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Multibanco (IfthenPay gateway) for WooCommerce

This plugin allows Portuguese customers to pay WooCommerce orders with Multibanco (Pag. Serviços), using the IfthenPay payment gateway.

  • Bumped Tested up to tag

  • Small CSS fix so that the payment instructions table on the "Thank You" page is not partially hidden on some mobile devices (Thanks Jorge Fonseca for the report)


  • WPML Fix: Shows the payment instructions on the correct language on the “Thank You” page and on Order Status and Customer Notes emails
  • Spanish basic translation (email strings only)


  • Started preparations for the new order meta setter and getter functions coming on WooCommerce 2.7
  • New mbifthen_format_ref function to format the reference with spaces after each 3 number (used by the plugin but can also be used externally)
  • New multibanco_ifthen_format_ref applied on the string to be returned from the mbifthen_format_ref function
  • Updated filters examples


  • Warn the store owner that if he ever changes URL he may have to ask IfthenPay to update the callback URL
  • Admin notice in case this plugin is active and WooCommerce is not
  • Bumped "Requires at least" tag


  • Small change to avoid Polylang removing the payment instructions from the client emails (Thanks Tiago Restivo for the report)
  • Bumped "Tested up to" tag


  • New multibanco_ifthen_base_ent_subent filter to be able to change the base Entity and Subentity used to generate the payment details, based on the order, which may be useful for marketplaces
  • Settings link on the plugins list
  • Bumped "Tested up to" tag


  • French translation (Thanks vinha.pt / vinha.co.uk / vinha.fr)


  • Fix: Fatal error on WooCommerce Subscriptions admin screen if the "Only for Portuguese customers?" option was activated (Thanks TwistedStudio)
  • FAQ update


  • Fix: The callback url sent to IfthenPay would use http:// even if ssl was active
  • Bumped "Tested up to" tag


  • If the order changes value on the backend, normally by adding or removing products, a new reference is created to replace the old one. The customer can be notified of the new reference if that option is checked on the plugin settings
  • On orders created on the backend the reference is now created correctly, even if it's not sent to the customer email because of a WooCommerce bug (that is going to be fixed when this commit goes into production https://github.com/woothemes/woocommerce/commit/7dadae7bc80a842e10e78a972334937ed5c4416a)
  • Choose either to include the payment instructions on emails sent to admin, or not
  • Better feedback on the payment details info box on the backend
  • Small adjustments on the settings screen, typos fixing and code improvments

  • Possibility to dismiss the new “Callback” activation notice
  • New warning only on the settings page, before the “Callback” activation button


  • Warning for new users that haven't yet asked IfthenPay for the “Callback” activation
  • New multibanco_ifthen_email_instructions_payment_received filter to customize the “Multibanco payment received” text on emails
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the “Multibanco payment received” wouldn't show up on the client email
  • Small settings screen fixes
  • Minor spelling errors correction (Thanks @dmatos)


  • Better reporting if it's not possible to generate the reference

  • Fixed “Tested up to” field


  • WordPress 4.4, WooCommerce 2.4.12 and PHP 7 compatibility check - All good!


  • Changes to the settings page in order to validate Entity and Subentity input
  • Bumped required WordPress version to match the same requirements WooCommerce has (4.1)

  • readme.txt changes


  • It's now possible to set the extra instructions text below the payment details table on the “Thank you” page and “New order” email on the plugin settings screen
  • Small adjustments on the WPML detection code
  • Fix: Polylang conflict (Thanks fana605)
  • Updated filters examples

  • Minor fixes on wrong links to set the WooCommerce currency (Thanks JLuis Freitas)


  • Added new debug variables to the callback URL: date and time of payment and used terminal (this information will only be visible on the “Order Notes” administration panel)
  • Minor spelling errors correction

  • Changelog version fix


  • Bug fixes on filters_examples.php on the multibanco_ifthen_email_instructions_table_html and multibanco_ifthen_sms_instructions examples (props to Jorge Fonseca)


  • Small changes on the callback validation to better debug possible argument errors


  • Ask IfthenPay for “Callback” activation directly from the plugin settings screen
  • Settings screen fields re-organization in a more logical order
  • Adjustments in the plugin description and FAQ
  • Minor fixes to avoid a PHP Notice on WPML string registration

  • Fixing version numbers

  • Uploading missing images


  • Official IfthenPay plugin status \o/
  • New “SMS payment instructions” class to be able to integrate with SMS sending plugins in the future
  • New multibanco_ifthen_sms_instructions filter to customize the SMS payment instructions
  • WooCommerce - APG SMS Notifications plugin integration: it's now possible to add the Multibanco payment details to the SMS message sent by this plugin by using the %multibanco_ifthen% variable on the message template
  • Shows alternate callback URL on WordPress installations that don't have pretty permalinks active (Why? Oh why??)
  • New callback test tool on the edit order screen, if WP_DEBUG is set to true
  • WPML: Tries to fix the locale if WPML is active and we're loading via AJAX
  • WPML: Get's the title in the correct language for the icon's alt attribute
  • WPML: Shows the payment instructions on the correct language on the “Thank You” page and on Order Status and Customer Notes emails
  • Now using WooCommerce's payment_complete function so that orders with only downloadable items go directly to completed instead of processing
  • Fix: eliminates duplicate “payment received” messages on emails
  • Fix: Use “new” (2.2+) WooCommerce order status when searching for orders to be set as paid via callback (shame on us)
  • “Commercial information” and “Technical support” information and links on the right of the plugin settings screen
  • Adjustments in the plugin description and FAQ

  • Fixes a fatal error if WPML String Translation plugin is not active


  • WPML compatibility: You can now set the English title and description at the plugin's settings screen and then go to WPML > String Translation to set the same for each language
  • Fix: get_icon() throw a notice


  • It's now possible to change the payment gateway icon HTML using the woocommerce_gateway_icon filter. See filters_examples.php
  • Fix: Debug log path.
  • Fix: multibanco_ifthen_thankyou_instructions_table_html filter example had an error
  • Minor Portuguese translation tweaks.


  • It's now possible to decide either to reduce stock when the payment is confirmed via callback (default) or when the order is placed by the client. On the first case you don't have to fix the stock if the order is never paid but you'll also not have the quantity reserved for this order. On the second case you'll have to manually fix the stock if the order is never paid.
  • There's 2 filters that allow changing the payment instructions on both the “Thank you” page and on the client email. You can choose either to manipulate the default HTML or create your own. See filters_examples.php
  • Minor Portuguese translation tweaks.


  • Minor visual tweaks
  • Fix: eliminated some notices and warnings


  • It's now possible to enable this payment method only for orders below a specific amount
  • Fix: No more values passed by reference, in order to avoid “deprecated” notices from PHP
  • Fix: Bug on the option introduced on version 1.3


  • Removed unused add_meta_box code


  • Minor Multibanco logo improvements (Thanks Gumelo)
  • Fix: Small bug when detecting multisite installs


  • WordPress Multisite support


  • It's now possible to enable this payment method only for orders above a specific amount


  • Added the ability to receive callback logs on an email address
  • Fixed “Order Status Emails for WooCommerce” plugin detection (soon to be released)
  • Fixed “IfthenPay” link


  • Changed plugin name and instructions to reflect the new company/gateway name “IfthenPay” instead of “Ifthen Software”
  • Fix: Changed textdomain calls from a variable to a string
  • Fix: Icon and banner URL now uses plugins_url function instead of WP_PLUGIN_URL constant
  • “Order Status Emails for WooCommerce” plugin integration (soon to be released, or not...)


  • Fix: On some environments some labels were not being translated correctly
  • Minor changes to allow running upgrade tasks


  • Initial release.

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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