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Nelio AB Testing

A/B Testing, conversion rate optimization, and beautiful Heatmaps specifically designed for WordPress.


  • Dashboard redesign. Quick access to your quota!
  • Test your Landing Page easily! You now have a specific experiment type for testing your Front Page.
  • Support for the plugin WP Google Analytics Events
  • Added new JS funtion NelioAB.delay. With this function, one can delay the execution of some JavaScript code (surrounding that code with

and }. This prevents JavaScript code from being executed twice (one for the original content and another one for the alternative's).


  • Bug fix while tracking page/post conversion actions.


  • A Fatal Error during Heatmap visualization has been fixed.


  • Removed some DEBUG info from source code.


  • New Feature - Menu Testing Nelio A/B Testing is the first tool to integrate Menu Testing. Create alternative menus and submenus and discover which one takes the visitor to the pages you want them to see.
  • New Feature - Experiment Duplication Don't create experiments from scratch, but duplicate current experiment definitions. Don't waste your time defining the same conversion actions over and over again and focus on your content!
  • New Conversion Action. You can now track the "click event" on any element in your site.
  • Several additional improvements.


  • New Setting for Professional and Enterprise Plans. You can now monitor the efficiency of your Headlines from either the front page of your site, or from any page.
  • Removed JavaScript TypeError.


  • Bug fix with widget experiments (alternatives properly tracked).


  • Bug fix with form submission tracking code.
  • Bug fix with older versions of IE, where trailing commas in JavaScrip fails throw an exception.


  • Bug fix with quota computation.
  • Small improvements.


  • Bug fix. CSS experiments now load alternatives properly (both during experiment execution and preview).
  • Bug fix. When creating Heatmap experiments, the Create button is disabled only when required.


  • POST-loaded pages are no longer A/B-tested. Otherwise, we may compromise the POST data.
  • Bug fix. Some original pages where marked as alternatives, which means that they are not available when the plugin is deactivated nor for creating new experiments. We fixed this.


  • Improved Performance. Several AJAX requests are no longer directed to your own WordPress server, but to our backend servers. This way, we reduce your server's load and boost the overall performance.


  • Performance MU-Plugin does no longer deactivate WPML. This way, WPML pages can be tested (i.e. alternatives are properly loaded).
  • We reduced the amount of calls required to sync headline-related tracking information.
  • Bug fix: latest update broke alternative loading for the landing page. This is now fixed.
  • Bug fix: when viewing the progress of an experiment, we now say there's a winner if (a) the original version is the best or (b) there's an alternative that's better than the original (even though it's "as good" as other alternatives).
  • We added a small warning when the plugin is updated reminding users to clean their caches.


  • New Feature - Widget Testing Nelio A/B Testing is the first tool to integrate Widget Testing. Rearrange your current widgets and/or add/remove widgets and test the changes easily!
  • New Feature - Headline Testing If you're a publisher or an avid blogger, you know the importance your posts have. We redefined Title Tests from scratch, so you can now test new titles, featured images, and excerpts as a whole!
  • New Feature - Create Experiments for Drafts Create experiments for all your pages and posts, even if they have not been published yet.
  • Improvement - Consistent Experience When creating A/B tests, you can make sure that the proper titles, excerpts or featured images are properly used all over your site. Don't focus only on the tested page, but everywhere.
  • Improvement - Cache Support Improvements This version includes experimental support for caching alternative content. Instead of simply bypassing cache mechanisms, you can now take full benefit from them.
  • Improvement - Experiment Creation Shortcuts When browsing your site, you'll see that the top bar includes quick action links to experiment creation.
  • And several additional improvements and bug fixes.


  • Bug fix: saving title alternatives with special characters now works fine.
  • Bug fix: alternative loading over https failed sometimes; we added a fallback that tries to resolve post ids without the "https" fragment.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with OptimizePress theme.


  • Bug fix: external links with special characters (such as, for instance, a question mark) are now properly tracked.


  • Buf fix: compatibility issuse with JetPack and IE10 are now fixed


  • Bug fix: on some installations, if admin-ajax.php returns an error, the screen is blank. This is now fixed.


  • Bug fix: in the Dashboard view, Heatmap experiments do no longer return a 404 page not found error.
  • Bug fix: some Heatmaps generated a JavaScript exception (and the page got stuck in "Loading"). This is now fixed.


  • Support for PHP cookies has been dropped.
  • Bug fix: affiliate links and other GET params in Gravity Forms are no longer lost when submitting a form from within a tested page.
  • Bug fix: no more 404 errors when (trying to) view heatmaps on some WordPress installations that do not locate plugins under the wp-content dir.
  • Some other minor improvements.


  • Bug fix: the submission of a multi-paged Gravity Form is now working properly.
  • Bug fix: some pages with GET parameters where not properly tracked. This should be fixed, now.


  • Bug fix: if the page defines the window.onunload event, Nelio is now able to deal with it.
  • Bug fix: script for loading alternatives is no longer included if we're using PHP cookies.


  • New Feature. We added a new setting for controlling the amount of page views an experiment can take before being automatically stopped. Never again waste your quota! (Professional and Enterprise users only).
  • New Setting: Define whether you want to receive e-mail alerts when your experiments are automatically stopped and, if you want to, the address that's to be notified (Enterprise users only).
  • Improved experiment list page. See the date that is most relevant to an experiment depending on its state (e.g. creation date for Draft and Ready experiments, start date for Running experiments, or end date finished experiments).
  • Improved visualization of finished experiments: in the list of all experiments, (a) include all finished experiments, (b) include only those that are recently finished (during the last week), or (c) include none at all.
  • Bug fix with navigations to external pages that go to https.


  • New Feature. Define the percentage of users that participate in an experiment (Professional subscribers only).
  • New Feature. Prioritize original version over alternatives (Professional subscribers only).
  • New Feature. Schedule when an experiment has to start (Professional subscribers only).
  • New Feature. Stop experiments automatically (a) when a minimum number of page views has been reached, (b) after a period of time, or (c) when there's a winner with a minimum confidence.
  • New Feature. Get real-time results (Enterprise subscribers only).
  • Improvement: Dashboard and Progress of the Experiment show the confidence in having a winner based on the comparison between the best alternative and the original (not two alternatives).
  • Improvement: when creating/editing an experiment, users are now prompted before they leave with unsaved changes.
  • Improvement: external page accessed actions can now be "indirect". If the user is about to leave your WordPress site in order to go to a goal page, and this navigation does not occur from a tested page, we can now track the conversion properly.
  • Improvement: MU-plugin is now automatically upgraded when this plugin is upgraded.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes.


  • Bug fix: when one wants to see the heatmap of an experiment, these heatmaps are loaded using regular HTTP by default. If a SecurityError exception is thrown, our plugin retries the query using HTTPS.
  • Some minor tweaks and bug fixes.


  • Bug fix: if the user is upgrading from a previous version of the plugin, the cache of running experiments is properly updated.


  • Bug fix: when running a global (CSS or Theme) experiment, the user does no longer see the latest post only when accessing the latest posts page.


  • The management of registered sites has been improved.
  • Bug fix: removing several notices (on strict PHP environments).


  • New Feature. You can now use form submissions as conversion actions. In particular, we now support Contact Forms 7 and Gravity Forms plugins.
  • Improved page and post selectors during experiment creation/edition. You're no longer limited to the latest posts/pages, but you can now search and select any page or post from your site.
  • Improved CSS editor, with syntax highlighting and warning/error notifications.
  • Bug fix: in the progress of the experiment page, under the summary section, the conversion rate timeline does no longer show conversion rates greater than 100 per cent.
  • Bug fix: the order in which conversion goals and conversion actions are defined is now preserved.


  • Bug fix: when editing a theme experiment (after its creation), the behavior of the overall process generated a few problems. Users got stuck, alternatives where not properly selected, and so on. It should be fixed, now.


  • Improvement: when the user has been deactivated, User Deactivated Page error page is shown. If he access the My Account page to check his subscription details and everything is OK, the error page is removed and he can use the plugin again.


  • Bug fix: viewing the details of a title experiment throwed (sometimes) an exception.


  • Bug fix: alternatives with single quote chars can now be created.
  • Compatibility with Member Access plugin.


  • Improvement: enable and disable from the Settings page a Must Use Plugin to improve performance.
  • Bug fix: heatmaps on Latest Posts page are now working.


  • Bug fix: you can now set up the Shop Page in a WordPress installation as a conversion goal action.


  • Improved Efficiency. Prevent sending information to Nelio backend servers when no quota is available.


  • Quick Fix with Dashboard Cards. Some of you had CSS problems with the cards. They should be fixed, now.
  • Compatibility with Custom Permalinks plugin.


  • New Feature. So far, external goals were only tracked if the user clicked a link whose href was the same as the external goal's URL. Now, this is also extended to form submission (assuming that form's action attribute is the same as the external goal's URL).
  • Quick fix. In the progress of the experiment page, goals created with previous version of the plugin have useful names (instead of "Undefined").


  • Bug fix: Fatal error when no results available.


  • Improvement. Making sure that body remains insivible during experiment load.


  • New User Interface The User Interface in the Dashboard has been redesigned. Experiment creation and edition is easier and faster.
  • Advanced Goal Management You now have full control when it comes to define conversions. All the information you need, when you need it.
  • New Dashboard First version of an A/B Testing dashboard. You now have all relevant information just one click away!
  • Efficiency Improvements We updated the plugin to make it faster and more reliable.


  • Bug fix: pages created with OptimizePress can now be properly duplicated.


  • Bug fix: deprecated use of function 'split' is now fixed.


  • Bug fix related to PHP Strict Warnings.
  • Bug fix with the function is_page_template(x). It now returns the proper value.


  • Bug fix: compatibility with meta options defined by Lotus theme.
  • Bug fix related to PHP Strict Warnings.
  • New feature: you can now select whether external goals should take GET params into account when tracking conversions.


  • Bug fix: AJAX error on windows installations does no longer appear.
  • Improvement: tracking conversions to external goals is now faster and more reliable.
  • Some minor changes and bug fixes for specific installations.


  • Bug fix in experiment creation: if you have many published posts, you can now select among the most recent ones (instead of the alphabetically-ordered first ones).


  • Greedy Algorithm. Do you want to exploit the winning alternative? Now you can! Use a greedy algorithm to increase the chances of your visitors to see the winning alternative of your experiment
  • New Settings Page. Our plugin includes a new Settings page where you can tune a few parameters of the plugin. This are the first steps towards a more customizable plugin!
  • Graphical improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Bug fix: title tag does no longer show a notice on certain installations
  • Bug fix: heatmap tracking script now works for those elements that include the attribute "class", but for which no classes are specified


  • Tested with version 3.9
  • Added "Preview" buttons for the original and goal pages when creating/editing an experiment.
  • Added a "Back" button when viewing Heatmaps, so that the user can now go back and forth between the progress of a experiment and the heatmaps of its alternatives
  • Improved user interface in "the Progress of the experiment" page, making the possible actions visible at all times
  • Improved Heatmap tracking scripts
  • Bug fix: compatibility issues with older versions of IE


  • Bug fix: improvements on the admin interface (SSL support)
  • Bug fix: compatibility issues with JavaScript and IE8
  • Some minor improvements


  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes


  • New Features for Basic Subscriptors! Use professional features from a basic account
  • Improved management of account status


  • New Feature! Title experiments have been improved. Originally, title experiments were a shortcut of page/post experiments, where only titles were changed. Now, however, you test which title gets more visitors into the tested post; i.e. the goal page is the post itself!
  • Some minor improvements


  • Bug fix: Heatmaps work properly with latest Chrome version
  • Some minor improvements


  • Bug fix: you can now see the Heatmaps of the alternatives of a page/post split testing experiment


  • Bug fix: CSS experiments in the "Latest Posts" page are now working
  • Improved Heatmap tracking algorithm


  • Bug fix: Heatmap tracking of "Latest Posts" page is now working


  • Bug fix: AJAX-related error when starting a Heatmap experiment


  • Some minor tweaks


  • New Feature! Heatmaps and Clickmaps of your customers
  • New Feature! A/B Test CSS modifications
  • Improved Settings page (account and registered sites management)
  • Translated to Spanish
  • Some minor tweaks


  • Bug fix: when creating theme experiments, the widgets of each theme are properly loaded


  • Bug fix: you can now create theme experiments with child themes


  • Bug fix: fatal error on Windows machines


  • UI Improvement: list of experiments is now sortable
  • Bug fix: when starting an experiment with multiple goals, the error "Too few parameters" does no longer appear


  • Quota Management: you can now increase the available quota from within the plugin!


  • Buf fix: compatibility issuse with JetPack and IE10 are now fixed


  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.8
  • Alternative pages/post are no longer visible when disabling the plugin
  • Some other minor tweaks


  • Improved quality for all graphical assets
  • The "Feedback" page has been changed to a "Share & Comment" page
  • Bug fix: endless loading loop when viewing the progress of some experiments
  • Some minor tweaks


  • Bug fix: compatibility with the WordPress hosting service "WPonFire"
  • Some minor tweaks


  • New Feature! Improved view for the progress/results of an experiment. When setting more than one goal, you can now see the aggregated conversion rate for all goals or the conversion rates for each goal
  • New Feature! Simplified UI for testing only changes in the title of a page/post


  • Bug fix: version 1.4 was not properly uploaded in the WordPress repository


  • New Feature! you can now set an external webpage as the goal of an experiment
  • New Feature! you can now count as a conversion an indirect navigation to the experiment
  • Now compatible with OptimizePress!
  • Now compatible with JetPack!
  • Some minor tweaks


  • Bug fix: alternative pages or posts created using the "empty alternative" option can be edited


  • Bug fix: the definition of Goal Pages (or Posts) for theme experiments works properly

  • New Feature! You can now set more than one page or post as the goal


  • New Feature! You can now set more than one page or post as the goal of an experiment!
  • Improved progress of the experiment page
  • Major bug fix: WSOD for PHP versions < 5.3 (because of calling a static method using a variable; error T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM)
  • Some minor fixes


  • Bug fix: stopping an experiment from the progress page is now working
  • Bug fix: overriding a theme alternative with another one from the progress page of an experiment is now working


  • New Feature! You can now test different worpdress themes!
  • Improved page for listing experiments. On the one hand, each experiment has an icon to quickly identify its type. On the other hand, statuses are now colorized.
  • Improved metadata management when applying the winning page/post alternative
  • Some minor fixes


  • Bug fix: when querying the permalink of an alternative, the original's permalink is returned instead (important, for instance, for social sharing plugins)


  • Bug fix: removing all PHP warnings and notices


  • Bug fix: no more callings to the undefined method DateTime::setTimestamp() for PHP < 5.3


  • Page for selecting new experiment has been redesigned
  • Settings page has been redesigned
  • Improved sites management
  • Some internal improvements


  • Improved plugin stability
  • Bug fix: experiments without a goal or alternatives cannot be started
  • Bug fix: JS scripts are properly loaded in IE


  • Bug fix: view results page does not freeze when no results are available


  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fix: comment count for alternatives is OK


  • Bug fix: showing the winner of an experiment quickly


  • "Progress of the Experiment" page has been redesigned and improved
  • Bug fix: alternative posts do no longer appear in the list of posts
  • Bug fix: when creating an a/b or multivariate test for posts, we can now select any post (not only the last five)
  • Bug fix: distributing users to different alternatives does no longer fail


  • New feature: experiments can now set either a Page or a Post as its goal


  • Bug fix: add media is working again
  • Bug fix: renaming an alternative does no longer remove it


  • New feature: creation of A/B tests for posts too (originally, only for pages).
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • Bug fix: the warning "headers already sent by" does no longer appear


  • Bug fix: assets are properly loaded from the plugin


  • Bug fix: titles are no longer wrapped using SPAN tags. We now use a jQuery replaceText function


  • Bug fix: no more redirections using PHP's "header" function


  • Bug fix: statistical info is now working (Strings are properly shown)


  • A few code tweaks

1.0.0 (beta)

  • First release of our beta
  • Permits the creation of Alternative Experiments for WordPress pages
  • Includes a feedback form

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-2
Active Installs: 400+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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