MiMSMS SMS Notifications for WooCommerce


IMPORTANTE: MiMSMS SMS Notifications for WooCommerce requiere WooCommerce 2.1.0 o superior.

MiMSMS SMS Notifications for WooCommerce add to your WooCommerce store the possibility of send SMS notifications to customer every time the order status changed. Also notifies the owner, if you desired, when the store have a new order.

To use this Plugins you need to create an account with MiMSMS and buy SMS pack.


  • Support multiple SMS gateways:

  • Possibility to inform the owner or owners the store about new orders.

  • Possibility to send, or not, international SMS.
  • Possibility to notify to shipping phone number, if it’s different from the billing phone number.
  • 100% compatible with WPML.
  • Support for custom order statuses.
  • Support for custom order numbers from WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin.
  • Automatically inset the international prefix number, if it’s necessary, to the customer’s phone number.
  • Also notified by SMS the customer notes.
  • All messages are customizable.
  • You can choose which messages to send.
  • You can timer every X hours the message for on-hold orders.
  • Supports a large number of variables to personalize our messages: %id%, %order_key%, %billing_first_name%, %billing_last_name%, %billing_company%, %billing_address_1%, %billing_address_2%, %billing_city%, %billing_postcode%, %billing_country%, %billing_state%, %billing_email%, %billing_phone%, %shipping_first_name%, %shipping_last_name%, %shipping_company%, %shipping_address_1%, %shipping_address_2%, %shipping_city%, %shipping_postcode%, %shipping_country%, %shipping_state%, %shipping_method%, %shipping_method_title%, %payment_method%, %payment_method_title%, %order_discount%, %cart_discount%, %order_tax%, %order_shipping%, %order_shipping_tax%, %order_total%, %status%, %prices_include_tax%, %tax_display_cart%, %display_totals_ex_tax%, %display_cart_ex_tax%, %order_date%, %modified_date%, %customer_message%, %customer_note%, %post_status%, %shop_name%, %order_product% and %note%.
  • You can add your own custom variables.
  • Has mim_sms_message filter to facilitate the customization of SMS messages from third-party plugins.
  • Has mim_sms_message_return filter to facilitate the customization of messages once they have been encoded from third-party plugins.
  • Has mim_sms_send_message filter to prevent sending the SMS messages from third-party plugins.
  • Has mim_sms_phone_process and apg_sms_phone_return filters to facilitate the phone number process from third-party plugins.
  • Possibility to notify multiple phone numbers via filter apg_sms_phone_return.
  • Once setup is fully automated.


  • Español
  • English
  • French

Integrated SMS Gateways

  • Supported SMS Gateways:


  • Screenshot of MiMSMS SMS Notifications for WooCommerce.


  1. Manual Installation
    • Download the ZIP file of the plugin to your computer and extract
    • Upload the folder MiMSMS to wp-content/plugins
    • Login to your WP admin dashboard and activate the plugin “MiMSMS”
    • Enter your API credentials from Settings menu of the plugin and click on Save
  2. Automatic Installation
    • Login to your WP dashboard.
    • Go to Plugins=>Add New and search MiMSMS.
    • Click on the install button once the plugin is found.
    • Activate the plugin and insert API credentials


How do you set?

To configure the plugin simply add the data provided by each SMS gateway, which vary based on it.

Also have to add the mobile phone number that’s linked to the account.

It should specify whether we want, or not, to receive SMS notifications for each new order in the store and if we want, or not, send international SMS.

Finally it must be customized, if desired, the messages to be sent by SMS.


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Contributors & Developers

“MiMSMS SMS Notifications for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Small fixes.


  • Added support for MobTexting. Modification devised by laxman-ka.

  • Added apg_sms_message_return filter.

  • Small fixes.
  • Added support for multiple phone numbers via filter apg_sms_phone_return. Update sponsored by HaitiPay.


  • Added support for Moplet. Update sponsored by Moplet.


  • Added support for Routee. Update sponsored by Routee.

  • Small fixes.
  • Stylesheet updated.

  • Small fixes.

  • Fixed timer.

  • MSGWOW API URL updated.
  • Added WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility.

  • Small fixes.

  • Fixed timer.

  • Small fixes.

  • Small fixes.


  • Small fixes.
  • Rewrote control messages to send.
  • Rewrote settings form.
  • Rewrote management of custom order statuses.
  • Added timer for on-hold status messages. Update sponsored by Be-Wide Online Solutions.

  • Small fixes.

  • Renaming the plugin: from WooCommerce – APG SMS Notifications to WC – APG SMS Notifications.

  • Small fixes.

  • Fixed duplicate international prefix.

  • Small fixes.
  • Header updated.
  • Stylesheet updated.
  • Screenshot updated.

  • Added filters apg_sms_phone_process and apg_sms_phone_return to facilitate the phone number process from third-party plugins. Modification devised by Marco Almeida.
  • BulkSMS API arguments fixed.
  • Fixed configuration form.

  • BulkSMS API arguments updated.

  • Added filter apg_sms_send_message to prevent sending SMS messages from third-party plugins. Modification devised by Marco Almeida.

  • Fixed international prefix code for LabsMobile.


  • Added support for MSGWOW. Update sponsored by MSGWOW.

  • Fixed localization.

  • BulkSMS API URL updated.

  • BulkSMS API URL updated.

  • Adjust to optimize WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.


  • Adjust to optimize WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.
  • New option to select the BulkSMS API URL.
  • New option to select the messages to send.
  • New option to send the full information from order products.
  • Added Twizo sponsorship.
  • Updated screenshot.


  • Fixed WPML compatibility.
  • Added support for Twizo. Update sponsored by Twizo.

  • Support for multisite installation.


  • Added notification option to multiple owners’ phone Update sponsored by Jeff Chambliss.


  • Added support for Nexmo Modification devised by Gine.
  • BulkSMS API URL updated.


  • Fixed various errors.
  • French language translation thanks to Studios Jurdan.

  • BulkSMS API URL updated.

  • Added new option to send debug information.

  • Updated support for WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager.

  • Fixed error generated when reading shipping form fields.

  • Added new function to send SMS messages to mobile phone from shipping form.
  • Updated screenshot.

  • Improved code performance.

  • Updated help icon.

  • Updated support for WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager.

  • Updated support links and small updates.

  • Updated support for WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager.
  • Fixed stylesheet load.

  • Updated support for WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager.

  • Added support for Moreify. Update sponsored by IXOLIT GmbH.

  • Updated font package. New Google+ icon.
  • Updated translations.

  • Added support for WPML. Modification requested on WordPress.org.
  • Added support for Spring Edge. Update sponsored by Spring Edge.

  • Fixed small JavaScript bug that not select correctly the configured provider.

  • Added support for VoipBusterPro, VoipBuster, SMS Discount y SIP Discount. Modification devised by Alain Aubry.

  • Eliminated outdated code.
  • Small code improvements.
  • WooCommerce activation control.
  • Updated screenshot.

  • Replacing code.

  • Support for Plivo.
  • Added filter apg_sms_message to facilitate sending SMS messages from third-party plugins. Both modifications have been devised by Marco Almeida.

  • Fixed error that didn’t process the values entered in Custom variables.

  • Support for LabsMobile Spain. Update sponsored by LabsMobile Spain.
  • New responsive style sheet.

  • Support for BulkSMS new URL.

  • Fixed bug that causes mass mailing to the author account.

  • Support for WooCommerce Advance Order Status lastest version.
  • Fixed small errors found.

  • Fixed bug that causes mass mailing to the author account.


  • Support for mVaayoo new API.
  • Support for SMS Country.
  • Changing the internal plugin structure to conform WordPress standards.


  • Added new %order_product% variable to display the name of the first product of the order. Update sponsored by Sanam Patel.


  • Support for SMS Lane (Transactional SMS only). Update sponsored by SMS Lane (India).

  • Fixed a problem detected in mVaayoo provider.

  • Removed external libraries from SMS Twilio and Clockwork.
  • Simplified access to Clickatell API.


  • Possibility to enter a owner phone number different from that used in Twilio and iSMS Malaysia providers. Update sponsored by Arpit Tambi.

  • Fixed a problem detected in mVaayoo and BulkSMS providers.
  • New links and icons.
  • New screenshot.


  • Changing the plugin URL in Art Project Group.

  • Fixed typo in Twilio name.


  • Add small check to verify the existence of the symbol + in Twilio phones.


  • Fixed an error in Twilio.
  • Fixed an error on processing the owner phone number.



  • Support for Esebun Business (Enterprise & Developers only). Update sponsored by Esebun Business.


  • Added support for custom order states from Custom Order Statuses & Actions plugin. Update sponsored by Chirag Vora.
  • Minor fixes on code which display WooCommerce variables.
  • Updated appearance of select fields.
  • Updated screenshot.


  • Fixed the code that translates WooCommerce variables and custom variables from other plugins. Note: Not compatible with WooCommerce versions prior to 2.1.0.
  • Updated the list of predefined variables supported.


  • Support for VoipStunt.
  • CURL replaced by native WordPress functions.


  • Changed donation link.


  • Commented a line that sends an automatic email to Art Project Group.


  • Added support for mVaayoo.
  • Fixed an error that sent duplicate customers messages with some payments.
  • Added cache for external data.
  • Changed donation button and link.


  • Added new feature to clean the database at the plugin uninstall.


  • Fixed bug detected on Twilio.


  • Edited email notification to the author.


  • Added ability to create our own custom variables.


  • Added support for MSG91.
  • Fixed error that allows to send international SMS without option selected.


  • Fixed telephone numbers processing when the customer’s country doesn’t exist.


  • Removed external image by other local.
  • Fixed Clockwork coding.


  • Updated stylesheet according new WordPress 3.8.


  • Fixed Clockwork messages error.
  • Small code improvements.


  • Improved international prefix obtaining code.


  • Improved Clockwork sending code.
  • Improved Clickatell sending code.
  • Improved BulkSMS sending code.


  • Fixed message enconding.


  • Minor code fixes.


  • Fixed font icons bug.


  • Fixed OPEN DND error message.


  • Fixed message enconding.
  • Added plugin score buttons.


  • Fixed error with order status changes sending.


  • Fixed error with Clockwork messages sending.
  • Improved control code and phone cleaning.
  • Fixed notification option for store owner.


  • Checking configuration settings existence.
  • Changed configuration screen.
  • Changed plugin links.
  • Updated screenshot.
  • Added new links.


  • Added support for OPEN DND.


  • Added messages customization.


  • Added support for BulkSMS.


  • Small improvements in the code and fixed errata in translations.


  • Fixed small bug in the code.


  • Added support for customer notes.


  • Improved code that checks the international code.


  • Initial version.