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How can I change the settings?

Go to:
(MockUp -> Setting)
(Plugins -> MockUp -> Setting)

How do I get started?

Change the custom settings.
After the first installation you can change the settings to your wishes. Rename everything your client will see and control the layout.

Make a customer.
This works the same as categories in posts. It links the mockups together.

Make a page for the mockup.
Give the page a clear title (like: Home page or Blog). Add the MockUp and write a description. Then publish the page and you are done!

I don't see MockUp in the admin menu!

The normal position is on the bottom of the admin menu. If you can’t find it there or you don’t want it there, change the menu position.

This can be done on the MockUp Settings page.

I get a 404 page!

This is a permalink problem. You can solve it by re-saving your permalinks. Go to setting -> permalinks then click on Save changes. That should fix it!

How can I translate the plugin?

This is very easy. All the text on the front-end (what your customer will see) can translated/changed on the settings page under the 'Text' tab.
The backend is translatable with a PO file. In the folder languages you'll find the .pot file. Add the files to wp-content -> languages -> plugins.

Does this plugin use any cookies?

Yes, one cookie for the 'introduction overlay'. This is not a tracking cookie.

What are the 'Bulk password settings'?

If you enable this option and secure a MockUp with a password all the other MockUps in the same customer taxonomy will be protected with this password. The password will only needs to be used one time to unlock them all. Keep in mind that it will look at all parent and child taxonomies.

What is the 'introduction overlay' and how does it work?

The introduction overlay is a transparent black overlay that appears when somebody views a mockup for the first time. It is made to show your customer the menu. You can change the text on the MockUp Settings page. This options is off by default.

If it is closed a cookie will be made to not show it again for the next 30 days. This time can be changed with the filter mockup_intro_cookie_expire_time.

Can I add favicons?

If you use WordPress 4.3 or higher, you can! Just use the Site Icon feature. The Site Icon feature can be found by going to Appearance -> Customize and clicking on Site Identity.

What actions and filters are used?

Action: mockup_before_single_menu
Action: mockup_after_single_menu
Action: mockup_before_related_list
Action: mockup_after_related_list
Action: mockup_before_single_approve
Action: mockup_after_single_approve
Action: mockup_before_single_comment_form
Action: mockup_after_single_comment_form
Action: mockup_after_single_comments
Action: mockup_before_single_description
Action: mockup_after_single_description

Filter: mockup_intro_cookie_expire_time Filter: mockup_email_comment_subject Filter: mockup_email_approve_subject Filter: mockup_register_taxonomy Filter: mockup_register_cpt

My problem is not here!

Go to the website and ask it in the support form.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 300+


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