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Multisite Robots.txt Manager

A Simple Multisite Robots.txt Manager - Quickly and easily manage all robots.txt files on a WordPress Multisite Website Network.

Beta Release


  • Major rebuild, all files recreated, new code
  • Set network robots.txt file as global file
  • Created append rules for Websites
  • Improved Sitemap Detection
  • Added Theme & Upload Path Support
  • Adjusted admin area layout and look
  • Adjusted how Pro Extension adapts in
  • Expanded automation features

Alpha Release


  • Major rebuild
  • Modified how and when the sitemap urls are created.
  • Created top-level domain array for sitemap url breakdown.
  • Removed network map checks due to alt setup methods.
  • Update preset robots.txt files and create 2 new styles.
  • Rebuilt all options to use array format.
  • Renamed classes and functions.
  • Added better sanitization and escaping throughout.
  • Adjusted how pro extension integrates in.
  • Modified admin html/css to work better for mobile.
  • Removed a few pounds of code.
  • Improved help text throughout.
  • Improved error checking.
  • Adjusted install/uninstall functions for non-network installs.
  • Merged network admin and website admin template.
  • Add old robots.txt plugin detection and cleaning option.


  • Created website admin areas.
  • Added is_user_member_of_blog function for super admins.


  • Modified add_submenu_page calls.
  • Modified DB prepare() statements.
  • Structure change to make room for automation feature.
  • Cleaned undefined index errors.
  • Ran PHP Debug and WP Debug and removed related errors.


  • Modified add_submenu_page calls.
  • Modified DB prepare() statements.
  • Structure change to make room for automation feature.


  • Made robots.txt file display when a Website within a directory (domain.com/domain-path) is called.
  • Added is_network_admin() and $_SERVER script checks around extra links function.
  • Cleaned up activation & deactivation hook calls to only be called when executed.
  • Added do_action( 'do_robotstxt' ); call after header call of robots.txt display.
  • Adjusted robots.txt display to use public/private blog feature correctly.
  • Removed is_user_member_of_blog() check around add_submenu_page() calls.
  • Added $_GET['page'] == "ms_robotstxt.php" wrap around tab display call.
  • Improved sitemap structure url output with various domain structures.
  • Added current_user_can() && is_super_admin() check to uninstall.php
  • Added / adjusted wp_nonce_field and check_admin_referer calls.
  • Created second set of tab links at the bottom of plugin admin.
  • Cleaned up robots.txt display class - add_filter call.
  • Setup better error handling on all form submits.
  • Added in version check and file check calls.
  • Improved sitemap structure function.
  • More comments.


  • Made the site dropdown list populate in a new way, and list site names insted of domains.
  • Added sitemap option, url, and structure to default robots.txt, per site, and pre-sets.
  • Adjusted all post types and preset values, and option arrays to use sitemap structure.
  • Adjusted default option for websites robots.txt to store data within an array.
  • Created a new sitemap option to store sitemap data at the Website level.
  • Adusted, cleaned html and corrected typos within admin area template.
  • Adjusted default robots.txt option to store data within an array.
  • Created instructions for the Sitemap URL Structure feature.
  • Adjusted robots.txt display to include sitemap urls.
  • Adjusted uninstall.php to use new option names.
  • Removed transient cache and related db calls.
  • New screenshot file and readme.txt updated.
  • Updated WordPress Function References.
  • Added non-network check on install.
  • Serialize proper option data.


  • Replaced action do_robots with filter robots_txt at call.
  • Removed ob_gzhandler


  • Created March 08, 2012

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.0
Last Updated: 5 hours ago
Active Installs: 200+


3.7 out of 5 stars


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