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My Calendar

Accessible WordPress event calendar plugin. Show events from multiple calendars on pages, in posts, or in widgets.


  • Refactor options storage
  • Update event taxonomies if category changed/source event taxonomy data from post
  • Custom link targets using mc_customize_details_link & template_redirect filter as pointer.
  • Handle stylesheet editing as additive (child styles), rather than editing the original stylesheet.
  • Update pickadate to version 3.6, when it's out. 3.5.6 has a regression that makes it useless for me.


  • Update Italian translation
  • Bug fix: Ensure that mini calendar widgets have unique IDs
  • Eliminate an obsolete variable.


  • Bug fix: I just can't stop making stupid mistakes in print view. Sheesh.


  • Mislabeled form field on date switcher.
  • Add primary sort filter to main event function [props @ryanschweitzer]
  • New filters on navigation tools.
  • Bug fix: Print view loaded when iCal requested [broken in 2.4.4]
  • Bug fix: Changes to Upcoming Events widget to better limit upcoming events lists.
  • Language updates: Czech, Swedish, Finnish


  • Bug fix: Stray character return in Print view
  • Bug fix: Print view did not respect date changes
  • Bug fix: Logic error in sort direction switching in admin when setting not configured
  • Change: Print view no longer driven by feed API.
  • Change: Added option to disable "More" link from settings


  • Bug fix: reversed filter name/value pairing in SQL query.


  • Bug fix: in Upcoming Events shortcode (mismatch between documentation & reality).


  • Bug fix: Missing style in print.css
  • Bug fix: Broken in print view.


New features:

  • Set upcoming event class based on time, rather than date.
  • Add past/present classes to today's events widget
  • Assign Custom All Day label for each event.
  • Support hiding 'Host' field as option.
  • Made primary sort order of events filterable: 'mc_primary_sort'
  • Added action to location saving handling updated locations
  • Added arguments to from/to filters in Upcoming Events
  • Enabled option to turn on permalinks
  • Custom canonical URL for event pages
  • Added 'date' parameter to today's events list & shortcode accepting any string usable in strtotime()
  • Added 'from' and 'to' parameter to upcoming events list & shortcode accepting any string usable in strtotime
  • Added year/month/day parameter to main shortcode to target specific months for initial display.
  • Make BCC field filterable
  • Add filters to search query parameters
  • New option: switch to mini calendar on mobile devices instead of list view.
  • Add [day] select field to date switcher if in 'day' view.
  • Option to set default sort direction
  • Ability to set three separate event title templates: grid, list, and single.
  • Added admin-bar link to view calendar.
  • Added option to customize permalink slug on permalink page
  • Single event pages as permalinks use the same template as main if custom template isn't enabled.
  • New template tag: {color_css} and {close_color_css} to wrap a block with the category background color.
  • Add category classes to Upcoming & Today's events widgets
  • Redirect page to main calendar if event is private
  • Improved labeling of cell dates

Bug fixes:

  • Stop setting all day events to end at midnight; use 11:59:59 and filter output
  • Rewrite iCal output so that the iCal download eliminates Holiday cancellations [todo]
  • Bug fix: Prevent extraneous variables from leaking into the navigation output.
  • Rendering post template in permalinks only applies within Loop.
  • Template attribute preg_match could only pick up 2 parameters
  • Prevent an invalid mc_id value from returning errors.
  • Prevent deprecation notice when getting text_direction
  • Default to not showing navigation options in print view.
  • Better loading of text domain.
  • Prevent mini calendar from switching to list format.
  • Change class construction to PHP 5 syntax
  • Close button is now a button rather than a link.
  • Fixed display of text diff for stylesheet comparisons
  • Two different filters with different names.
  • mc_after_event filter not running with custom templates.
  • With My Tickets active, enter key did not submit Add/Edit event form
  • Fixed documentation error with ical template tags.
  • Improved efficiency of WP shortcode processing in templates.
  • A multi-day event crossing the current day was counted as a future event in upcoming events
  • If event instance was split from recurring event, showed same recurring settings as original event.
  • If events were mass deleted, the corresponding event post was not also deleted.
  • Prevent single event pages from displaying content if the event is in a private category.

Important Changes:

  • Removed references to #jd_calendar and generate custom IDs. [breaking change
  • Revision of settings page [reorganize settings into tabs]
  • Reorganized settings pages.


  • Moved changelog for versions prior to 2.3.0 into changelog.txt


  • Updated Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Dutch, Turkish, Slovak, Norwegian, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Persian, Czech, Danish


  • Bug fix: end time for events auto-toggled to midnight, instead of +1 hour when end time omitted.


  • Added escaping in 2.3.30 broke location & category limits (escape placed on wrong string.)


  • Security Fix: Arbitrary File Override
  • Security Fix: Reflected XSS
  • Thanks for Tim Coen for responsibly disclosing these issues.
  • All issues apply for authenticated users with access to My Calendar settings pages.
  • Language updates: Updated Polish, Swedish, Galician, Czech, Norwegian, Italian
  • Added Slovak, Icelandic, Hebrew



  • Bug fix: Problem saving My Calendar URI if My Calendar is intended for use behind a secured location.
  • Update languages: French, German, Catalan


  • Bug fix: Things that happen when you failed to write down a minor change - you don't test it. Couldn't choose a preset location when creating an event in 2.3.26.


  • Typo in aria-labelledby.
  • Bug fix: fatal error if wp_remote returns WP_error.
  • Bug fix: could not set calendar URI if site is password protected.
  • Bug fix: category key fetched icons using a different path generation than main calendar that could result in a broken link.
  • Bug fix: ensure that all image template tags exist in the array, even if the event post does not exist.
  • Bug fix: make print view respect current category/location filters
  • Bug fix: make iCal download respect current category/location filters
  • Added class on event data container for root ID of events.
  • Added 'current' class for currently selected category in category key if category filter applied.


  • Bug fix: Escape URL for search form request URL
  • Bug fix in check whether event had a valid post container.
  • Bug fix to handle problem with weeks calculation on the first of the month.
  • Bug fix: Display problem in single-page event view in twentyfifteen.css
  • Bug fix: If My Calendar URL is invalid, re-check when settings page is loaded.
  • Bug fix: Don't display update notice on new installs.
  • Change: My Calendar automatically generates calendar page on installation.
  • Change to Upcoming Events default template to make usage more robust.
  • Change: mc-mini JS to auto close all open panels if a new one is opened.
  • Rearrange a few settings for better usability.
  • Added ability to use Upcoming Events widget to show the nth future month. (e.g., show events for the 6th month out from today.)
  • Deprecated upgrade cycles prior to version 1.11.0.
  • Improve accessibility of tab panels used in My Calendar UI.
  • Language updates: Updated Russian, Added Afrikaans


  • Bug fix: In mini widget, date is not displayed if only event on date is private
  • Bug fix: Improved fix to year rendering (roughly fixed in 2.3.23)
  • Bug fix: Improved rendering of structured event data.
  • Bug fix: [my_calendar_now] incorrectly checked the current time.
  • Bug fix: "Archive" link pointed to wrong location in event manager.
  • Bug fix: Was no way to reverse archiving an event; added method
  • Bug fix: Shortcode generator produced incorrect Upcoming Events shortcode.
  • Bug fix: Overlapping occurrences warning inappropriately showed on events recurring on a month by day basis
  • Bug fix: If only event on date is private, don't add class 'has-events'
  • Bug fix: Save default values for top/bottom nav on install.
  • Bug fix: Restore default template array when plug-in is deleted and re-installed
  • Minor style change to twentyfourteen.css
  • New default theme: twentyfifteen.css
  • Feature add: AJAX control to delete individual instances of a recurring event from the event editor.
  • Feature change: Events post type content filter now replaces content instead of repeating. Use 'mc_event_content' filter to override.
  • Improvement: Show overlapping occurrences warnings in manage events view.
  • Improvement: List/Grid button only shows on month and week views.
  • Misc. UI improvements.
  • Performance fix: Hide overlapping recurring events on front-end. (They can consume massive amounts of memory.)
  • Language updates: French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, German, Ukrainian, Swedish

ISSUE: What's causing templates to not be set?


  • Bug fix: Calendar rendering 2014 at beginning of 2015.
  • Bug fix: Set Holiday category when adding new categories.
  • Bug fix: Search widget title heading HTML not rendered.
  • Bug fix: mc-ajax.js was not compatible with heading filter for output.
  • Language updates: French, Spanish, Ukrainian


  • Edit: Allow integers up to 12 in the 'every' field for recurring events. (Previously 9)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect sprintf call in {recurs} template, effecting recurring events by month.
  • Language updates: German, Russian, Portuguese (Portugal), Hungarian, Ukrainian


  • Plug-in conflict fix: CSS override to fix conflict with Ultimate Social Media Icons
  • Bug fix: Allow {image_url} to fall back to thumbnail size if no medium / create _url equivalents for each size.
  • Bug fix: Allow location controls to be entered with only keys.
  • Bug fix: Entering default value for controlled locations is empty value, instead of 'none'.
  • Bug fix: If value of location field is 'none', don't display.
  • Bug fix: Use Location URL as map link if URL is provided and no other mappable location information
  • Bug fix: if editing single instance, delete link will delete just that instance.
  • Bug fix: If recurring event fields were hidden, but event recurred, recurrences would be deleted.
  • Bug fix: Limiting locations did not work in Upcoming Events using 'events' mode.
  • Bug fix: Allow limiting locations but all event location fields.
  • Bug fix: Limiting locations accepts numeric values for limiting.
  • Bug fix: {recurs} template tag indicates frequency ("Weekly", vs "every 3 weeks")
  • Bug fix: fixed templating issue when custom templates used a tag multiple times with different attribute parameters.
  • Add filter to modify the title information shown in list view to hint at hidden events ('mc_list_event_title_hint')
  • Add filter: number of months shown in list view filterable on 'mc_show_months'
  • Feature: Add shortcode/function to display a current event. [my_calendar_now]
  • Feature: Add search results page option to calendar search widget.
  • Removed all remaining code related to user settings, which are no longer in use.
  • Language updates: French, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese/Brazil, Portuguese/Portugal, Norwegian Bokmal, Hungarian


  • Bug fix: Escaped $ variable in custom JS wrapper
  • Bug fix: has-events class appearing in calendar on days after all-day events
  • Bug fix: Reset stylesheet applied outside calendar HTML. Eliminated elements not used by MC.
  • Bug fix: Missing required argument for My Calendar search form widget
  • Bug fix: 'Approve' link broken
  • Bug fix: Details link could return expired event links.
  • Translation updates: Spanish, Slovenian


  • Bug fix: Could not un-check show today's events in Upcoming Events widget
  • Bug fix: Could not turn off event recurrences section in event manager
  • Bug fix: stripped HTML tags out of upcoming events & today's events template fields


  • Bug in rendering of custom JS causing visible rendering of code.
  • Bug in saving Today's Events widget settings


  • 2.3.16 bug fix was incomplete, triggered new error. Sorry for rushing!


  • Bug fix: Upcoming events did not show for logged-in users if site did not have private categories defined.
  • Cleared a PHP notice.


  • Bug fix: Controlled locations not input correctly from Add Event form
  • Bug fix: Use force_balance_tags() when saving descriptions & short descriptions to prevent descriptions from breaking layout
  • Bug fix: My Calendar reset stylesheet missing .mc-main on buttons; causing display issues with submit buttons.
  • Bug fix: shortcode generator produced results in disabled form field; changed to readonly because Firefox does not permit selecting text in disabled fields.
  • Bug fix: Widget navigation automatically reset itself if you saved widget form after clearing data
  • Bug fix: category classes for multi-day, all-day events showed on termination date
  • Bug fix: Checkbox states on JS scripts not retained
  • Bug fix: Show default values in upcoming events widget
  • Bug fix: Default values not saved on new installation
  • Bug fix: Admin event manager should sort by Date/Time instead of Date/Title
  • Documented [my_calendar_search] shortcode
  • Added 'current' option for author/host to shortcode generator.
  • Extensive code clean up
  • Feature: Default view next month option in calendar and upcoming events lists.
  • Deprecated upgrade cycles prior to version 1.10.0.
  • Language updates: Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian


  • Bug fix: Disabled front-end event editing links for logged-in users.
  • Language updates: Spanish, Norwegian, Hungarian


  • Bug fix: Failed to handle "open links to event details" option in updated JS handling.


  • Bug fix: change of option name meant that you couldn't enable/disable scripts.
  • Bug fix: shortcode generator generates a 'readonly' textarea instead of disabled so it can be copied in Firefox.
  • Accessibility: handle assignment of focus on AJAX navigation


  • Change: Modified default JS saving so that only custom JS gets handled in editor.
  • Change: toggle to enable/disable custom JS; default to off
  • Change: Moved scripting into files.
  • Notice: admin notice to inform users of need to activate JS if using custom
  • Bug fix: Modify default JS so wpautop doesn't cause problems with toggles.
  • Bug fix: External links displaying is_external boolean instead of classes.
  • Bug fix: mysql error if location_type not defined but location_value is.
  • Bug fix: page_id unset when default permalinks in use. [Ick. Don't use default permalinks.]
  • Bug fix: My Calendar navigation panel could not disable top/bottom navigation.
  • Feature: * Add Bcc notification list
  • Accessibility: improvements to pop-up event details: focus & closing, ARIA
  • Filter: headers filter for My Calendar email notifications.
  • Filter: Add detection to pass custom JS from custom directory/theme directory
  • Updated French, Spanish translations.
  • Removed .po files from repository; reduces file size by over 2 MB.


  • New filter: mc_jumpbox_future_years - alter the number of years into the future shown in the calendar date switcher.
  • New filter: mc_add_events_url - alter URL for Add Events in adminbar; return URL
  • New filter: mc_locate_events_page: alter menu parent of Add Events in admin menu; return menu slug or null
  • Bug fix: ltype and lvalue not passed from shortcode into handler for upcoming events.
  • Bug fix: disable comments by default for event post storage.
  • Bug fix: misnamed variable in filter; resolves notice on line 239 of my-calendar-output.php
  • Bug fix: do search and replace on default scripting as well when script fields are blank
  • Bug fix: Check default option for import data from remote database; verify the default will be false
  • Added template tag: {linking_title}; same as {link_title}, but falls back to details link if no URL input for event.
  • Change default widget template to use {linking_title}.
  • Security: Two XSS vulnerabilities fixed. Thanks Tim Hurley
  • Update Translation: Russian


  • Bug fix: Minor event templates ( title, detail, etc. ) were not properly escaped in admin forms.
  • Bug fix: use reply-to email header in support messages
  • Bug fix: Mass approval of pending events broken.
  • Bug fix: {linking} template tag referenced wrong event URL.
  • Bug fix: My Calendar API RSS no longer dependent on default RSS data.
  • Bug fix: Replace mysql_* functions for PHP 5.5 compatibility.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect template tag in Single view template: {gcal} instead of {gcal_link}
  • Bug fix: PHP notice on $map
  • Language updates: Japanese, German, Italian


  • Added {link_image} to add an image linked to the event URL in templates.
  • Bug fix: extended caption value saved but not shown.
  • Bug fix: For multi-day events ending at midnight, last date automatically extended one day at save.
  • Bug fix: on copy, if start date is changed, but end date isn't, increment end date to match length of original event.
  • Change: Eliminate error on empty title fields or invalid recurrence values. Set to default value instead.


  • Did not enqueue jQuery on front-end unless Google Maps was enabled. (Incorrect condition nesting...) Whoops.


  • Error in yesterday's bug fix for upcoming events.
  • Bug fix: Email notifications broken.


  • Bug fix: Notice in today's events widget
  • Bug fix: Images from pre 2.3.0 configuration did not display in default Single event view.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events list could return too few events.
  • Bug fix: Display default date format if format not set.
  • Bug fix: Fallback to default JS if custom JS not defined.
  • Filter: added filter to Google Maps code; mc_gmap_html
  • Option: enabled option to disable Google Maps output.


  • Bug fix: Week date format wouldn't save.
  • Bug fix: Event posts & custom field data not saved on copy action
  • Bug fix: HTML errors in {hcard} address format.
  • Bug fix: Manage events search form overlapped pagination links
  • Bug fix: Events ending at midnight in Today's Events lists appeared twice


  • Bug fix: Notice on access_options filter.
  • Bug fix: Invalid date values if no parameters set for iCal
  • Bug fix: Invalid nonce check in location entry prevented creation of new locations. One missing exclamation point. Sigh.
  • Bug fix: If location controls are on, allow old values to be saved, but raise notice that value is not part of controlled set.
  • Feature: add sync=true to root iCal URL to connect apps for scheduled syncing. (http://example.com/feeds/my-calendar-ics/?sync=true)
  • Updated: Polish translation


  • Bug fix: label change to clarify entry format for location controls
  • Bug fix: Missing end tag on element
  • Bug fix: my_calendar_search_title can handle missing 2nd argument
  • Bug fix: Add "active" class span on time toggle active case.
  • Bug fix: Recurring all-day events showing twice
  • Bug fix: Non-editable fields for date/time input broke occurrences & restricted time options
  • Bug fix: Category filtering broken when holiday categories enabled
  • Bug fix: Double check whether categories exist and throw error if not, after attempting to create default category.
  • Feature: Mass delete locations


  • Bug fix: PHP warning on event save
  • Bug fix: PHP Notices generated on deleted author/host value.
  • Bug fix: Pop-up calendar for date entry had incorrect day labels
  • Bug fix: Editing individual date instances issues.
  • Bug fix: {image} fallback for pre 2.3.0 uploaded images
  • Added: secondary sort filter for main calendar views; default event_title ASC. Field and direction must be provided to change.
  • Updated my-calendar.pot


This is a major revision.

  • Bug fix: Manage events screen showed no data for users without manage_events permissions.
  • Bug fix: if single event set, could not filter to time period views.
  • Bug fix: 'single' template ID not passed into template filter.
  • Bug fix: events in private categories appeared in time-based upcoming events lists.
  • Bug fix: RSS feed encoding.
  • Bug fix: Turn-of-year issues with week view.
  • Bug fix: Added new locations multiple times if added with multiple occurrences of an event.
  • Bug fix: In some browsers, time selector added invalid data.
  • Bug fix: List of search results not wrapped in a list element.
  • Bug fix: Trim spaces on above/below navigation strings.
  • Bug fix: If an event ends at midnight, automatically end tomorrow unless set for a later date.
  • Bug fix: Don't show events on both days if they end at midnight.
  • Bug fix: Don't attempt to enqueue jquery.charcount.js if WP to Twitter not installed.
  • Bug fix: Dates didn't strip links in list view when JS disabled for that view.

  • New template tag: {runtime} to show human language version of length of event.

  • New template tag: {excerpt} to create autoexcerpt from description field, using shortdesc if it exists.

  • New feature: Accessibility features for locations.

  • New feature: Specify accessibility services for events.
  • New feature: ticketing link field
  • New feature: event registration information fields
  • New feature: my_calendar_event shortcode can query templates by keyword (list,mini,single,grid).
  • New feature: filter events by available accessibility services
  • New feature: Combined filter shortcode to group all filters into a single form. [mc_filters show='locations,categories,access']
  • New feature: new API for adding custom fields to events.
  • New feature: data API to fetch event data in JSON, CSV, or RSS formats.
  • New feature: Archive events to hide from admin events list.
  • New feature: Control input options for multiple types of location input data.
  • New feature: Shortcode generator for primary, upcoming, and today's events shortcodes.
  • New feature: admin-side event search
  • New feature: category key now acts as quick links to filter by category
  • New feature: Option to add title to Event Search widget.

  • New filter: mc_date_format for customizing date formats.

  • New filter: customize search results page: mc_search_page
  • New filter: mc_use_permalinks to enable use of custom post type permalinks for single event pages.
  • New filter: mc_post_template to customize template used in single event shortcode automatically inserted into custom post type pages.

  • New design: new stylesheet available: twentyfourteen.css

  • Updated: added more fields to search on events.

  • Updated: updated image uploader to use add media panel and store attachment ID
  • Updated: template supports all template tags (but strips HTML.).
  • Updated: Various aspects of UI
  • Updated: Date/time selectors. See http://amsul.ca/pickadate.js/, MIT license.

  • Reorganized default output template code.

  • Import all used locations into location manager.
  • Removed User settings fields.
  • Moved Holiday category assignment to Category Manager.
  • Improved get current URL function.
  • iCal output in multiple-month view outputs all displayed months.
  • {map} template tag to display a Google Map using the Google Maps API. (Not available in pop-up displays.)
  • Scheduled removal of showkey, shownav, toggle, and showjump shortcode attributes.
  • Removed upgrade support for 1.6.x & 1.7.x series of My Calendar.

Requires: 3.9.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.0
Last Updated: 2015-8-27
Active Installs: 40,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


23 of 49 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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