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Membership Simplified

Membership Simplified allows you to generate membership lessons with templated content to create a unified look and feel throughout your courses.

Beta 1.58

  • Minor fix to address reordering of downloadable items.

Beta 1.57

  • Minor fix to address missing bullet points.

Beta 1.56

  • Minor change to fix issues with ONTRAPORT download links

Beta 1.55

  • Added basic Wistia Video support (More advanced options to come soon)
  • Add a new Video & Comments only template (Can also use info text just above the video for a bit of header text.)
  • Added better functionality to the Video Manager. You can now see details about the videos you uploaded.
  • Added a new HTML5 responsive video player for the Video & Comments only template. (Will be upgrading the old player that gets used in the other templates soon.)
  • Upgraded the styling of the old video player with tabs
  • Made an assortment of stylings tweaks
  • Added tabs to the membership lesson's settings sections in the admin section of each lesson
  • Enhanced the admin sections styling

Beta 1.54

  • Renamed the function content() to limitContent and then commented it out since its no longer in use. Will remove in future versions.

Beta 1.53

  • Removed line 2 from style.php where it was requiring wp-config unnecessarily

Beta 1.52

  • Removed the color picker in the Advanced Settings as it was preventing an issue with being able to click enter in the HTML text area. Will readd a new color picker for this item in a later release.

Beta 1.51

  • Minor style change to fix bug where page content was getting stuck behind videos when a youtube or vimeo video was displayed

Beta 1.50

  • Removing unneeded scripts and reformatting code
  • Removed fancybox to stay compliant with WordPress and wrote a custom script to mimic its behavior (This will only be seen in the admin area with the help button popups.)
  • Fixed a bunch of mysql issues that were potentially causing save errors due to old non MYSQLi code on a newer version of WP
  • Updated all sections to make sure that the plugin is compliant and can be re-hosted on the WP repo

Beta 1.49

  • Minor style change to fix bug when video is set to 720 by 420 and the video buttons overlap the bottom line

Beta 1.48

  • Minor change to how the sidebar items scroll

Beta 1.47

  • Rebuilt how downloads work to fix a bug when adding external download links etc.

Beta 1.46

  • Adding an option to update the varchar length of the amazon s3 file names to ensure long filename will work properly.
  • Added a missing class to fix an issue with tab display under videos
  • Added minor styling updates to the backend settings area

Beta 1.45

  • Fixes the new errors that happen when $wpdb->prepare isn't formed correctly and is missing the variables to pass in. This was resulting in errors in Membership Content > Settings.

Beta 1.44

  • Fixes a styling error on the text templates where it causes the sidebar to become 100% width and push the content below it.

Beta 1.43

  • Fixes a minor error that was causing widgets not to load on lessons. Fix was adding '= false' to the widget function on line 1309 of oapmembership.php

Beta 1.42

  • Fixes minor php notices in functions.php

Beta 1.41

  • Fixes the error in the membership plugin when the twentyfourteen theme is enabled that completely takes down a site.
  • Fixes the styling issues where the lessons do not display properly in the twentyfourteen default theme
  • Updates the way that widgets get called and displayed
  • Updated the membership widgets to use responsive design.
  • Removed the jQuery scrolling and replaced it with a regular scroll bar on hover for more stability
  • Updated the theme so that it works properly with WordPress 3.8
  • Reworked the code so that lessons will show up responsively and work nicely on mobile devices
  • Removed jQuerytools plugin
  • Updated the way the scripts get called so that there are no conflicts with versions previous to 3.5

Beta 1.40

  • Adding the class "entry-content" to all text areas within the membership plugin so that the styling takes on the default WordPress text styling

Beta 1.39

  • Upgrading jQuery UI which fixes the issue with Appearance > Menu Items not working properly

Beta 1.38

  • Making all Ontraport, Amazon, and custom videos playable on iOS.
  • Upgrading flowplayer to 3.2.8

Beta 1.37

  • Updated $wpdb->prepare so that it no longer throws an error when trying to add videos
  • Minor styling tweaks to the sidebar menu title and lesson number to lock down the spacing between h2's and h6's.
  • Minor styling tweaks to the video tabs and downloads

Beta 1.36

  • Added the class 'entry-content' to the main div's that contains the main post content so that the font picks up WordPress's default styling in their 2012 theme.

Beta 1.35

  • Minor change to the way that the layout's get set. Added box-sizing to ensure that all themes have a properly centered layout with padding.

Beta 1.34

  • Minor change to the way that the Membership Menu height is calculated. It now sets a default when none is present. It also adds in px if px is not added.

Beta 1.33

  • Minor change to the way that lesson numbers are displayed. This should fix a bug where there was no space between the word lesson, module, etc. and the actual number.

Beta 1.32

  • Changing WP_PLUGIN_URL to plugins_url()
  • Cleaning up spacing issues that occured with line endings when going from windows to UNIX
  • Changed the method that is used to retrieve download items and videos

Beta 1.31

  • Minor change adding shortcode buttons to the third row of the tinymce editor

Beta 1.30

  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to search pages / posts.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a 'headers already sent' warning message
  • Add a fade in / out effect between videos
  • Fixed an error when downloading manually uploaded downloadable files
  • Fixed an error with the scrollbars not working with the scrollwheel

Beta 1.29

  • Added theme support for Thesis
  • Minor change to style.css where we changed #content li from 18px!important to 1.5!important.

Beta 1.28

  • Completely recoded the video player to fix the sizing bugs that were occuring on OAP hosted videos
  • Added an option to add video thumbnails for OAP hosted videos.
  • Fixed a bug where the lesson menu items in the sidebar still appeared when the global post setting was disabled.
  • Added an option in the Settings menu > Menu Items (Sidebar & Overview section) titled Sidebar Menu Item - Bottom Spacing. This allows you to specify the amount of spacing between menu items.
  • Added an option in the Settings menu > Menu Items (Sidebar & Overview section) titled Overview Item - Bottom Spacing. This allows you to specify the amount of spacing between overview items.
  • Add the ability to add comments to lesson pages.
  • Removed OAP jquery and tinyscrollbar scripts as well as oapmembership.css from loading multiple times within the body of the page and used the wp_enqueue_scripts / styles function to hook them into the header.
  • Fixed a bug where the WordPress image uploader would not work because it was conflicting with the image uploaders included with this plugin.
  • Fixed a bug where the lesson title and lesson number positioning was not working for text templates.
  • Fixed a styling issue on the bottom spacing of squared overview sections

Beta 1.27

  • Changed the name from OAP Membership Content to Membership Simplified
  • Fixes the issue where the plugin fails activation if the plugin 'duplicate posts' or a built in theme version of 'duplicate-posts' is installed.
  • Adds additional shortcode buttons to the visual editor to make it easy to add the PilotPress 'Show If' tags in your content.
  • Fixes the issue where the plugin fails activation if OptimizePress is the current theme.
  • Changed the custom post type url 'oaplesson' in the lesson url's to 'm'.
  • Fixes the 720 by 420 left alignment issue on some themes.
  • Fixes the video size issue on the shared template.
  • Added Support for Vimeo https (secure) videos
  • Added Support for Youtube youtu.be videos
  • Added Support for Youtube https videos
  • Added Support for Optimize Press
  • Removed Support for Embedding Video code (Will come back out in a later release.)
  • Updated the styling for the two widgets
  • Made a fix to functions.php where oap_posts was defined instead of wp_posts
  • Fixed the text template where the Info Box was getting displayed even when it was turned off when using the text template.
  • Fixed a bug where upon adding apostrophes, a slash was getting added next to them.
  • Changed the name of the shortcode functions to prevent conflicts between other tinymce shortcode button functions.
  • Made changes to style.css to fix issues where sub menu items were not displaying.
  • Fixed global overrides for video positioning
  • Fixed the ability to add and remove menu items
  • Fixes the randomly added slashes that were being added to the names of download and video items
  • Made a spelling fix in the 'Settings' screen. Changed Infox to Info Box.
  • Fixed a bug with the image uploader for the lesson icons

Beta 1.26c

  • Fixes the strange spacing issue below videos and above the main text and sidebar.
  • Increases the amount of videos that display by default on the membership overview pages from 6 to 20 at a time.
  • Fixes the issue where the membership plugin installs jquery without first checking to see if jquery already exists.
  • Adds support for 'bullet points' on all list items within the main lesson text area.
  • Fixes the issue where the membership lesson icons were not displaying the proper text field to add images in the backend.

Beta 1.26b

  • Includes a fix for Installation Problems with Optimize Press

Beta 1.26

  • Initial public release of beta. Please visit membership.officeautopilot.com for more info.

Beta 1.24

Major Update will list all new features since 1.05 in the next release.

Beta 1.12

  • 4-4-12 - Bug Fixes and New Feature
  • Merging code in from Pin
  • Fixing layout issues
  • Fixing Bugs

Beta 1.09

  • 3-27-12 - Bug Fixes and New Additions
  • New Help Menu
  • All items are now under the membership content section
  • More...

Beta 1.08

  • 3-26-12 - Bug Fixes and New Additions

Beta 1.07p

  • -20-12 - Bug Fixes
  • PilotPress and other shortcodes now work properly. Feature patched by Pin.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 200+


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