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MemberFindMe Membership, Event & Directory System

Membership and donor management, event calendar, event ticketing, shopping cart, donations and member directory system for membership groups and organ

Can I use this plugin without a MemberFindMe account?

This plugin is an interface to the MemberFindMe platform, so a MemberFindMe account is required. Please visit MemberFindMe to sign up.

How does MemberFindMe work?

MemberFindMe is designed from the ground up to integrate with any website, it works alot like Google Maps, allowing your membership forms and event calendar to work seamlessly on your website. So you use your own WordPress server to publish your web content and layout, but have MemberFindMe perform the heavy lifting of managing memberships and events, storing your sensitive membership and event data with our high availability, triple redundant, secure and PCI compliant data servers. Your membership and event data is safe even if your WordPress server creashes or if it is hacked, and you can continue to access that data without WordPress.

How does MemberFindMe SEO work?

Unlike iframe widgets or redirects to sub-domains, our next generation SEO system allows the plugin to deliver dynamic web content to search engines using the Ajax crawling scheme, so all directory and event pages are attributed to your domain.

Every directory profile and event page is delivered with Rich Snippets (structured data, microdata, schema.org), which provides detailed information to search engines to better help your pages get found.

How do I setup the membership sign-up form, member sign-in form, directory, deals, event calendar?

Create pages and use the corresponding shortcode on the page. For the most up-to-date list of shortcodes please refer to the plugin help section under MemberFindMe > Help > Plugin > MemberFindMe widgets & shortcodes.

The membership forms and directory profiles are pre-setup with a good default. You can further customize the form and profile templates under MemberFindMe > Customization.

Can I customize the colors in the membership forms, events, etc?

Information about customizing css can be found in the plugin under MemberFindMe > Help > Customization > CSS and colors

Can I use Paypal Standard for membership billing?

No, at this time MemberFindMe requires Paypal Pro in order to interface directly with Paypal, in order to track fees and payments in the Timeline, generate membership invoices and financial data, issue refunds, and more.

If you do not have Paypal Pro and do not want to deal with the fees, we recommend using Stripe.

Can I restrict access to a page or post by membership level?

Yes you can restrict access by membership level or label, use the shortcode [memberonly label="..."]

Note that the MemberFindMe Login Connector plugin is required.

What automated membership or event emails are generated by the system?

MemberFindMe can generate the following automated emails to your members:

  • Upcoming membership renewal
  • Past-due membership
  • New member welcome
  • Membership payment receipts
  • Membership payment failure for automatic recurring billing (eg. expired credit card)

MemberFindMe generates the following automated emails to your event attendees:

  • Event registration confirmation with iCalendar attachment
  • Event payment receipt

MemberFindMe also generates the following automated emails to you as the administrator:

  • New member signup
  • Member signup failure due to billing error (eg. invalid credit card)
  • Daily membership report of new members, lapsed members, renewal notifications upgrade and downgrades whenever there is activity
  • Event registrations
  • Email delivery bounce or failure for receipts, group emails, welcome email, and more

Can I email my members directly from the system?

You can email any group of members directly from the system, including:

  • Individual member or individual contact under member account
  • Members who signed-up in any date range
  • Members who renewed in any date range
  • Members with upcoming membership renewals for any date range
  • Members with past-due memberships for any date range
  • Members with a specific membership level
  • Members with a specific label
  • Members in any folder
  • Members pulled up with a keyword search

Within any group you can also individually remove a member from the email. You can also include all contacts stored under a member account in the email.

How do I create categories for my directory?

You can enable membership levels or labels as categories for the directory, simply by enabling the option to make them searchable in the directory.

Can I create multiple directory pages, or create custom directories?

You can create custom directory pages or custom actions on a directory page, that corresponds to a search by area, by label or membership level, or by keyword, or any combination of.

You can also create multiple membership directories using folders.

For more information, please refer to MemberFindMe > Help > Customization > Members Directory

Requires: 3.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-15
Active Installs: 1,000+


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