WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Online – by MyWorks Software


Save time, increase accuracy and grow your business by automating your store management and accounting – Sync your WooCommerce store with QuickBooks Online!

[Requires a MyWorks Forever Free or paid plan to connect to QuickBooks Online.]

Using QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise) or POS? We support these platforms as well (requires a different plugin from us). Visit MyWorks to view our paid plans and sign up.

Real time sync your customers, orders, products and inventory – all automatically.

The MyWorks WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks is easy to set up, simple to use, and designed to cut your accounting and store management workload in half as it integrates WooCommerce and QuickBooks.

Check our our 5-star reviews in the Intuit App Store!

Key Features

The only WooCommerce plugin to automatically two-way sync your WooCommerce store with QuickBooks Online, all in real-time! Easily sync your products, orders, customers, inventory and more between your WooCommerce store and QuickBooks Online.

  • Unlimited Real Time Sync
  • Complete 2-Way Product/Inventory Sync
  • Show QuickBooks Invoices in WooCommerce Customer Account
  • Bank Deposit / Transaction Fee Support
  • Global QuickBooks Tax/Currency Support
  • Completely Automatic Sync
  • Unlimited Historical Data Access

More Information

Requires a MyWorks account to connect to QuickBooks Online. Visit https://myworks.software to read more about MyWorks Sync, including documentation, installation instructions, pricing and plans.

Pricing Plans
Launch: FREE (forever free)
Grow: $39/month (billed annually)
Scale: $69/month (billed annually)

Visit https://myworks.software/pricing for more pricing details

Connection Information

This plugin enables you to connect your WooCommerce store to QuickBooks Online through your MyWorks account by utilizing the MyWorks Sync QuickBooks App. We (MyWorks Sync) are a service provider that allows you to connect your site to your QuickBooks Online company, and this plugin establishes this connection for you on your WooCommerce Store.

You will be able to connect to QuickBooks Online from within your account with us, and use this connection in our MyWorks Sync plugin on your WooCommerce Store to sync your store with QuickBooks Online. MyWorks only stores your connection keys/details – and does so securely. All other data is handled and stored by Intuit. All data transmitted passes directly to QuickBooks Online from your website, and does not pass through our systems.

Our QuickBooks App:

Our Terms of Use:

QuickBooks Online Privacy Policy

MyWorks Privacy Policy


  1. Install MyWorks Sync either via the WordPress.org plugin repository, or by uploading the plugin files to wp-content/plugins on your site.
  2. Create an account with us (if you don’t already have one) at https://myworks.software
  3. Connect to QuickBooks Online from within your account with us.
  4. Visit MyWorks Sync > Connection in your WordPress Admin to finalize the connection.
  5. Follow the step by step wizard or visit https://docs.myworks.software to view our docs.


What are the requirements to use MyWorks Sync?

MyWorks Sync requires a recent version of WordPress (4.2+) with WooCommerce (2.2+) installed. Your server should run on Linux and have at least PHP 5.6. You also need an active trial or paid plan with MyWorks at https://myworks.software/account

What QuickBooks countries/versions do you support?

MyWorks Sync supports any version/country of QuickBooks Online, including any tax and currency for your locale. We also support QuickBooks Desktop 2015 and later. If you have QuickBooks Desktop, visit our site at https://myworks.software to sign up and learn more.

Do you support QuickBooks Desktop or POS?

We do support QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise – 2015 and later. We also support QuickBooks POS Basic, Pro & Multi-Store – V8 and later. This requires a different plugin than this one, so visit our site below to sign up for a plan and download.

Do you have a free trial?

Even better! We have a completely free forever plan you can use to get up and syncing right away. As your order volume / functionality needs grow, you can change to our paid plans at any time.

How does the sync work? Will old data be automatically synced?

As soon as you finish setting up our sync, we’ll only start automatically syncing NEW data. This automatic sync can be enabled/disabled individually for different data types, like customers, orders, products, inventory and more – so you can control which new data you’d like to automatically sync. OLD (historic) data will NOT be automatically synced – but it’s easy as pie to push over, using our Push section!

How does support work?

All plans include 24/7 support ticket assistance with our amazing US/UK support team! Paid plans include a complimentary 30 minute setup call/screenshare, and our Scale plan includes 12/5 phone support.

Can I sync data both ways between QuickBooks Online into WooCommerce?

Absolutely! Our sync gives you the ability to automatically sync products & inventory (paid plans only) both directions between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online – automatically and manually (pushing historic data).

Can I push existing/old customers, orders & products into QuickBooks?

Heck ya! You can use our Push section to push your existing customers, products, orders and more into QuickBooks – and even pull products into WooCommerce from QuickBooks! (Our monthly plans have a limit of pushing up to the last 30 days of orders, and the forever free Launch plan has a limit of up to the last 7 days of orders.)

Will orders be synced as soon as they’re placed?

They sure will! Why wait all day? Our sync is in real-time – so new customers, products, orders and more will be automatically synced right away! (Inventory level sync happens every 5 minutes.)

Can I sync multiple stores to one QuickBooks Online account?

Yes, you can sync as many WooCommerce stores as you’d like to the same QuickBooks Online account. You will just need a paid plan for each store.

If I have some data already entered into QuickBooks, will it be duplicated?

Our sync never duplicates customers, orders or products! If we’ve already synced an order into QuickBooks, you can update/push it in WooCommerce, and we’ll simply update it in QuickBooks. If you have orders in QuickBooks entered manually or by another integration – that’s not a problem. Our sync may not recognize them if they don’t match your WooCommerce order number, but we won’t attempt to automatically re-sync them.

Are there any more FAQ or Docs?

There sure are! Visit our growing docs site at https://docs.myworks.software

How easy is the setup? Will I be able to get help if I need it?

It’s almost too easy! All you’ll have to do is connect to QuickBooks and map any existing data together – that’s it! We have easy to follow documentation, a setup wizard and even a setup video tutorial – all to make your setup as seamless as possible! You’ll always have 24/7 support ticket access in your account with us, and our sales team has been known to assist with setup questions over our 12/5 live chat as well 🙂 Our paid plans even include a complimentary setup call/screenshare so we can help answer any questions and make sure you’re up and running correctly!

How does your Intelligent Bank Deposit support work, and why do I need it?

A: Ever get tired of matching all your daily bank deposits from your credit card processor in your QuickBooks Banking feed to the individual daily sales that make up that batch deposit? We are too! That’s why we’ll automatically sync new orders in real time to QuickBooks; and at the end of the day, automatically create a Bank Deposit in QuickBooks that intelligently includes all the orders from the day, and calculates any transaction fees (if applicable), so that you’ll simply “Match” that to your real-life bank deposit in your Banking feed – and that’s it! We have amazing support for Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree – and any card processor that groups daily/weekly sales into one bank deposit for you!

What QuickBooks versions / Currencies do you support?

A: Our sync supports all QuickBooks Online versions: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus & Advanced – in all countries around the world! We also support any currency you have enabled in WooCommerce and QuickBooks – even multiple currencies!

Where should my products be as I start getting set up with MyWorks?

A: We recommend you at least start with all your products in WooCommerce, and each should have a unique SKU (although not required, it’s helpful to you going forward). If all of your products are in QuickBooks, that’s fine too – you’ll be able to pull them into WooCommerce through our sync. Or – you can start out with a perfectly clean slate, and optionally have us automatically sync new products as you create them.

Are you compatible with variations, groups, bundled products & composite products?

A: We sure are! Although Bundled & Composite products are not native to WooCommerce (added by a plugin), we still have built-in compatibility with them, so you’re all covered!

Are there any WooCommerce extensions/plugins you’re already compatible with?

A: There sure are! We support over 25+ popular WooCommerce extensions! Some are built into our core sync, others are supported via a paid compatibility add-on. A few examples of our built-in compatibility are Sequential Order Numbers Pro, Cost of Goods Sold, Avalara, Taxify, WooCommerce Subscriptions and Product Bundles.


November 15, 2019
I bought and installed the MYWorks, QB Sync plugin based on the great reviews posted on various sites. For the first few months, this plugin worked fine but then we noticed page load issues and sync issues. These issues started after we decided to purchase the yearly subscription plan. The plugin continued to cause issues and it got to the point where we had to deactivate the plugin because it was interfering with the user experience. I should note that as soon as we disabled the plugin, our page load speed improved 81%. The developer was of no help getting this issue resolved, we sent multiple emails to their sales and support email address with no response for over two weeks. We then asked for a refund and they refused, saying we didn't qualify for a refund. Please think twice before buying installing this plugin and paying MyWORKs SOFTWARE ANY MONEY. Follow Up Comments... Do you want to know why this plugin has only 5-star reviews? They threaten you when you post a negative review about them.
September 5, 2019
I am a web designer and chose MyWorks to integrate my client's WooCommerce Store to his Quickbooks in order to save him on admin time. After the first month he sent me a huge thank you text. He mentioned he thought he had been doing less business, because he wasn't working as much. Well, turns out...his business had actually increased, he was just saving himself 8 hours per week of admin due to MyWorks. Amazing! Highly highly recommend this software, not only for its time saving capabilities, but largely due to it's support. Using a new software can be intimidating, but the support team was so quick to get back to me and answer any and all of my questions. And Sol, the Sales and Marketing gal, is a dream! So sweet and willing to go above and beyond for you with any questions you may have. She can even help you set up a free set-up call with the support team to assist you with the entire set-up process. How neat is that!? Love this software.
May 29, 2019
Tough start for me, i think because i'm new to accounting and having just started my new business. I had trouble understanding how to set things up, get syncing up and running, setting up taxes etc. But after the best support hands down, they guided me step by step to reach the holy land. I can say i now have a fully functional ecom site that is syncing with QB online. Super happy.
March 9, 2019
We are a small business with a decent web presence and a lot of spunk. We needed to integrate our QBO accounting with our web site eCommerce store and researched a number of solutions. If you are too, stop and look no further! MyWorks integration is fast, easy to configure and use. Not to mention chocked full of features. The most impressive aspect of their service for us is their speed to assist. When we have questions or a challenge to overcome, they are ready willing and able to assist 24x7! Seriously, I've submitted tech inquiries at 11pm in the evening EDT and they are on it within a very short period of time. Never has their product had an issue. It was either something on the QBO side or an interface from our web site. Great Product. Great People. Great Price!
November 15, 2018
I've been using the extension since about a year and is by far the best solution I found for syncing WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online. Most importantly, you can get customisation from them to fit your exact needs (which are often different depending on your own install, own Woocommerce plugins, etc.) and the team support is fast, attentive and always very professional. I definitely recommend it!
October 4, 2018
I work for a WordPress development company and one of our clients needed some pretty specific Quickbooks integrations with WooCommerce. We decided it'd be best to outsource that with a team who can claim to be QuickBooks experts (we know enough to be dangerous, but that's about it). After trying others who weren't helpful in getting things up and running, we thankfully came across MyWorks and have been super pleased with their product and service. We've been working with Peter who has done so much answering questions, helping the client directly, jumping on multiple setup calls to make sure everything is in place. They also were able to help out with some custom development services that made things work even smoother. I absolutely recommend MyWorks to anyone who's looking to sync up WooCommerce with QuickBooks. Awesome stuff!
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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Online – by MyWorks Software” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2019-11-14 version 1.8

  • Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.8
  • Added compatibility with v1.13 of Sequential Order Numbers Pro
  • Added setting to override rare cases where QuickBooks doesn’t return the correct Inventory on/off status
  • Added setting to control order date used when including in batches – order date, paid date, completed date
  • Added setting to show only mapped products with different inventory levels in Push > Inventory
  • Added support to recognize/map 0% tax rates in orders
  • Added support to sync $0 refunds to QuickBooks (for inventory tracking purposes)
  • Added setting to improve syncing inventory in cases where QuickBooks isn’t correctly updating the “Last Updated” date for a product when inventory is changed
  • Added setting to support syncing Purchase Orders into QuickBooks along with WooCommerce Orders
  • Added setting to sync orders to QuickBooks as invoices or sales receipts on a per-gateway level
  • Improved handling of variations with names longer than 50 characters
  • Improved setting to show Invoices in WooCommerce account area by also supporting showing Sales Receipts
  • Improved line-total calculations in cases where lines with discounts weren’t being calculated/rounded correctly in WooCommerce
  • Improved “Inventory Start Date” functionality to read the default WooCommerce Product “published” date by default
  • Improved compatibility with being activated on multi-sites
  • Improved handling of bundled products in orders to ensure quantity is correctly reflected in QuickBooks.
  • Improved handing of orders with WooCommerce simple products mapped to QuickBooks bundle products
  • Improved “Catch Unsynced Orders” setting to check for orders by post_modified date
  • Resolved issue with PDF not being generated correctly for invoices shown in WooCommerce account area
  • Resolved issue where Refunds attempt to sync over even when Refund Syncing is off
  • Resolved issue where orders with shipping-only tax were not correctly syncing tax to QuickBooks line items

2019-07-31 version 1.7.6

  • Improved automatic inventory sync to be more reliable under certain scenarios
  • Resolved rare issue where nested functions were causing PHP notices/conflicts in some sites

2019-07-25 version 1.7.5

  • Added newly required lib file: BillEmailCc.php
  • Added newly required lib file: BillEmailBcc.php
  • Added newly required lib file: SalesEmailBcc.php
  • Added compatibility for WooCommerce custom fee line items in full/partial refunds
  • Added setting to “Use Next QuickBooks order number” instead of WooCommerce Order ID
  • Added beta setting to add customer-account facing “Invoice” area showing all invoices in their mapped QuickBooks customer account to view/pay (yes, super cool, we agree!)
  • Improved setting to map WooCommerce product title to QuickBooks Description to work both sync directions
  • Improved Push/Map pages with additional search fields supported
  • Improved support for multiple individual tax rates in multi-line WooCommerce orders
  • Improved support for partial shipping refunds – extra $0 line item will no longer show
  • Improved functionality of Settings > Taxes tab – it will now be hidden if it contains no applicable settings
  • Improved support for pulling QuickBooks Products to update WooCommerce variations
  • Improved Automap support for products with ” and / in their names
  • Improved handling for sync status – supporting showing on pages up to 200 items
  • Improved sync status on Push > Orders page to be sortable
  • Resolved issue with inventory sync occasionally failing due to un-necessary TaxCodeRef being included
  • Resolved rare issue with Aes/mcrypt functionality overlap
  • Resolved issue where Batch Support couldn’t be turned off correctly
  • Resolved issue where Deposit would be included without cause in Invoice updates, causing error from QuickBooks
  • Resolved issue where welcome message/banner shown when plugin is activated couldn’t be permanently dismissed
  • Removed setting to select roles we should recognize as containing customers. All roles are now automatically recognized. Yay!