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Multibanco (IfthenPay gateway) for WooCommerce

This plugin allows Portuguese costumers to pay WooCommerce orders with Multibanco (Pag. Servi├žos), using the IfthenPay payment gateway.

Can I start receiving payments right away? Show me the money!

Nop! You have to sign a contract with IfthenPay in order to activate this service. Go to http://www.ifthenpay.com for more information.

IfthenPay says my callback URL is returning a 404 error. Should I sit in a corner and cry or is there a solution?

Don't cry! There's a solution! You probably have weird permalink settings (or no permalinks set at all) on your WordPress installation. Tell them to change the callback URL from http://yourwebsite/wc-api/WC_Multibanco_IfThen_Webdados/?chave=CHAVE_ANTI_PHISHING&entidade=ENTIDADE&referencia=REFERENCIA&valor=VALOR to http://yourwebsite/?wc-api=WC_Multibanco_IfThen_Webdados&chave=CHAVE_ANTI_PHISHING&entidade=ENTIDADE&referencia=REFERENCIA&valor=VALOR.

[WPML] How can I translate the payment method title and description that the client sees on the checkout page for secondary languages?

Go to WPML > String Translation > Search and translate the multibanco_ifthen_for_woocommerce_gateway_title and multibanco_ifthen_for_woocommerce_gateway_description on the woocommerce domain. Don't forget to check the "Translation is complete" checkbox and click "Save".

[SMS] How to include the Multibanco payment instructions on the SMS sent by "WooCommerce - APG SMS Notifications"?

Go to WooCommerce > SMS Notifications and add the %multibanco_ifthen% variable to "Order received custom message".

Can I change the payment instructions look and feel on the "Thank you" page and/or the new order email, as well as the SMS message format?

Yes you can! But you have to know your way around WordPress filters. There are two filters to do this and you can find examples of them inside filters_examples.php.

Can I change the Multibanco icon on the checkout page?

There's also a filter for this. See filters_examples.php.

I want to charge an additional fee for payments via Multibanco. How should I do it?

You don't! It's illegal under Portuguese legislation to charge more based on the payment method chosen by the costumer. If you don't care about the law, there's plugins that allow to set extra fees per payment method, but don't ask us for support regarding this.

I need technical support. Who should I contact, IfthenPay or Webdados?

Although this is the official IfthenPay WooCommerce plugin, the development and support is Webdados responsability. For free/standard support you should use the support foruns here at WordPress.org For premium/urgent support or custom developments you should contact Webdados directly. Charges may (and most certainly will) apply.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-10-8
Active Installs: 400+


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