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MyCurator Content Curation

MyCurator Content Curation Plugin Software Makes it Easy to Curate Quality Content for Your WordPress Site.


  • Fixes to support WordPress 4.5
  • Use default comment and pingback settings for newly curated articles
  • Get It and Source It changes to work with some themes


  • Fix Twitter article access to support new Twitter embedded link format
  • Fixes to support Google Alert article links for easier article access
  • New Get It and Source It loading process for better integration with other plugins


  • Add a new option for paid plans to use the current logged in user as the Author when making a post live
  • Fix warning that appeared for version 4.3 of WordPress
  • Other small fixes to MyCurator


  • Fixed problem where some YouTube videos were not embedding correctly for Topic of Type Video
  • More fixes to image capture to make it more reliable
  • For paid plans, a new Get It tab to Publish directly while specifying Categories, bypassing Topics


  • Option added to remove duplicate articles within a Topic using their title
  • Ability to add a start and end date to a Topic for selective background processing
  • Streamlined startup of Get It and Source It to use wp_load
  • Remove old featured image when adding a new featured image using the click-copy feature
  • Check for no Topics on Get It to remove php warning


  • Update to format Image Pop-up in Editor for WordPress 3.9


  • Option to put link to original article above excerpt.
  • Fix to loss of training tags - automatically add topic taxonomy if missing
  • Fix to replace Cron jobs if they are somehow missing when in Training Posts page
  • Set default Look Back Days to 30


  • Curate articles to custom post types
  • Better image capture for more curated posts with images.
  • More video options to align video in the post, capture the thumbnail and shorten description to excerpt length.
  • Option to place embedded image at bottom of post.
  • Manually run selected Topics using the Run AI Process button in Topics
  • Fix formatting error in Get It and Source It with WP 3.8


  • New Request Processing Mode provides faster background processing of articles.
  • New Inline background process is more reliable especially on highly secured hosts.
  • Create new Notebooks on the fly in Get It and [NoteBk] training tag.
  • Fix set up of new blog when MyCurator is network activated in Multisite network.


  • Notebooks let you save any articles found by MyCurator for future use in curated posts or writing articles.
  • Create a YouTube search directly from MyCurator
  • Save YouTube video description along with embedded video for Video Topic
  • Get It has a new tab to save articles to your Notebooks
  • Support for changes to Google Alerts RSS delivery
  • Index page for saved page meta box in editor if more than 5 articles
  • Excluded keyword entry is now a text box
  • Background processing updated to restart with last feed if ended early
  • Training Posts All and Trash counts updated as you work with items


  • Support for new Twitter API V1.1 allowing Twitter searches and follows to be active again.
  • Source It will capture Talkwalker alerts from the RSS page view.
  • Line breaks are formatted and saved correctly in the Quick post popup, and copying article text will keep breaks.
  • Get It uses ID of user who captures the article, not default for the Topic.
  • Fix to readable page to handle $nnn format problems.
  • Changes to the background process of MyCurator to stop multiple simultaneous runs by WP-Cron.


  • Click to Copy any paragraph, table or list into your post from the Saved Page meta box.
  • Click to insert an image or set as featured from any image in your Saved Page meta box.
  • Get It will save article as a Draft post, and you can follow into the Editor.
  • Save line breaks to the excerpt created by MyCurator.
  • Use Post Title as the Image title and for the Image Alt tag.
  • Options for Insert image are on Basic Options tab with Featured Option.
  • Display the source for each article in the Logs.
  • Use the post link rather then the image url when you click on an inserted image.


  • Add the ability to enter an author for each Topic, with role of Author or higher.
  • Add the ability to filter by author on the Training Posts admin page.
  • If a user has an Author role, they can only train and post training articles where they are the author.
  • MyCurator menu items and ability to save changes now depend on role, Editor can manage Sources, Author can only use Get It.
  • You can now exclude any article if it has no image using a new checkbox on the Topic page.
  • If the featured or embedded image found by MyCurator has an alt text, that is used for the title in the media library and the alt text for the image.
  • For video Topic, suppress showing related videos at end if a youtube video is embedded.


  • Add support for twitter account following (such as @tgtinfo) in Twitter Search
  • Support finding article link in twitter stream not embedded as html
  • Ability to reset logs and re-read articles after changing Topics or formatting
  • New option to change the initial look back period for articles up to 90 days
  • Fix to validate numeric Admin options between 1 and 90 days
  • Move Source Quick Add and News or Twitter menu items to MyCurator menu from Links menu
  • Option to display full text readable page on single post page even with Original Article link
  • Remove format problems information from Training Posts trash page


  • Upgrade to Ajax technology on training page for much faster processing
  • New Quick tag allows entry of comments/notes and immediate publishing or save to draft
  • Full article text popup and in Quick tag
  • Training Posts page in the WordPress admin now has full training tags for each article in a list format
  • Bulk curation options in Training Posts admin page, including the ability to change the author


  • Video curation topic with the ability to embed videos in your posts automatically
  • Insert image into the post directly, with options for alignment and size
  • New formatting options for the attribution link and whether to use block quotes
  • Publish immediately option rather than the date the article was found
  • Remove more duplicates when using twitter search feeds
  • Get It and Source It close automatically


  • Multi article curation has been enabled with a new [Multi] training tag. Bring several articles at once into your WordPress editor for round-up, weekly highlighs and other complex curations.
  • New Source It Bookmarklet tool to add feeds to your Links Sources with just a click.
  • New Sources Quick Add to use instead of Add New Links for faster manual source entry.
  • Stay in position on training page after using training tags
  • Expanded Topic status to highlight Manual Curation vs Auto Post status
  • Initial options are set for manual curation when first installed.


  • New Get It Bookmarklet lets you save content as you browse the web on your computer, tablet or phone directly to your training page.
  • Get It Bookmarklet Training Video and Documentation
  • Ready for WordPress 3.5 - You must upgrade to version 1.2.0 or later for MyCurator to work with WordPress 3.5 as they are making changes to the Links pages.
  • Support for new pricing by Topic, see http://www.target-info.com/pricing/ and the MyCurator Topic pricing widget near the bottom of that page.


  • Fixed problems with non-English characters in the Topic Keywords not matching articles.
  • Added option to filter and train non-English articles using UTF-8 character processing to handle extended character sets
  • Added links to documentation on the Administrative pages
  • Fixed a problem with Filter type topics not having Trash and [Make Live] tags


  • Added new option to choose the Admin or Editor user that will be used in MyCurator posts
  • Added MyCurator article processing statistics to MyCurator initial menu page
  • Added link to MyCurator documentation on MyCurator initial menu page



  • To support languages, you can customize the text of the link to the original or saved page
  • Fix to allow special language characters in article excerpt
  • Allow deletion of any Topic
  • New option to Not store excerpt field on post
  • More validation on Topic Name
  • Trim spaces from API Key entry


  • Display article full text in WordPress post editor meta box
  • Display all images found in-line in text as well as an images section at bottom of meta box
  • Option to insert link to original page into article posts created by MyCurator
  • Option to set excerpt length for article posts created by MyCurator
  • Option to directly enter the WordPress post editor when making a training post Live


  • New option to support manual content curation, which keeps good trained posts on the training page
  • Added link to MyCurator support forum on the wordpress.org site
  • Fix to ensure deletion of saved pages when corresponding post is deleted


  • A few more Changes to support WordPress plugin repository


  • Changes to support WordPress plugin repository
  • Support for multisite installations
  • Access to getting an API Key from getting started and options pages


  • Updates to support WordPress 3.4
  • Changes to support themes using query arg hooks

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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