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Media Library Assistant

Enhances the Media Library; powerful [mla_gallery], taxonomy support, IPTC/EXIF/PDF processing, bulk/quick edit actions and where-used reporting.


  • New: The mla-substitution-parameter-hooks-example.php example plugin "parent:" prefix has been enhanced to provide access to item's parent post/page custom field values. Simply code the custom field name as the value following the "parent:" prefix.
  • New: A new "MLA Copy Item Example" plugin has been added. It adds a "Copy" action to the Media/Assistant admin submenu that lets you copy one or more existing MEdia LIbrary items, creating new items.
  • New: The woofixit.php example plugin has new tools. The "Fill ALT Text (CT)" and "Replace ALT Text (CT)" tools apply a Content Template to the Product Image/Product Gallery Images.
  • New: In the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab, "MLA Term List Examples" have been added.
  • New: A new setting for the Debug tab logs details of the IPTC, EXIF, XMP and PDF metadata generation process.
  • Fix: The minimum PHP version required by MLA has been updated from 5.4 to 5.3.
  • Fix: Some EXIF values sourced from the IFD0 section are now properly converted to string values, and are no longer overwritten by values from the WINXP section. The WINXP values are available separately, e.g., [+exif:WINXP.Title+].
  • Fix: In the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab, links to EXIF information and standards have been updated.
  • Fix: The MLA Reporting value on the Settings/Media LIbrary Assistant Debug tab handles hexadedimal values, e.g. "0xFFFF", properly with PHP version 7.x.
  • Fix: IPTC/EXIF and custom field mapping rules now handle "invisible" custom fields (names beginning with underscore) correctly.
  • Fix: For [mla_gallery], a defect in applying the mla_terms_connnector parameter has been corrected.
  • Fix: For [mla_gallery] pagination controls are now properly displayed when the mla_paginate_rows is returned from the mla_gallery_arguments filter. See, for example, the "MLA tax query Example" plugin.
  • Fix: When Polylang is active, a problem with the "Attachments" column on the taxonomy edit submenu screens has been corrected.
  • Fix: Handling for the Media/Assistant "Entries per page:" option setting has been changed to work more reliably and optionally log some debug information.
  • Fix: Fatal PHP errors caused by link=download requests that do not specify all required parameters have been eliminated.


  • New: For WordPress 4.7 and later, the thumbnail generation Bulk Action can generate native thumbnails for items uploaded to the Media Library before updating to WP 4.7.
  • New: The Settings/Media Library Assistant Shortcodes tab has been re-written with a more "WordPress-like" interface.
  • New: Overall admin-mode memory requirements are reduced by 1.66MB, or about 33%, from the previous version.
  • New: The Settings/Media Library Assistant Examples tab has a new "View" rollover action that lets you display the source code for an example plugin.
  • New: The Settings/Media Library Assistant Examples tab has a new "Installed" view that shows all installed example plugins regardless of status.
  • New: For the Media/Assistant submenu table, the "Search Media" feature can search on file name. You may have to adjust the Settings/Media Library Assistant General tab "Search Media Defaults" to make this a default setting.
  • New: The mla-substitution-parameter-hooks-example.php example plugin has been enhanced with a "parent:" prefix that provides access to item's parent post/page values as well as the "parent:permalink". It also includes a new "page:featured" parameter that returns the ID of a post/page Featured Image.
  • New: For all shortcodes, the mla_page_parameter parameter can contain page-level substitution parameters, e.g., mla_page_parameter="p-{+page_ID+}".
  • New: For [mla_term_list], a new mla_multi_select parameter supports multiple select dropdown controls.
  • New: For [mla_gallery], the post_parent parameter can have multiple, comma-separated numeric values.
  • New: For [mla_gallery], a new mla_gallery_the_attachments hook lets you read or change the array of attachments used to populate the gallery display. Four hooks have been added to give more control over the "alternative gallery shortcode" processing.
  • New: The mla-hooks-example.php example plugin now supports multiple taxonomy queries in the my_custom_sql example.
  • New: The woofixit.php example plugin has several new tools. In particular, the "Clear Terms" and "Assign Terms" tools replicate term assignments from WooCommerce products to items used as product images and in product galleries.
  • New: The buddypress-hooks-example.php example plugin uses the new mla_gallery_the_attachments hook to restrict gallery output to "rtMedia" items. It also includes a new rtmedia=gallery parameter that works with the [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode.
  • New: A new example plugin, posts-per-page-example.php, shows how to adjust the number of items per gallery page based on WordPress conditional functions such as is_front_page().
  • New: A new example plugin, mla-multi-search-example.php, adds custom field search(es) to the keyword(s) search and combines the results.
  • New: A new example plugin, get-post-galleries-example.php, supports the WordPress get_post_galleries filter required, for example, by the Dominant Colors Lazy Loading plugin by Manuel Wieser.
  • New: A new example plugin, mla-not-featured-view-example.php, creates a custom Media/Assistant view of items NOT featured in any post/page.
  • New: A new example plugin, mla-regenerate-thumbnails-example.php, integrates the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin by Alex Mills with the Media/Assistant submenu screen.
  • New: A new example plugin, mla-parent-wp-query-example.php, supplies post_parent values from a separateWP_Query for the [mla_gallery] shortcode.
  • New: The mla-ui-elements-example.php example plugin now includes [muie_orderby] and [muie_order] shortcodes that generate "sticky" controls for their respective parameters.
  • New: A new Settings/Media Library Assistant General tab setting, "Show Count Column", lets you add the "Count" column back to the Media/Categories and Media/Tags taxonomy edit screens. This may be useful for WP 4.7's attachment taxonomy support.
  • Fix: When Polylang or WPML is active, language-specific tag cloud terms have been restored.
  • Fix: When Polylang is active, the change language dropdown control in the Bulk Edit area is now processed correctly.
  • Fix: Error messages are no longer written directly to the PHP error log. They now pass through the MLA debug filtering logic.
  • Fix: Harmless PHP 7 incompatibility issues reported by the WP Engine PHP Compatibility Checker plugin have been resolved. The minimum PHP version required by MLA has been updated from 5.2 to 5.4.
  • Fix: The "where-used" processing for "MLA Gallery in" and "Gallery in" ignores pagination parameters to get a complete result, and sorting parameters because they do not affect the results.
  • Fix: For [mla_gallery], the posts_per_archive_page is applied when the gallery is displayed in a post/page for which is_archive() or is_search() is true.
  • Fix: For [mla_gallery], the "Open" template section is no longer required.
  • Fix: For [mla_tag_cloud] and [mla_term_list], URLs with a question mark (?) are now handled correctly for the currentlink_url and currentlink substitution parameters.
  • Fix: Complete plugin support is loaded for WP REST API calls, e.g., from the WP/LR Sync plugin. This enables IPTC/EXIF and Custom Field mapping when adding new Media Library items.
  • Fix: When Polylang is active, new flat taxonomy (e.g. Att, Tags) values can be created in the Quick Edit and Bulk Edit areas as well as the ATTACHMENT DETAILS pane of the Media Manager Modal (popup) Window.
  • Fix: For the Settings/Media Library Assistant Custom Fields and IPTC/EXIF tabs, the mapping progress area now has a "Pause" button to more clearly reflect the ability to pause and resume the mapping operation.
  • Fix: For the Settings/Media Library Assistant Views and Uploads tabs, the "Enable ..." and "Save Changes" elements have been moved to the upper-left part of the screen to make them more obvious and accessible.
  • Fix: For the Media/Assistant submenu table, the "Attached to" column reflects the surrent user's "edit post" and "read post" capabilities for both the item and its parent; conforms to new WP 4.6 restrictions.
  • Fix: A few minor defects in the "Operations on Products, using the Product Image, Product Tags and Att. Tags" section of the "WooCommerce Fixit" example plugin have been corrected.

2.30 - 2.33

  • 2.33 - Fix WordPress "The plugin does not have a valid header" errors on initial MLA installs. Two enhancements, one other fix.
  • 2.32 - New Documentation/Example Plugins submenu and installer, WordPress 4.6 fixes and several new example plugins. Sixteen enhancements in all, nine fixes.
  • 2.31 - Remove call to xdebug_get_function_stack() causing fatal PHP error.
  • 2.30 - New [mla_term-list] shortcode for hierarchical taxonomy display, Uncaught RangeError fix, custom data sources. Thirteen enhancements in all, six fixes.

2.00 - 2.25

  • 2.25 - Default shortcode parameters in templates, list/grid view switcher, delete option settings, better XML parsing. Eight enhancements in all, eleven fixes.
  • 2.24 - Corrects the MLA error that suppressed Admin Columns functions for Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, Users and Comments.
  • 2.23 - Admin Columns 2.4.9 fixes, EXIF/XMP/PDF improvements, Posts, Pages and custom Post Types in [mla_gallery] display. Seven enhancements in all, six fixes.
  • 2.22 - Support for the "Admin Columns" plugin, PHP7 and "enclosing shortcode" syntax. Better performance, new filters and examples. Eight enhancements in all, eight fixes.
  • 2.21 - Fix for "empty grid", "No media attachments found", "No items found" and "Unknown column" symptoms. Thanks to all who quickly alerted me to the problem. One other fix for "Featured Image" handling of size=none.
  • 2.20 - Reduced memory/time footprint, default setting changes, WPML/Polylang IPTC/EXIF mapping fixes, partial German translation. Nine other enhancements, thirteen fixes.
  • 2.15 - Bulk Edit Reset button, Debug tab enhancements, Quick Edit thumbnails, new examples and hooks. Sixteen enhancements in all, sixteen fixes.
  • 2.14 - Final WordPress 4.3 updates. New Debug tab features. Updated Dutch translation. Four other fixes.
  • 2.13 - WordPress 4.3 updates. PDF Thumbnail image generator. Wildcard keyword/term searching. Several WPML and Polylang fixes. Dutch and Swedish translations! Twelve other enhancements, twelve other fixes.
  • 2.12 - Fixes a defect in [mla_gallery] handling of the mla_caption parameter. Adds mla_debug=log option.
  • 2.11 - Enhanced WPML and new Polylang support. "Attached" Media/Assistant table view. Eight other enhancements, fifteen fixes. *2.10 - mla_viewer is back, with a Featured Image option! XMP support for image meta data. Eight other enhancements, twelve fixes.
  • 2.02 - Bulk Edit on Media/Add New, pause/restart IPTC/EXIF mapping, EXIF CAMERA fields, "timestamp", "date" and "fraction" format options. Six other enhancements, twelve fixes.
  • 2.01 - Google File Viewer (mla_viewer) disabled. IPTC/EXIF mapping performance gains. Four other enhancements, five fixes.
  • 2.00 - Requires WP v3.5+. Ajax-powered bulk edit and mapping, front-end "terms search" for [mla_gallery]. Five other enhancements, two fixes.

1.00 - 1.95

  • 1.95: New [mla_gallery] parameters, Download rollover action, Media/Assistant submenu filters. Eleven enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.94: Media Manager fixes and new "current-item" parameters for [mla_tag_cloud]. Two other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.93: WordPress 4.0 Media Grid enhancements (optional) and compatibility fixes. New auto-fill option for Media Manager taxonomy meta boxes. One other enhancement, three other fixes.
  • 1.92: Three bug fixes, one serious.
  • 1.91: WordPress 4.0 support! New "Edit Media meta box" and "Media Modal Initial Values" filters and example plugins. Four other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.90: New "Terms Search" popup window and Search Media "Terms" checkbox. Post Type filter and pagination for "Select Parent" popup. Ten other enhancements, five fixes.
  • 1.83: Corrects serious defect, restoring Quick Edit, Bulk Edit and Screen Options to Media/Assistant submenu. Three other fixes.
  • 1.82: "Select Parent" popup window (Media/Edit Media, Attached to column, Quick Edit area), SVG support and several new filter examples. Five other enhancements, three other fixes.
  • 1.81: Corrects serious defect in Media Manager Modal Window file uploading. Adds item-specific tag clouds. One other enhancement, five other fixes.
  • 1.80: Full taxonomy meta box support in the Media Manager Modal Window. Checkbox-style meta box for flat taxonomies. Fourteen other enhancements, nine fixes.
  • 1.71: Searchable Category meta boxes for the Media/Edit Media screen. Support for the WordPress "Attachment Display Settings". Six fixes.
  • 1.70: Internationalization and localization support! Custom Field and IPTC/EXIF Mapping hooks. One other enhancement, six fixes.
  • 1.61: Three fixes, including one significant fix for item-specific markup substitution parameters. Tested for compatibility with WP 3.8.
  • 1.60: New [mla_tag_cloud] shortcode and shortcode-enabled MLA Text Widget. Five other enhancements, four fixes.
  • 1.52: Corrected serious defect in [mla_gallery] that incorrectly limited the number of items returned for non-paginated galleries. One other fix.
  • 1.51: Attachment Metadata mapping/updating, [mla_gallery] "apply_filters" hooks, multiple paginated galleries per page, "ALL_CUSTOM" pseudo value. Three other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.50: PDF and GPS Metadata support. Content Templates; mix literal text with data values, test for empty values and choose among two or more alternatives for [mla_gallery] and data mapping. Four other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.43: Generalized pagination support with "mla_output=paginate_links". One other enhancement, four fixes.
  • 1.42: Pagination support for [mla_gallery]! Improved CSS width (itemwidth) and margin handling. Eight other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.41: New [mla_gallery] "previous link" and "next link" output for gallery navigation. New "request" substitution parameter to access $_REQUEST variables. Three other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.40: Better performance! New custom table views, Post MIME Type and Upload file/MIMEs control; 112 file type icons to choose from. Four new Gallery Display Content parameters. four other enhancements, twelve fixes.
  • 1.30: New "mla_alt_shortcode" parameter combines [mla_gallery] with other gallery display shortcodes, e.g., Jetpack Carousel and Tiled Mosaic. Support for new 3.6 audio/video metadata. One other enhancement, eight fixes.
  • 1.20: Media Manager (Add Media, etc.) enhancements: filter by more MIME types, date, taxonomy terms; enhanced search box for name/slug, ALT text, caption and attachment ID. New [mla_gallery] sort options. Four other enhancements, four fixes.
  • 1.14: New [mla_gallery] mla_target and tax_operator parameters, tax_query cleanup and ids/include fix. Attachments column fix. IPTC/EXIF and Custom Field mapping fixes. Three other fixes.
  • 1.13: Add custom fields to the quick and bulk edit areas; sort and search on them in the Media/Assistant submenu. Expanded EXIF data access, including COMPUTED values. Google File Viewer support, two other enhancements and two fixes.
  • 1.11: Search by attachment ID, avoid fatal errors and other odd results when adding taxonomy terms. One other fix.
  • 1.10: Map attachment metadata to custom fields; add them to [mla_gallery] display and as sortable columns on the Media/Assistant submenu table. Get Photonic Gallery (plugin) integration and six other fixes.
  • 1.00: Map IPTC and EXIF metadata to standard fields, taxonomy terms and custom fields. Improved performance for where-used reporting. Specify default [mla_gallery] style and markup templates. Five other fixes.

0.11 - 0.90

  • [mla_gallery] support for custom fields, taxonomy terms and IPTC/EXIF metadata. Updated for WordPress 3.5!
  • Improved default Style template, [mla_gallery] parameters "mla_itemwidth" and "mla_margin" for control of gallery item spacing. Quick edit support of WordPress standard Categories taxonomy has been fixed.
  • MLA Gallery Style and Markup Templates for control over CSS styles, HTML markup and data content of [mla_gallery] shortcode output. Eight other enhancements and four fixes.
  • Removed (!) Warning displays for empty Gallery in and MLA Gallery in column entries.
  • New "Gallery in" and "MLA Gallery in" where-used reporting to see where items are returned by the [gallery] and [mla_gallery] shortcodes. Two other enhancements and two fixes.
  • Enhanced Search Media box. Extend search to the name/slug, ALT text and caption fields. Connect search terms with "and" or "or". Five other enhancements and two fixes.
  • New [mla_gallery] shortcode, a superset of the [gallery] shortcode that provides many enhancements. These include taxonomy support and all post_mime_type values (not just images). Media Library items need not be "attached" to the post.
  • SQL View (supporting ALT Text sorting) now created for automatic plugin upgrades
  • Bulk Edit area; add, remove or replace taxonomy terms for several attachments at once. Sort your media listing on ALT Text, exclude revisions from where-used reporting.
  • Support ALL taxonomies, including the standard Categories and Tags, your custom taxonomies and the Assistant's pre-defined Att. Categories and Att. Tags. Add taxonomy columns to the Assistant admin screen, filter on any taxonomy, assign terms and list the attachments for a term.
  • Quick Edit action for inline editing of attachment metadata
  • Fixed "404 Not Found" errors when updating single items.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 6 days ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


28 of 36 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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