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Motor Racing League

Plugin to manage and present prediction (fantasy) competitions for motor sport events.

1.9.4 - 13th Sep 2013

  • Bug fix for tooltips showing incorrect driver on [motorracingleague results=x]
  • Performance improvements for [motorracingleague results=x]
  • New option [motorracingleague results=x used_doubleups=1] displays an extra table of players who have doubled up previously in the season.

1.9.3 - 3rd Aug 2013

  • Updates for WordPress V3.6

1.9.2 - 12th Jul 2013

  • Added ignoredeadline option to statistics shortcode to display prediction statistics before the entry deadline has passed.
  • Bug fix to honour 'Double Up' setting between Qualifying and Race prediction deadlines.

1.9.1 - 8th Apr 2013

  • Fix upgrade procedure now that WordPress no longer deactivates/reactivates on upgrade.
  • Change default option to 'Must be logged-in', 'Can not see predictions', 'Max Stats' = 3
  • Correct points breakdown tooltips
  • Reduce memory usage on front-end
  • Removed 'Conditional CSS/JS' option as it didn't work in some cases !

1.9 - 19th Mar 2013

  • Handle 'Show Predictions' button better if no predictions.
  • Improved robustness of email reminders.
  • Bug fix for qualifying deadline for last race of season.

1.8 - 12th Mar 2013

  • Allows predictions for Rain, Safety Car, DNF
  • Allow users to Double Up points for one race
  • Minor bug fixes and usability improvements

1.7 - 8th Mar 2013

  • Send email reminders to users who have not predicted

1.6 - 18th Feb 2013

  • Do not save late entries - i.e. those submitted after the deadline
  • Order rankings from [motorracingleague results=x] by Total Points, Best Previous Round, Earliest Prediction
  • Update jQuery stylesheet
  • Display actual date (not local date/time) of a prediction in the admin screens

1.5.2 - 12th Dec 2012

  • Bug fix for missing tabs in WordPress V3.5

1.5.1 - 15th Nov 2012

  • Bug fix for some themes not showing the countdown clock.

1.5 - 10th Mar 2012

  • Bug fix for [motorracingleague predictions=x] not honouring the championship ID
  • Added total points to logged-in users' predictions
  • Updates for WP 3.* to remove PHP notices
  • Display message before saving if a user must be logged in to predict

1.4 - 20th Mar 2011

  • Updates for WordPress Multi-site installations
  • Experimental setting to show the users display_name from their profile instead of login_name. NOTE - If a user changes their display name mid season the points may not tally correctly. Still under development.

1.3 - 23th Feb 2011

  • Correct minor bug loading admin stylesheet
  • Fix minor bug with checkboxes and Google Chrome browser
  • Allow Opt-in mailing list function for all types of users.
  • Optionally send a confirmation email of a players' prediction
  • Drop temporary tables after points calculations
  • Added shortcode [motorracingleague predictions=n] to list a logged-in players predictions

1.2.1 - 29th Apr 2010

  • Truncate the display of very long user names to prevent wide tables.
  • Added mailing list opt-in feature for visitor predictions
  • New shortcode to display summary predictions statistics.
  • Scroll browser window to highlight error message for invalid input.

1.1.2 - 6th Feb 2010

  • Fix bug with non privileged AJAX requests failing

1.1.1 - 4th Feb 2010

  • Prevent the display of other peoples predictions for logged in users.

1.1 - 18th Jan 2010

  • Administration screens tidied up and minor bug fixes
  • Logged in users can now change predictions up until the race deadline.
  • Scoring tab for a championship to assign points depending on finishing positions.
  • Make the prediction of pole position optional
  • Allow the prediction of fastest lap (or most laps led) driver
  • Allow the prediction of pole lap time
  • Changes to shortcode syntax to ease future enhancements. See Upgrade Notice.
  • Allow multiple instances for results Widget. You can now add a widget for each championship. Requires WordPress 2.8+
  • Moved some settings from global to championship related.
  • Added scrollbar to users' results table for narrow display columns.
  • Added option to prevent loading of Javascript and CSS unless post has an [motorracingleague] shortcode present.
  • Portuguese translation - Thanks Willian

1.0.7 - 17th Nov 2009

  • Fix class error bug
  • Added Copy Drivers option

1.0.6 - 9th Oct 2009

  • Correct a couple of spelling mistakes
  • Added column to results and widget display to show a players ranking
  • Correct bad path location for language translation files.
  • Stylesheet change to right-justify points columns for a neater display.
  • Spanish translation added - Thanks Sammy
  • Bug fix - Correct display problem if two predictions have equal timestamps
  • Bug fix - Check players email address against previous entry to prevent new users 'hi-jacking' old player names.
  • Fixed Javascript clash with prototype and jquery libraries. Should also fix problems with Atahualpa Theme

1.0.5 - 1st Sep 2009

  • Add option to allow users to view other peoples predictions before making their own.
  • Administrators can alter players predictions, e.g. due to user data entry errors.
  • Bug fix - Recalculating results trashed entry timestamp preventing further recalculations
  • because the entry time had now passed the race deadline
  • Option to ensure users must be logged in before predicting

1.0.4 - 25th Aug 2009

  • Updates for compatibility with MySQL 4.0
  • Alter database schema to prevent duplicate drivers
  • Add option to display promotion link to author homepage
  • Added Javascript countdown timer to next entry deadline

1.0.3 - 17th Aug 2009

  • Allow some changes to championship settings
  • Added missing screen shots
  • Added simple import of old race results.
  • BUG FIX - Handle missing championships better.

1.0.2 - 16th Aug 2009

  • Bug fix activation/deactivation problem. Correct bad directory path.

1.0 - 16th Aug 2009

  • Initial Version


Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 11 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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