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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


An image gallery system using Picasa and/or Flickr.


  • Adding 'comments' to PrettyPhoto


  • Adding CarouFredSel as SimpleSlider library.


  • Solving CSS bug.


  • Solved a CSS bug with FancyBox.


  • New PrettyPhoto plugin.
  • New Square size in Flickr.


  • Solving legal situation with LyteBox and Highslide.

  • Solving update situation.


  • Updated Flickr API key.
  • Added url_o into flickr extras query.

  • Solved bug with tinyMCE.

  • MSS calls SimpleXMLElement just one tme for each gallery.
  • First release with galician translation. Thanks Pablo César Galdo.

  • Uses WPBook filter to set feature image in Facebook stream.

  • Now you can open set widgets to open posts where the photo is.

  • Solved bug with 'imported' posts.

  • Solved bug with special characters
  • Solved bug with detection of RSS feed call.

  • Solved bug with widgets when using new 'feed detection' system.

  • Solved bug with brakets inside photo comments and names
  • Added system to check if WP is displaying a feed and change the viewer


  • Checked for WP 3.1
  • Solved bug with special characters inside photo comments and names
  • Solved bug with 'loading' image precharge.
  • Solved problem with the excerpt.
  • Preview images while selecting single image or fature image
  • Don't display caption when the photo doesn't have a name.

  • Modified TinyMCE call to solve bugs with wp-cache.

  • Solved CSS bug with bottom-margin in some themes.
  • Added new GUI to show description.
  • Added new GUI to reverse order.

  • Added PrettyPhoto as a new viewer.
  • Solved situation with Flickr in full mode.

  • Modified excerpt functions.

  • Use none-viewer when in feed.

  • Solved bug with pop-up image in special themes.
  • Not show pop-up image when in feed.

  • Solved bug with size in flickr.

  • Solved bug with email recognition.
  • Solved bug with size in flickr.

  • First release with basque translation. Thanks Unai.

  • Solved bug with [simple gallery+highslide] initialization.

  • Solved bug with loading image on [simple gallery+highslide]

  • Solved bug with little images in Flickr.

  • Solved bug with higshlide + simple gallery in script declaration order.
  • Don't show the Loading image when using a simple gallery in highslide.
  • Using a semaphore system to initialize simple galleries in Higslide viewer.
  • Using fade instead expand in higslide.


  • Solved configuration rights bug.

  • Solved minor bugs.

  • Solved bug with photos with spaces in the name.

  • New tag to add featured images.
  • New schemme to add featured images.
  • Modified configuration page to allow set featured image system.

  • Solved bug with simpleslide script.
  • Solved bug with thumbnail title.

  • Added feature to set the post thumb.

  • Solved bug with single image in flickr.
  • Added function to get first thumb (for templates).


  • Using WP functions to add safely scripts and css.

  • Solved bug with admin header.

  • Solved bug with PHP tag.

  • Solved bug with version comparison.

  • Solved bug to not use size array in add-gallery manager.


  • Solved bug with Fancybox and Internet Explorer (did I mention I hate IE?)
  • Solved bug with CSS to put an image over other images.


  • First release with romanian translation. Thanks Catalin.
  • Solved bug with size data in Flickr API.
  • Solved bug to not use size array in add-gallery manager.

Size data. * Solving bug from using new scripts with multimedia library and higslide.

  • Solving bug with single photo grouped in highslide.
  • Solving CSS situation.

  • Solving bug with galleries id.

  • Solving simpleslide-higslide-CSS bugs.


  • Solving simpleslide-higslide-CSS bugs.
  • Added uninstall script.

  • Solving simpleslide-higslide bugs.

  • Solving simpleslide-higslide bugs.

  • Solving simpleslide-higslide bugs.


  • Simpleslide with Highslide library.

  • Using local jquery when using wp 3.0


  • Using new script functions.
  • Cleaning code.


  • First release that doesn't require Minimax.

  • First release with german translation. Thanks Rian.
  • First release with dutch translation. Thanks Rene.

  • Allow to chose the full size image, between 800px (approx) or original size in galleries.


  • Allow to chose the full size image, between 800px (approx) or original size.

  • Fixing box size.

  • Solved a bug with Picasa Squared single images.

  • Solved another division by zero bug.

  • Solved a division by zero bug.

  • Controls in simpleslide are now bottom centered.


  • When calling JS or CSS files now MSS use 'ver'.
  • Simpleslide controls by default at bottom.
  • Solved a bug with some galleries in Picasa with '__' in the URL.


  • Hacking the code to fit in IE7 (please, update if you use such an old browser)


  • New CSS to show an icon when the pouinter is over the images.
  • New CSS in FancyBox.


  • Solved a bug that display comments in a local media without commnents.
  • Solved a bug with the Fancybox viewer that display '|' even without link.


  • FancyBox viewer with new event system.


  • New viewer (FancyBox)
  • Can define thumbnail's size in widgets.


  • Configuration form allows define thumbnail's size.


  • Solved a bug when checking users in Picasa. MSS recognice now accounts with emails diferent from gmail
  • Modified the UI to guide the users to the galleries list.


  • First release with belarusan translation.
  • Now MSS allow to add galleries in the list.


  • New database system.
  • New update system.
  • Images with legend.
  • Fixed issues with feeds.


  • Solved an activation issue.


  • The long awaited new ache system.
  • The rss galleries appears as them comes, not order by photo date.


  • Solved a bug with old PHP versions.


  • Solved a bug with current path.
  • Solved an issue with Litebox viewer.


  • New cache system fixed.


  • Solved a bug in deactivation process.
  • Solved a bug in CSS.


  • Deactivate the plugin will erase the configuration data.


  • Solved a bug in the widget with empty albums.


  • Stable release
  • First works with rss feeds (not yet in box editor).


  • Solved a strange bug in the editor.
  • New cache system to solve a bug with cache plugins.


  • Solved a bug with simple photo and zero albums.


  • Precharging image in the editor.
  • Zero album without comments in picasa while I figure how to get the comments in just one Api call.
  • Solved a bug in editor with last_source variable.


  • Solved a bug with tag albums.


  • Solved a bug with 'most recent photos' gallery in Flickr.
  • Added 'most recent photos' to Picasa.


  • Solved a bug with update system.


  • First release with Flickr features.
  • Updated the configuration values.


  • Modified the text editor. Now press ENTER in username fields changes the focus to next selector instead sends the form.


  • MudSlideShow can show the linked images added with the WordPress image library.
  • Solved a bug to show a single image at the begin of a post or page.

  • Solved a bug with old PHP versions.


  • Manage activation errors.

  • Solved a bug with the update function.


  • Using new widget system. Have to recreate your widget.
  • Now you can have multiple widget.

  • Solved a bug with old PHP versions.

  • Solved a bug with the user name, now you can use the domain (gmail.com) in the username.

  • Solved a bug with HTML Entities.

  • Updated CSS files for standardization.

  • Solved a situation with lytebox-viewer.

  • Solved a bug with CSS (IE).

  • Solved a bug with CSS.
  • Updated spanish translation.

  • MudSlideShow can add a link to the photo or gallery to the source page. See configuration to enable it.
  • First release with french translation. Thanks Oyabi.

  • Now you can set the photo size in the widget.

  • Solving a bug in the Rich Text Editor.


  • Using nonce to not show data when someone call the ajax script outside the plugin.
  • Silence is gold.


  • Solved a bug with the size of table's cells in the html code (IE and Chrome).


  • Stable release
  • New XML definition. Any album with with an old version should be updated automatically.

  • Solved a bug with the new AJAX scripts

  • Solved a bug to show a gallery

  • Solved a bug with cache system


  • Using minimax 0.3


  • The code has been indented, documented and standardised.
  • Solved a bug with the headers, now MudSlideShow works with the plugin POD.
  • Solved a bug when tinyMCE editor in full window.


  • Updated scripts in the administrator to fit with new schreikaten.


  • First release in SVN.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 800+


4 out of 5 stars


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