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An image gallery system using Picasa and/or Flickr.

I can't select any viewer, but none

Sin release 0.12.10, MudSlideShow requieres you to: a) install a 3rd party plugin if you would use a library with a GPL license (FancyBox and PrettyPhoto), ot b) upload the javascript library to the 3rdparty directory if this library doesn't use a GPL compatible license (LyteBox, HighSlide).

To use FancyBox you would require to install and activate easy-fancyBox, or in case you use PrettyPhoto, you wuold have to use PrettyPhoto Media.

To use HighSlide, download it from here, unpack, and FTP the 'highslide' directory to 'mudslideshow/3rdparty'. To use Lytebox, download it from here, unpack, rename the 'lytebox_Vx.x' as 'lytebox' and FTP it to 'mudslideshow/3rdparty'.

Then go back to Options/MudSlideShow and select your required viewer.

Whats is this thing about 'Show Description'?

MudSlideShow would displays a text in a frame near the image when you add 1 to the config number. If the gallery is in Picasa, MSS would use the first comment, if it is a Flickr gallery MSS would use the picture description.

This feature is enabled only if you use Highslide or Fancybox.

Whats is this thing about 'Feature Image'?

If your theme can manage Feature Images, you can enable MudSlideShow to automatically assign a thumbnail when you modify or save a post. This feature copy the image to your media library, attaches it to the post and sets as the feature image.

MudSlideShow selects the Feature Image applying these rules:

  • The first image with the tag [mudthumb].
  • The first single image [mudslide].
  • The first image in a gallery [mudslide].
  • The first attached image [media library].

If you want to change the Feature Image, use the tag [mudthumb] (the editor would guide you with this) inside the post. Then delete the old Feature Image and update the post. An image in a mudthumb would be invisible inside the post, this way you can have a post without images but with a custom thumbnail.

In case you want a post without a feture image, add the custom field no_thumb to your post, and delete the feature image if the post has one picture asigned yet.

Remember that MSS only assign the Feature Image when you save or update a post. To enable the capability to create the thumb when displaying a post, add this line of code to the file function.php in your theme:

define('MUDS_CREATE_THUMBS', true);

I suggest to use this capability only to create the thumbnails quickly while you navigate throught your page, but I strongly suggest to disable it when you have finished.

If your theme doesn't mannage Feature Images, you can add the function mud_thumb($size). This function returns an html code with a squared thumbnail with the Featured Image selected by mudslideshow, even if you don't have a thumbnail enable theme.

Is this plugin bug free?

I don't think so. Feedbacks would be appreciated.

I don't know my username in Flickr/Picasa

When in doubt, use your email in the editor box. It will try to find your id.

I updated a photo in my flickr/picasa gallery, but MSS didn't updated the gallery automatically

You have to manually update any galley in MudSlideShow. This plugin has been designed to add galleries to posts, but not to create a link with a photo service to update your site with any change you do.

I just need the Widget, how can i add something to the list?

Add galleries to the list with the 'Add Gallery' button in Tools/MudSlideShow. Add the widget to your sidebar and set the gallery you want to display.

I have deleted a gallery from the list, but it appears again!

Maybe the gallery is declared in a post or page, and when a user opens this page the plugin recreates and adds the galleries in the post to the list.

What about commentaries and votes in a photo?

I designed MudSlideShow to be part of a post, like a part of the hole and not a section apart. That's why this plugin doesn't allow to add commentaries to a photo or evaluate it, and those features aren't planned for a near future. Don't lose your time asking for this feature. But, if you are a programmer and you have an idea, I'll love to hear about it.

Can I set my own CSS?

Yes. Copy the files mudslide.css (how the images are shown in a page), highslide.css or lytebox.css to your theme folder. The plugin will check for them.

Can I set my own scheme for Highslide?

Yes. Copy the file hs-config.js to your theme folder. The plugin will check for it.

What about licenses?

MudSlideShow is free software, and you can use it in commercial and non-commercial sites, but this plugin uses Highslide, Lytebox, Fancybox or __prettyPhoto to show the photos, and each one would require or not a license to be used in commercial sites. Be a fair user with the developer of the library you choose if you are going to earn money with your site.

How can I change the language in Lytebox?

This viewer use images instead of text for the buttons. To change the language you have to change the images.

I would like to see MudSlideShow using the xyz viewer

Contact me. I'll put the viewer in the list if I like it and it's free for non-commercial sites. And if it's free for commercial sites too, I'll put it as the default viewer for sure.

Can I change the position of the simpleslide controls?

Copy the simpleslide.css file in your theme and edit it.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 800+


4 out of 5 stars


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