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3D WP Tag Cloud-S

3D WP Tag Cloud-S (formerly known as My WP TagCanvas) draws and animates a HTML5 canvas based tag cloud.


  1. Added two new 2D shapes: spiral and hexagon.


  1. Fixed bug in switching off Wheel Zoom.


  1. The minimal values of Radius X, Radius Y & Radius Z are shifted to zero so clouds could be one or two dimensional.
  2. Expanded scope of Canvas Height (90px - 960px): now Tag Cloud could be used as Header/Footer menu or Leaderboard Banner (728x90).
  3. Reduced step between Depth values for precise setting of perspective.
  4. Reduced step between Initial values for precise control of speed.
  5. Fixed bug in HEX check of entered colors.


  1. Entirely redesigned Fonts section. Selection of Web Safe Fonts and Google fonts is simplified by two combo-boxes. Single or multiple fonts now can be selected rather than entered via keyboard.
  2. Automatic update of Google Fonts List from Google Font Library.
  3. Small code improvements.


  1. Added a new feature for Recent posts, Pages, Menu Items, List of Authors and External Links (blogroll): Support for mixed image/text tags and choice of image, text or both.
  2. Added text and image alignment options.
  3. Added an option to enable/disable a "No tags" message when there are no tags to display.
  4. Added an option for limiting number of Pages that can be rotated in the cloud.
  5. Updated to Graham Breach's Javascript class TagCanvas v. 2.6.1.
  6. Added new tips in Help section.
  7. Fixed bug in freezing animation till next page loads.
  8. Made some code improvements.


  1. New option for adding background image behind cloud's content.
  2. New function: At a click over a tag animation freezes and starts loading of requested URL .
  3. New option for excluding tags from a cloud when its content consists of Authors
  4. Automatic including of WP Links panel for users who started using WP after v 3.5 when Links Manager and blogroll were made hidden by default.
  5. Added User Guide in Help Section.
  6. Added new tips in Help Section.
  7. Added two ready made Central Functions for putting image or text in the center of the cloud.
  8. Redesigned Control Panel: All settings are preset and thus option values don't have to be typed, but selected. Entered colors are shown next to their value for user's convenience.
  9. Fixed bug in Multiple Fonts
  10. Code Improvements


  1. Resolved problem with conflict between different js libraries used by customers: Due to such conflict some customers were not able to create 3D Tag Clouds.
  2. Changed the way Central Function section was functioning: Till now the new versions used to delete already created functions, because they were kept in a plugin's file. Now customers put their functions away from the plugin.


  1. Installation clarifications
  2. Code improvements.
  3. New tips added.


  1. Fixed bug with Control Panel interface.
  2. Fixed a bug in Google Font check.


  1. Fixed bug with Control Panel interface.


  1. Changed the way Web Safe Fonts are inserted: Now user can choose Web Safe Font without typing its name. For Google Font there is a separate field.
  2. Fixed a bug in Google Font check.
  3. Improved Gradient Interface.


  1. Fixed bug in multiple coloring.
  2. Improved help for Gradient Colors.
  3. Added tips in Help Section.


  1. New types of Cloud Content added: Archives (monthly, limit option), Authors (incl/excl Admins, limit option) and Pages;
  2. New Option added: Multiple Colors. Now tags in the cloud may be motley;
  3. New Option added: Multiple Backgrounds. Now tag's backgrounds may be pied;
  4. New Option added: Multiple Fonts. Now Cloud Tags may be with different fonts;
  5. Redesigned Gradient Colors option: Previous automatic one was not able to give clearly distinguishable colors. Now gradient depends on user's wish;
  6. Redesigned Help Section for better convenience in use;
  7. Fixed a bug in tags coloring.


During upload of v. 2.0 some files were missed. Small amendments in Description are made.


  1. Multiple widget instances
  2. Extended cloud content with Recent Posts, External Links and Menu Items
  3. Full variety of fonts from Google Font Library
  4. All 70+ setting options of Graham Breach's Javascript class TagCanvas v. 2.5
  5. Adjustable number of external links in the cloud
  6. Usage of images instead of text in the cloud
  7. Possibility to put images and/or text in the center of the cloud.
  8. New convenient Control Panel for plugin settings
  9. Tooltips for all settings and help section
  10. New plugin's name


Two more options added: 1. Taxonomy. Now My WP-TagCanvas works with: - Post Tags [default], - Categories, or - Both mixed. 2. Number of Tags. By default it is 45, but it can be any number.


The First Version.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-3
Active Installs: 300+


3.8 out of 5 stars


2 of 2 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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