cited work within one post/page?

To make it simple and short, in your favorite editor, just copy the nbcite-tag to a second place in your document. In each case, to identify a certain citation, your nbcite-tag must include at least author, title, year, month, day and pages (if not empty) - it will refer to the first use in your document.

Citation: how to choose a custom, local cite-format?

Use [nbcite print_custom="$author ($year)" ... ] to display something like: "when you want to cite a book by Daniel Hobsen (2010) in a style that suits best to your text, this print_custom in your nbcite-tag".

Caption: can I override a global caption style?

Yes, you can, although I would not recommend it - a lot of different styles for one caption type within your website is most likely not a good idea. But if you still want to, your nbcaption-tag must look like this: [nbcaption local="true" print="($number)" type="lower-greek" ... ]

How to show the section `Further Reading`?

Go to Widgets and drag the widget Further Reading into one of the widget areas. If done so and no links will show up, the maximum number of visible links of each link type might be 0. The widget must be displayed on at least one of the types: posts, pages or others.

The public hyperlinks are to too long. What can I do?

Go to Widgets and lower the value truncate each hyperlink to [] characters.

How to add an external link?

Go to Edit Post and look for the box Further Reading. Type in the field below (Search for resources) a certain keyword, like www or like http://, and then type your search query, e.g. www wordpress plugin netblog. A list of close matches should appear below. If it does not appear, try one of the supported web browers.

I got the message 'Cannot add link' while trying to add a link

Deactivate and then activate

the plugin. The Reason: The database tables are not installed properly. This happens as of WordPress 3.0 with MU enabled, when activating the plugin networkwide (link: 'Network Activate'), because WordPress 3.0 does not run this feature properly at the moment.

How can I remove a link?

Go to Edit Post and in the box Further Reading, click on the x-icon on the left side of every link. The link disappears apon successful removal.

Missing Links in Widget `Further Reading`?

In the widget Further Reading, besides external resources, posts and pages are listed as soon as they are published. All other types, such as drafts or trashed items are not displayed. When you restore a trashed item, all its previous links will be restored and displayed for the public visitor.

There are no (dynamic) incoming links of the Google Blogsearch!

Your webpage might be new or not quite popular, so that Google Blogsearch has not yet found a foreign website linking to your current webpage. Building an index usually takes a bit of time for Google. Don't stop editing and posting.

In MEL, some invalid links are not marked as offline

If you are using WordPress on a server behind your ISP, for example, the reason might be that your ISP returns a custom page whenever a URL is not found.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 70+


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