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MiiPlus Button

MiiPlus allows you to add plus buttons to your website.

Is MiiPlus free to use?


What mean by "Mii" ?

Mii is representing Me, Mii+ means adding you to that. Or you can say clicking the button mean you said "Count me in !"

Any website is not allow to use MiiPlus?

We don't allow Adult Content, Gambling site at the moment.

Who can see the MiiPlus button?

Everybody can see it if the website has placed our code in.

Who can click the MiiPlus button?

Everybody can click it without logging in any account.

What is the "Button Mode" stand for?

You are able to choose which Type of the button you want to add into your website. We have User, Read, Love and Hate.

For example, if you are a production website, adding the "User" button to your product page, it will allow people to adding himself if he is the User of that product. It's simple.

Which button mode should I choose?

It depends.

If you own a Blog, a Read or Love button should fit you. It will allow visitor to tell you he has read your article, and the number is telling you the total Readers of your article.

If you own an Online Shop, a User button will be a good choice. If I am an user of that product, then I can click "Mii +", which me I am an user as well. It will tell how popular and how many user is using the product. Of cause, a Love and Hate button is also fit for an Online Shop.

The above is just our little suggestion, you can use it in any way you want.

Can I track the clicking statistic for all my buttons?

Yes! But not now, we are working hard to build the Member System now. Once you have registered an account with MiiPlus, then you can login and check all the button's statistic within your website.

How do I add the MiiPlus button to my site?

Just grab the code here

Where should I put the MiiPlus button on my pages?

You know your page and your users best, so we recommend putting the button wherever you think it will be the most effective. Above the fold, near the title of the page, and close to the social sharing links is often a good location. It can also be effective to place the MiiPlus button at both the end and the beginning of an article or story.

What languages is the MiiPlus button available in?

We only provide English at the moment.

Can I place multiple buttons on a single page that all target to different URLs?

Yes, but you'll need to edit the button code. Use the link attribute to specify the target URL.

For example, if your home page has a module linking to your shop, and you want to add a Love button to that module, edit the value of the link attribute to point to your shop's URL, like this:

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.0.5
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: Less than 10


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