This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Mobilize by Mippin wordpress plugin



The Mobilize by Mippin WordPress Plugin is a configuration free add on. Once installed any cell phone accessing your URL will be redirected to the Mippin rendering of your blog. Mippin renders perfectly for every cell phone type. Even the iPhone renders your blog better and faster than going to the direct PC URL.

Content which can be easily rendered on any cell phone has been traditionally very difficult. Users have got very frustrated waiting for web pages to load on their phones and then for them to display in a very unfriendly way. Even the iPhone can take more than 60 seconds to load a normal sized web page. Some carriers have introduced transcoder to help render the content in a more suitable format for phones. However, this approach is flawed because the variety of formats on the web make this task often impossible to do well. Mippin took the approach of using RSS feeds from sites as the raw content for rendering on the phone. Mippin then goes much further to ensure the rendering of the content is perfect for every single device. For example photos are scaled to perfectly fill the horizontal dimension of the screen, videos are converted on the fly to the 3gp format commonly used on phones and games are delivered according the phones capabilities.

Mippin has as a product has been active since Oct 2007 and growth in user take-up and available content has been strong.

Mippin is a free service to the consumer. The look of the mobile rendered site can be optionally be configured by the blog site owner and he/she can add adverts too and get 100% of the mobile ad revenue.


Install the Mobilize by Mippin plugin by unzipping and copying the file called mobilize-wordpress-plugin.v.9.php into the /[wordpress data root[/wp-content/plugins/mobilize-wordpress-plugin.v.9.php.

Then restart your apache server. If you click the Plugins tab on the admin dashboard you will see an entry called “Mobilize by Mippin WordPress Plugin”. Click on “Activate” on the right
to start the plugin working. Then all phones coming to your site will get a mobilized version
whilst PCs continue to get the existing rendering.

To test this try using an operamini demo (be patient as it takes some time to load initially)

then try you url on PC browser and check it still displays your blog. That’s it.


Do I need to configure anything to get it going?

No, the default is to do nothing other than activating the plugin and making sure your feeds are switched on (which is a wordpress default).

Can I change the colours of the mobile version

Yes, you go to on your PC and type in your url of your blog. Then sign up and sign in and modify your settings in the customise settings.

can I add advertising for my mobile version?

Yes, you can add AdMob advertisements to the mobile version of your
pages. All you have to do is sign up for Admob (at and then add your AdMob Site ID on the Monetize Option.

Contributors & Developers

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