Multi Order for WooCommerce


Multi Order for WooCommerce creates a sub-order for each item in a order.

Free version
The free version of this plugin only allows to:

  • Create suborders for each different order item
  • Setup the main order and the suborder status when orders are placed
  • Display a new column on admin/frontend regarding Suborder IDs
  • Display intuitive numbers to your suborders. E.g If your main order ID is 100, your suborders numbers will be 100-1, 100-2, and so on.

Premium Version
Besides free version features, the premium version of this plugin allows to:

  • Setup if order item quantity is considered as suborder or not
  • Deduct / Undeduct suborders from main order, i.e If you get your suborder paid, subtract its value from main order automatically
  • Choose what order status will deduct/undeduct suborders from main order
  • Sync orders. i.e Whenever you change a suborder item price or tax, the correspondent item on main order gets updated, and vice-versa
  • Display a remaining column on both frontend and admin order screens, showing how much is left to pay
  • Setup if emails will be sent to main order / suborders
  • Organize orders with a new taxonomy called Payment Status. e.g Orders will be considered as Payed / Not paid / Partial


  1. Upload the entire ‘multi-order-for-woocommerce’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Start by visiting plugin settings at WooCommerce > Settings > Multi Order.


Where are the plugin’s settings?

Visit WooCommerce > Settings > Multi Order.

Is there a Pro version?

Yes, it’s located here

How can I contribute? Is there a github repository?

If you are interested in contributing – head over to the Multi order for WooCommerce plugin GitHub Repository to find out how you can pitch in.


Review for Multi Order for WooCommerce plugin by algoritmika

If I could give 10 stars for the Multi Order for WooCommerce plugin by algoritmika I would! I firstly tried the free version then purchased the Pro lifetime and unlimited version.
I have literally spent countless hours searching for a solution to print WooCommerce orders per item without success. This plugin is firstly amazing in that it works perfectly out of the box and can be utilized for many applications.
Its real strength is that it creates auto suborders from the original WooCommerce order per item or product and allows for them to be finalised at differing stages. Great application would be if you have a product in stock, service that you provide or any other component in your ecommerce solution you can finalise them at the different stages and separate the transactions into differing time or cost schedules. The plugin setup was simple but I wrongly assumed that the suborders would be created prior to the PayPal transaction being finalised and so asked for support and had a reply within an hour.
Thanks to Pablo and all the other developers at Multi Order for WooCommerce for producing such a useful plugin and hope you get many, many sales.
Kind Regards MM – Perth, Australia.

Great Plugin. Even better Support.

This plugin works great. Having the ability to automatically set order statuses for incoming multi-item orders and having different ones for the sub orders it creates was an amazing feature for the use of the plugin on my client’s website. I had to contact support for a problem I was having and received prompt and helpful service from the plugin author/contributor. If you’re looking for a easy to use plugin to help separate those large orders into manageable smaller ones, look no further. This plugin is the answer.

Best support ever received!

Pablo Pacheco went all the way out to help me with problems that I faced. He even created a few plugins for my website along the way. Greatly recommend and thank you!

Simply beautiful plugin

It does what it says. Seamlessly!

I only purchased the PRO version so I can show my gratitude to the developer. I was having some problems with some other plugins that I was using, but he made sure that this plugin works fine.

Developer is absolutely humble and down to earth.

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Contributors & Developers

“Multi Order for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.1.0 – 02/10/2018

  • Replace ‘woocommerce_checkout_order_processed’ by ‘woocommerce_thankyou’
  • Save sort id for new orders, regardless of suborders
  • Stop sorting orders

1.0.10 – 14/09/2018

  • Improve the way of setting the main order status

1.0.9 – 29/06/2018

  • Fix function call (alg_multiorder_for_wc_pro to alg_multiorder_for_wc)
  • Update WC tested up to

1.0.8 – 26/06/2018

  • Recreate free version
  • Add screenshot

1.0.7 – 16/05/2018

  • Improve pre_get_posts hook functions

1.0.6 – 21/02/2018

  • Fix “Automatic suborders creation” when new items are created inside an order

1.0.5 – 24/01/2018

  • Replace “totals” label by “remaining” on parent orders

1.0.4 – 18/12/2017

  • Fix WooCommerce reports

1.0.3 – 22/11/2017

  • Hide multi order metabox on single item orders
  • Tested up to WordPress version 4.9
  • Tested up to WooCommerce version 3.2.5

1.0.2 – 14/11/2017

  • Fix orders that get invisible
  • Fix nested serialization of order item meta

1.0.1 – 07/09/2017

  • Remove Payment status link

1.0.0 – 19/06/2017

  • Initial Release.