This plugin has been closed as of September 1, 2018 and is not available for download. Reason: Guideline Violation.


February 28, 2019
Not at all surprised to see WordPress has banned this plugin for a "Guideline Violation." The PluginHive Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin is broken. We bought the full, paid version, but the product they're selling has multiple, critical failures in calculating domestic and international shipping. The features are excellent -- it does all that you would want from a multi-carrier shipping plugin, except... calculate shipping correctly. For months now, we have found bug after bug where the multi-carrier plugin fails to render any shipping information for the UK, then it was Canada, then Ireland, incorrect shipping values for the US, etc. (These are all documented, critical issues we’ve had to bring to their tech support over the last two months, and we are only using USPS and FedEx -- if you’re using more carriers, expect more issues.) Their tech-support is responsive, and they will fix the issue you bring them, however they will not test the rest of the product. If you’d like to buy the privilege of becoming a product tester for PluginHive, then this is the plugin to get. If however you actually need a product that will provide accurate domestic and international shipping rates for your business site, you (and we) need to look elsewhere. Oh, and after selling you a product that does not do what you paid for it to do, and you’ve wasted months setting it up and volleying issues with their tech support, they will tell you company policy is to not offer refunds after 30 days. Perfect.
July 9, 2018
Added this plugin to have FedEx shipping for some products, UPS and USPS Flat Rate for others. It was a little challenging to get working particularly with relation to WooCommerce shipping's zones. But the tech support is great. They helped me get it set up and working right. With so many plugins you're on you own or have to pay to get something working just to try it out. These guys provided great support on the free version. Since it does what I need, we will be buying the pro version. I deduct 1 star because the instructions need to be updated to understand you don't need to set a zone. You can use alternatives for area. The description needs to be updated that the shipping per product category is not in the free version.
April 17, 2018
We are using the multi-carrier shipping plug in to provide shipping options from USPS, FedEx, and UPS. It has met our needs, and support has been very responsive, helping us resolve issues and quickly fixing problems we ran into. The response time from the API sometimes leads to slow cart and checkout load times, but this may be particular to our setup. We got improved results by cutting back on options.
March 21, 2018
I am very satisfied with the plugin and very grateful for the support provided. Especially because I was wrong to choose the product I needed and I had no problems changing it for the one that was useful to me. Thank you very much.
February 12, 2018
We have been using this plug-in for 6+ months now and finally it’s time to leave a review. In general, it’s a good plug-in, performs well and has timely updates but I think it’s little expensive for what it does. You can buy a heavy duty themes for under $50 and for the functionality they offer is far more than the amount of code and functionality within this plugin. In my research and analysis, the authors are taking advantage of limited plugin availability in this area and hence their prices are definitely much more higher than it should be. This justifies deduction of one star imho. The support team is great they definitely go far and beyond to offer support and that’s primarily the reason I’d encourage others on the fence to buy it provided you can get over hyped up cost factor. I’m extremely contended with their technical support staff, they did everything I had requested for what I wanted to implement on our site by offering custom code. There are two other reasons I deducted one more star: 1) Inflexible selling model. We run two domains, I didn’t want to commit to multi-site plug-in in the beginning because I wasn’t sure if it’ll meet our expectation so bought one site license. I think it was past 30 days of purchase, something like 45 days after purchase I requested them to upgrade my license for multi-site after completely convinced that this was the right plug-in. It took little bit longer because of the technical issues the team was trying to address for our need. They insisted I buy another plugin and refused to upgrade my license. 2) If you look at their agreement, it says one year of updates and support. Ok I get the support part that it can’t be unlimited but no updates after one year, this is not right. For this price, we need to have lifetime updates or at a min. at the sunset of a particular release in 2 to 3 years when new major releases come out, given how frequently WP and Woocommerce are getting updated; this plugin is not cheap to begin with. In fact, I think this is the costliest plug-in I’ve come across for limited functionality.
September 25, 2017
I bought the developer version intending to use the plugin on several sites. It worked fine on the first site so I took the site live. Shortly thereafter an update caused the plugin to crash the admin side and produced doubled prices on the front end. To get out of the admin side I had to kill a bunch of processes the plugin left open. I worked with the developers (using their support system at from 7/26/17 to 8/1/17 and they were unable to resolve the problem and issue a functional update. It was necessary to switch to a different plugin (this site was only using the FedEx portion) to keep the store alive. I asked for a refund since the plugin no longer worked. They referred the situation to their refund people (8/16/17) who declined to make the refund (8/17/17) and assured me their developers would have the plugin working soon. I have heard nothing since and it's now 9/17/17. Upon giving the situation some thought, I don't recommend a multi-shipper plugin. If something goes wrong, you loose all your shipping options. We are much better off using separate shipping plugins for the shippers we need. I'm not using XAdapter plugins anymore. XAdapter refunded my payment on 9/25/17. They also say that the plugin now works properly. I'm doing things differently now, so I won't be testing the plugin. I will say that it originally worked well, so it SHOULD be working ok. If you choose to use it, please test thoroughly and if there are issues, request a refund right away.
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