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Membership 2

Transforms your WordPress website into a full-functioning membership site with dripped content, paywalls, and subscription service.

  • Fixed a minor issue in Help page.
  • Improve compatibility with WPMUDEV Domain Mapping plugin.

  • Fix a fatal error.

  • Added: Template system, now M2 pages (Membership List, Payment Form, Registration Page, Account Page) can be overwritten from theme
  • Added: Option to select different list for different membership in Mailchimp addon
  • Added: Option to show BP XProfile fields in M2 account page
  • Added: ms_get_blog_list_args filter added to show non-public blogs in protectin rules page in network admin
  • Added: Define 'MS_CPT_ENABLE_ACCESS_BOX' to enable protection meta box in custom post type
  • Added: Filter 'ms_helper_listtable_billing_default_column' added for default column in billing table
  • Added: Filter 'ms_gateway_stripe_charge_amount' and 'ms_gateway_stripe_form_details_after' added to customize the amount for stripe
  • Added: New Addon! WP reCaptcha integration
  • Added: Batch Process - Membership Status check, helpful when you have lots of members
  • Added: Bulk Delete Membership feature
  • Added: Constant 'MS_DISABLE_WP_NEW_USER_NOTIFICATION' to disable WP default welcome on registration
  • Added: Constant 'MS_LOG_EMAILS' to enable log and display email logs
  • Added: Constant 'MS_PAYPAL_TRIAL_SUBSCRIPTION' to enable subscription for Paypal when trial mode is enabled (works only at Paypal)
  • Added: Constant 'MS_PROTECTED_MESSAGE_REVERSE_RULE' to implement reverse logic on membership based protection message
  • Added: Constant M2_FORCE_NO_SSL to avoid forcing SSL in Stripe Live Mode
  • Added: Filters 'ms_helper_color_index' and 'ms_model_membership_get_color'
  • Added: Constant 'MS_PROCESS_PER_BATCH' to set number of members for processing per batch
  • Added: New import option to import each membership on its own, to prevent memory- or similar overflow issues.
  • Added: New option 'non-admin' to the shortcode [ms-user]
  • Added: Settings for PayPal gateways now also list the country "Croatia".
  • Improved: Memberships can't be assigned to admin users any longer
  • Improved: Minor issues in PayPal Standard gateway, related to imported subscriptions
  • Improved: Payment-matching for imported subscriptions
  • Improved: Support for protection rules on admin-side (shortcode, menu-items)
  • Improved: Edit-Member page to only offer valid subscription status options
  • Improved: transaction logs page and show better description for PayPal transactions
  • Fixed: JS conflict with Be Theme
  • Fixed: JS conflict with LayerSlider
  • Fixed: JS conflict with Visual Composer
  • Fixed: Expired email was sent even the user is not really expired
  • Fixed: Bug that caused expiration emails to be sent multiple times
  • Fixed: Confirmation emails not sent when registering new user from admin end
  • Fixed: Duplicate expiration emails were sent on expiration date.
  • Fixed: Test Memberships was not working (simulation mode)
  • Fixed: Protected posts appears in archive page
  • Fixed: Conflict with WPEngine Deployment
  • Fixed: Wrong message when a coupon is removed
  • Fixed: Wrong logic on category protection for multiple membership
  • Fixed: Inactive Memberships still available for renewal
  • Fixed: BP activation page is always protected in multisite
  • Fixed: Some unexpected notices and warnings
  • Fixed: Input validation of registration page fails to redirect to correct page when shortcode is used
  • Fixed: Price on SignUp page not shows correctly for the administrator
  • Fixed: Deleting an user doesn't not remove the membership information from Membership page
  • Fixed: JS Conflict for #password ID
  • Fixed: Media Protection doesn't work in some cases
  • Fixed: Display name was not being saved from edit account page
  • Fixed: Buddy Press extended profile fields data not showing on Membership 2 My Account page
  • Fixed: Cannot remove value for payment button in payment gateway settings
  • Fixed: Free membership setup with Membership 2 shows still payment information
  • Fixed: "Already have a user account" doesn't redirect to purchase subscription after login
  • Fixed: "Already have an account" link not sending user to login form after failed register attempt
  • Fixed: Advanced Menu Protection Replace Menu not working
  • Fixed: BuddyPress Integration - No validation error message shown
  • Fixed: BuddyPress Integration - No xProfile field validation
  • Fixed: BuddyPress Integration addon: "All BuddyPress Pages" rule being overwritten by rule set in Pages
  • Fixed: BuddyPress Members directory could not be protected
  • Fixed: BuddyPress sitewide pages are not protected
  • Fixed: BuddyPress XProfile issue (caused by M2 loading before BP was initialized)
  • Fixed: Category protected posts was being appeared in home and search result page
  • Fixed: Content Protection Message based on membership protection
  • Fixed: Currency was always USD in 2Ccheckout gateway
  • Fixed: Expired date mismatch with the original expired date in PayPal
  • Fixed: Expired trial is not going to payment gateway when clicking "sign up" in invoice.
  • Fixed: Expiry date not set while importing data in Finite membership
  • Fixed: Finite paid membership subscription period gets doubled for a member while importing data
  • Fixed: Finite paid membership turned into free membership while importing data
  • Fixed: Force SSL on Stripe checkout page in Live Mode
  • Fixed: Gateway mode changed from Sandbox to Live on plugin update
  • Fixed: Gateway mode changed into Live mode when something is changed in settings
  • Fixed: HTTPS not being forced when Stripe gateway is set to Live mode
  • Fixed: IE and Edge users can now log in from front end again
  • Fixed: Import of M1 data now correctly creates recurring memberships.
  • Fixed: Inernal Server Error on adding a member in a multisite configuration
  • Fixed: issue in Account page that did not save the users email address
  • Fixed: Login on non-SSL page is broken when SSL forced for wp-admin
  • Fixed: Membership Payment amount could not be saved in Firefox
  • Fixed: Menu item protection was not working for Guest Membership
  • Fixed: Missing string in default lost password default email no longer missing
  • Fixed: Multiple Membership addon: Membership was not removed when set as cancel in upgrade path and pay later
  • Fixed: Nickname now saves when BuddyPress profile fields add on is activated
  • Fixed: Protected post are being appeared in feed
  • Fixed: Redirect add-on works properly again
  • Fixed: Search was not working on front-end
  • Fixed: Select drop down in Authorize.net checkout was broken
  • Fixed: Small issue in Authorize.Net payment settings that would not save Secure Payments setting
  • Fixed: Small issue in URL-protection that ignored the last slash of the URL rule
  • Fixed: Some post types were not working for protection
  • Fixed: Taxamo addon: tax was not added as tax in PayPal and 2Checkout gateways
  • Fixed: User can't register in Opera Mini browser
  • Fixed: Visitors coming from search engines links get blank page, Error 500
  • Fixed: Warning on edit membership screen when % sign is in the membership name
  • Fixed: Warning when the database table prefix is not the default "wp_"
  • Fixed: White screen in WP-Touch settings page
  • Fixed: Wrong logic that would hide the Billing menu item if all paid memberships were private
  • Fixed: XProfile Date field was not being saved in registration form
  • A lot more of small changes, fixed typos, translations, etc.

  • Fix fatal error on Settings page when the Additional Email Templates Add-on is active

  • Highlight: Our free plugin now supports recurring payments! Check it out :)
  • Add new email template: User account created (i.e. welcome email)
  • Add new email template: Forgot Password email top optionally customize default text
  • Add new variable for Automated Emails: Membership Description
  • Add a warning when BuddyPress pages conflict with M2 Membership pages
  • Add a warning when M2 is installed in an deprecated directory (can cause conflicts)
  • Add a warning when unsupported Permalink options are detected
  • Add new filter in Members list to filter members by subscription status (active/expired)
  • Add a "Retry" function to Transaction logs to re-process a single transaction
  • Add a "Auto Matching" screen to the billings page to link M1 payments with memberships
  • Add new option to Authorize.Net gateway settings: "Secure Payment" asks for CVC code on every payment
  • Add API functions: ms_api, get_membership_id, add_subscription (see API Docs for details)
  • Update the Authorize.Net library to latest version that uses the new API URLs
  • Update several background libraries (mainly select2, fontawesome, jQueryUI)
  • Improve Membership Description to allow shortcodes
  • Improve the shortcode column in the admin membership list
  • Improve UI of the Authorize.Net payment form on front end
  • Improve transaction logs with more details and small layout improvements
  • Improve performance of the billings page, show additional details in edit-invoice screen
  • Improve billings list to hide invoices with status "new" by default
  • Improve layout of [ms-note] messages on front-end and select lists in admin pages
  • Fix some issues with Authorize.Net Gateway
  • Fix Taxamo Add-on to send the invoice-currency and correct user IP for PayPal IPN payments
  • Fix display of line-breaks in membership description on front-end
  • Fix for caching issues on WP Engine
  • Fix wrong registration workflow that showed membership list instead of payment form
  • Fix missing error messages when registering username that is already in use
  • Fix bug that allowed logged-in users to register a new account
  • Fix the Reset Password workflow
  • Fix issue in WP 4.3 that sent password-reset emails during user registration
  • Fix wrong signup-logic to instantly disable the old subscription on membership upgrade/downgrade
  • Fix some import issues when importing data from old Membership plugin
  • Fix an issue that would not activate imported subscriptions
  • Fix dates that displayed in GMT instead of local timezone
  • Fix ms-protect-content shortcode: Resolve shortcodes in protected content also for admin users
  • Fix bug in setup-wizard that sometimes did not finish after creating the first membership
  • Fix issue where Manual Payment displayed price multiple times (e.g. when using Yoast SEO)
  • Fix an issue with Internet Explorer privacy settings that caused IE to reject M2 cookies
  • Fix the user-name variables in email/shortcodes (use display name instead of login name)
  • Fix the "Ignore" action in the Transaction log list
  • Fix several issues in PayPal Standard gateway that would not process transactions correctly
  • Fix protection bug that would hide custom posts in certain situations, e.g. when using wp_list_pages()
  • Fix a PHP error that occured when paying the first invoice of a member via manual gateway
  • Fix a possible recursive redirection when showing the Autorize.Net payment form
  • Fix displayed payment method for subscriptions in Member editor screen
  • Fix issue that did not notify the blog admin of new user signups
  • Fix wrong redirects/URLs on some SSL sites
  • Fix detection of valid subscriptions to fix issues with subscriptions getting expired too early
  • Fix the BuddyPress registration form/workflow
  • Fix bug that prevented deleting invoices
  • Fix a bug that would temporarily grant access to a membership when user cancels payment
  • Fix a bug that created duplicate email templates every time an email was sent
  • Lot of small changes like fix PHP notices, correct typos, add new filters and code cleanup

  • Fix an fatal error in membership editor screen
  • Fix displayed payment method for subscriptions in Member editor screen
  • Small improvements and fixed php notices

  • Fix several fatal errors (last update did copy some wrong files, sorry for this!)

  • Add a dedicated Edit Membership page with improved layout
  • Add a new Add/Edit Member page where subscription details can be modified
  • Improve caching and reduce SQL queries to make the plugin faster
  • Improve HTML output of shortcodes to be compatible with most themes (remove line breaks inside HTML tags)
  • Improve payment logs to display additional/better information for errors
  • Improve the Billings list (status-indicator, overdue payments, quick-pay for manual payment gateway)
  • Add a new Automated Email Response: User account created (i.e. welcome email)
  • Add a warning when BuddyPress pages conflict with M2 Membership pages
  • Add a warning when using a wrong value in the PayPal Standard settings
  • Add an admin notice when no payment gateway is active but paid memberships exist
  • Add an edit page to change the Membership Type at any time
  • Add bulk actions to the Members admin page
  • Add link to Members-List from the Membership list (click on the member-count value)
  • Add logging for payment gateway transactions, can be viewed via "Billings > View Transaction logs"
  • Add new functions to Payment Logs to manually handle invalid payments
  • Add new option to customize which users are considered Admin users (details in the Help > Advanced page)
  • Add new template tag function ms_has_membership()
  • Add possibility to change payment options even when membership has active subscribers!
  • Add template support so themes can define custom Membership pages (m2-account.php, m2-memberships.php, m2-protected-content.php, m2-register.php, m2-registration-complete.php, m2-invoice.php)
  • Fix a caching issue that caused problems with Subscriptions when memcache was enabled
  • Fix a critical bug that caused protection rules to be reset on plugin activation
  • Fix a minor security hole in the data import module
  • Fix a PHP error that occured when paying the first invoice of a member via manual gateway
  • Fix a rare 403 error that happened when a user was accessing protected content
  • Fix a typo in the PayPal Single gateway that caused M2 to ignore some payment information
  • Fix a wrong action hook used in registration form that would display wrong fields when certain plugins are activated
  • Fix a wrong parameters that limited search results of list tables to 5 items in some cases
  • Fix Billings search logic to find all users that contain the search word (no exact username required anymore)
  • Fix bug that did not activate Subscription when an invoice was paid via Manual Gateway
  • Fix bug that prevented deleting invoices
  • Fix bug that set the wrong expire date for "Finite Access" subscriptions
  • Fix bug that would always add M2 menu items when a new membership is created
  • Fix bug that would not give access to protected content while user is in trial period
  • Fix bug that would send some emails even when the 'MS_STOP_EMAILS' flag was active
  • Fix bugs that prevented removing protection from individual posts or pages
  • Fix compatibility issue with WP Recaptcha during user registration
  • Fix issue that did not display any "Page" rules in the Membership Overview screen
  • Fix Mailchimp Add-on to fetch all lists from Mailchimp, not only 25
  • Fix plugin logic to allow changing Protection Rules even when Content Protection is disabled
  • Fix plugin translation using .mo files, added a readme file with instructions to /languages dir
  • Fix possible memory issue that happened when updating the plugin
  • Fix protection of the Private Message feature in the BuddyPress Add-on
  • Fix rare error that happened when dripped content had no/invalid date settings
  • Fix registration logic to honor domain limitation for signup email addresses
  • Fix the bulk actions in the Protecion Rules page
  • Fix the description text of the ms-protected-content shortcode for admin users
  • Fix the search function on the Members page
  • Fix two possible infinite loops that resulted in timeouts or rule values not being saved
  • Fix wrong rounding-logic in Stripe gateway
  • Fix wrong subscription logic that activated Subscriptions without payment in a few cases
  • Fix wrong WordPress action that was called in the user-registration form
  • Hide inactive memberships in the Members and Protection Rules pages
  • Hide the Guest and Default memberships in the Members list, as they are useless there
  • Remove condition that auto-injected missing M2 shortcodes on Membership pages
  • Improve the BuddyPress Add-on to optionally use the M2 registration page
  • Improve Transaction logs to also log inactice or invalid gateway calls
  • Improved third party library by adding a class prefix to avoid class collisions (Stripe, Mailchimp, AuthorizeNet)
  • Improved and added some API functions (see the API Docs link in the Help page)
  • A lot of small improvements behind the scenes (cleanup, fix warnings, add new filters, etc.)

  • Fix the import tool to import data from old Membership plugin correctly (recurring payments, subscription status and end date)
  • Fix the i18n support, the plugin is translated correctly again
  • Fix error message that was displayed when dates of dripped memberships were saved

  • Fix fatal error that was displayed right after update
  • Fix compatibility issues with PHP 5.2.4 - note that you still need PHP 5.3 to use the Stripe Gateways
  • Fix a major bug in the automatic import wizard that prevented the plugin from importing old Membership data
  • Fix wrong redirect during setup wizard that ended in "Not allowed to view page" errors
  • Fix the protection rule for "Friendship Request" in the BuddyPress Add-on
  • Fix a bug in the Coupons Add-on that discarded changes instead of saving them
  • Fix some PHP notices and warnings that did happen during first setup
  • Fix some typos in admin pages
  • Rename page "Protected Content" to "Protection Rules"

  • Plugin name changed from Protected Content to Membership 2
  • New official plugin API added (see Membership 2 > Help page)
  • New Payment gateway added: Stripe Subscriptions
  • New option in Membership Payment settings to disable individual payment gateways.
  • Improved payment settings page to use number-input fields instead of text-fields
  • Fix issue where Simulation (Test) mode added HTML code to all Ajax responses
  • Fix blank screen after submitting the password reset form
  • Minor improvements all over the place

  • Fixed: Shortcodes now work on the Protected Content page.

  • Modified: [subscriptionprice] shortcode now accepts new argument, level, to choose which price of the description to show. E.g. [subscriptionprice subscription=“1” level=“1”]
  • Fixed: Deleting a user now also drops the subscription. Also fixes incorrect membership counts.
  • Fixed: Fixed deprecated database prepare code.
  • Fixed: Deprecated PHP code.


  • WP3.3 Styling Compatibility


  • WP3.2 Compatibility


  • Bug fixes


  • Removes need for set admin usernames - now detects who activated plugin
  • Added persistent configuration capability
  • Added redirecting No Access page
  • Added URL Groups settings and rules
  • Added quick start steps
  • Added Communications capability - automessage for membership
  • Added Pings system
  • Added integration with WP roles
  • Added Account page setting and shortcode
  • Added renewal and upgrade functionality and shortcode
  • Added single payment paypal gateway
  • Added upgrade and cancel capability to paypal gateways
  • Fixed filtering problems with members admin page
  • Fixed general bugs and other issues
  • Added more hooks and filters for customisation
  • Added define checks to completely override signup / subscription / renewal and account pages
  • Added filters to override the register and account links for standard wordpress to now direct to membership pages.


  • Allowed membership admin menu to be visible for all admin level users


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 5 days ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


19 of 29 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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