This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Minutes, Agendas, Newsletters


Upload and manage pdfs of minutes, agendas and newsletters for your organization.

Provides editor functions and shortcodes to display a listing or link to
individuals files. The uploaded files are stored in a user-named folder in the uploads directory
and are not indexed in the database. This allows users to mass-upload
existing files through an ftp program if necessary.

More information can be found at the plugin website

Current Features

  • Upload pdfs of minutes, agendas and newsletters
  • Display a table of minutes, agendas and/or newsletters by month and year
  • Link to individual files


[minagnews-table show=”show-value” months_order=”ASC|DESC” omit_empty=false|true id=”id” class=”class” attr=”attr”]

  • show: which types of documents to show, defined by the ‘slug’ for each document type in the plugin settings, or ‘all’ for all document types. For multiple document types, use a comma separated list (e.g., show=minutes,agendas).

  • months_order: within a given year in the table, show the months in ascending order (ASC) or descending order (DESC)

  • omit_empty: if a month in a given year has no documents, should that month be omitted from the table? Defaults to false.

  • year: which years to display. You can enter a specific year, a comma-separated list of years, a range, or use the keywords ‘current’ for the current year or ‘previous’ for the previous year. Valid examples:year=2008







  • id: the id to be applied to the table

  • class: the class to be applied to the table, default is minagnews_tbl

  • attr: additional attributes to be applied, e.g., “width=’100%'”. This string will be added as is to the table tag. The table defaults to cellspacing=’0′ cellpadding=’4′ width=’100%’ unless overridden with attr=”attr”

[minagnews-link doctype=”doctype” date=”date” id=”id” class=”class” ]

  • doctype: the document type slug, as specified in the plugin settings

  • date: the date of the document, e.g., 2012-04-12, or ‘latest’ for the most current document of the given type

  • id: id to be applied to the link

  • class: class to be applied to the link

If invalid data is provided in the shortcode, a link will not be created. However, the document does not need to exist in order for the shortcode to be created (unless ‘latest’ is selected as the date).


  • PHP 5+
  • WordPress 3.0+

More Information

For more information about this plugin and its development, contact Brenda Egeland,


  • The Upload Files page.
  • The Visual Editor button.
  • The popup screen in the Visual Editor.
  • The Settings page.
  • Example of table display.


  1. Download and unzip the latest release zip file
  2. Upload the entire minutes-agendas-newsletters directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Adjust settings in Settings->Minutes, Agendas, Newsletters
  5. If you have a large number of existing documents, named as specified in your settings, you can manually upload them to the directory (specified in Settings) and they will be recognized by the plugin.


  1. Activate plugin.
  2. Set settings to match your naming conventions and document types.
  3. Go to Media -> Minutes, Agendas Newsletters to upload files.
  4. Creates link to files in your pages/posts using the button in the Visual Editor, or by shortcode
  5. Create tabular display of uploaded documents in your pages/posts using the button in the Visual Editor, or by shortcode
  6. More information can be found at the plugin website


Can this handle something other than pdf documents?

Not at this time.

Can this handle more than one document for a given date for a given document type?

Sorry, no. The file naming convention is based on no more than one document per date for each document type.

Can I change how the table looks? I don’t like the headings, etc.

These are all controlled by CSS. The default class for the table is minagnews_tbl.

The links for documents within the same month should be on separate lines.

You can do this via CSS in your style.css file, e.g., table.minagnews_tbl td a { display: block; }


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Contributors & Developers

“Minutes, Agendas, Newsletters” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




2012-07-04 Fixed error in omit_empty=true case where only some document types were being displayed.


2012-07-04 – New features for shortcodes. Some general code cleanup.


2011-10-11 – Trying to get this readme file right!


2011-10-11 – Added shortcode options to select only certain years and subsets of document types, and a number of bug fixes.
Thanks to Ethan Piliavin for finding and correction a problem with document order, and to Tim Carey for ideas on handling shortcode options
for selecting only certain years.


2011-03-02 – Initial development version