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Enhances the Media Library; powerful [mla_gallery], taxonomy support, IPTC/EXIF/PDF processing, bulk/quick edit actions and where-used reporting.


  • New: I am delighted to announce Dutch and Swedish translations of the plugin's main screens. Many thanks to Harm Kramer and John Larsen for their contributions!
  • New: For WordPress 4.3+, the Media/Assistant submenu table has been updated to support the new primary column features.
  • New: For the Media/Assistant submenu table, the "Thumbnail" bulk action lets you easily generate thumbnail images for non-image items. These can be used as the Featured Image for mla_viewer processing. A settings option lets you disable this feature if desired.
  • New: For the Media/Assistant submenu table, wildcard searches are now allowed in the Search Media box using an asterisk ("*") as the wildcard placeholder. Pull down the Help menu on the screen and select the Search Media section for more information.
  • New: For the Terms Search popup window and mla_terms_search shortcode parameter, wildcard searches are now allowed using an asterisk ("*") as the wildcard placeholder.
  • New: For IPTC/EXIF custom field mapping rules, Format, Option and Delete Null Values options can be specified and are handled like their equivalents in Custom Field mapping rules.
  • New: For field-level substitution parameters, the id3: prefix gives you access to all of the metadata present in audio and video files.
  • New: For field-level substitution parameters, the ,unpack option lets you expand one level of an array and denote lower-level arrays with an (ARRAY) placeholder.
  • New: The IPTC: and EXIF: field-level substitution parameters can now use all of the format/option suffixes, e.g., ",url".
  • New: A "Bulk Edit Area" tab has been added to the Media/Add New/Upload New Media submenu help menu.
  • New: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-custom-field-search-example.php.txt example plugin has been extended to handle queries made in the Media Manager Modal (popup) Window "Search" box.
  • New: If Imagick and/or Ghostcript support is not present, an explicit warning message is displayed in the "Enable thumbnail substitution" portion of the Settings/Media Library Assistant MLA Gallery tab.
  • New: A new filter for the "Media/Assistant Submenu Hooks" allows you to modify the content of the dropdown Help menu. The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-list-table-hooks-example.php.txt example plugin has been updated with the new filter.
  • New: A new /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-custom-file-size-example.php.txt example plugin has been added to demonstrate a simple example of changing the content of the "Item:" template part.
  • New: Step-by-step instructions for creating custom style and markup templates have been added to the "A Table-based Style and Markup Template Example" section of the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab.
  • New: On the Settings/Media LIbrary Assistant Debug tab, the error log file name is displayed just above the text area for log content, and better error messages are displayed if the log cannot be reset.
  • New: When 'MLA_DEBUG_LEVEL' is set to 3 in the wp-config.php file, debug information for the Bulk Edit Ajax handler is written to the error log. This includes WPML- and Polylang- specific information.
  • Fix: Wildcard searches containing an underscore character ("_") are now handled correctly. The mla-custom-field-search-example.php.txt example plugin has been updated as well.
  • Fix: Media Manager Modal (popup) Window enhancements work more reliably with plugins such as "SiteOrigin Page Builder Widgets".
  • Fix: When Polylang or WPML is active, Term Assignment has been fixed, accomodating missing translation information for media items and terms and resolving some term_id/term_taxonomy_id issues.
  • Fix: When Polylang is active, "Show all languages" is selected after a Bulk Translate action so results from multiple languages can be displayed.
  • Fix: When Polylang is active, the Media/Assistant submenu table "Trash" view no longer shows the Translations column.
  • Fix: When Polylang is active, Quick and Bulk Edit taxonomy checklists are language-specific when "Refresh" is clicked after a Bulk Edit action.
  • Fix: During a Bulk Edit action, empty taxonomy "Add" actions no longer call wp_set_post_terms().
  • Fix: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-hooks-example.php.txt example plugin has been updated to handle the new captiontag_content template substitution parameter.
  • Fix: The default _wpnonce query argument is no longer used, eliminating a conflict between MLA and the "A5 Custom Login Page" plugin.
  • Fix: For the Settings/Media Library Assistant Views and Uploads, the Quick Edit action has been fixed.
  • Fix: For the Media/Assistant submenu table and the Media Manager Modal (popup) Window, default table sorting on a custom field no longer causes WordPress Database Errors.
  • Fix: For the Media/Assistant submenu table, the "View" rollover action is no longer available in the "Trash" view (it never worked).
  • Fix: For the Media/Assistant Quick Edit and Bulk Edit actions, the Custom Field mapping rule "Delete Null Values" option is now handled correctly. When this option is specified, empty values will not be stored in the database.
  • Fix: The "single" option now returns just the first value of a custom field if it has multiple values.
  • Fix: The Terms Search button, terms dropdown filter and "terms" search checkbox are no longer displayed when no taxonomies selected for MLA support.
  • Fix: PHP Warning messages are no longer produced when the Bulk Edit area is used with no taxonomies selected for MLA support.


  • New: For [mla_gallery] and [mla_tag_cloud], the mla_debug=log parameter writes debug information to the error log instead of the page or post containing the shortcode.
  • New: On the Settings/Media Library Assistant Debug tab, a new option lets you limit the amount of error log content displayed in the text area.
  • Fix: For [mla_gallery], a defect in the default template's caption processing (using the "captiontag_content" attachment-specific substitution parameter) has been corrected. The defect caused improper handling of the mla_caption parameter in some cases.


  • New: Polylang support has been added. See the Other Notes section section or the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab for more information.
  • New: WPML support has been enhanced. In particular, 1) all taxonomy term assignments are verified/adjusted to be valid for the item's language, 2) taxonomy term assignments are synchronized across all the item's translations, 3) the Media/Assistant submenu table will include a "language management" column showing each item's translation status by language; you can click on an item's "pencil" or "plus" icon to edit an existing translation or duplicate the item in a new language, 4) when "All Languages" is selected, the Media/Assistant submenu table will include a "Language" column showing each item's language, and 5) the Settings/Media Library Assistant "Language" tab lets you select the enhancements you want. See the Other Notes section section or the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab for more information.
  • New: An "Attached" view has been added, filtering the Media/Assistant submenu table to show only those items having a parent post/page. You can disable the new view, if desired, on the Settings/Media Library Assistant Views tab.
  • New: The Media/Assistant submenu table Quick Edit area now scrolls to the top of the viewport when it is opened.
  • New: Fifteen additional hooks have been added to the "Media Manager Enhancement filters (Hooks)". The /examples/mla-media-modal-hooks-example.php.txt file documents all the new additions. The example plugin includes code to add a "term elimination" taxonomy query to the standard "Query Attachments" terms.
  • New: Four new filters for the "Media/Assistant Submenu Hooks" allow you to 1) process row-level actions from the Edit Media screen and 2) modify the "prepare_items" query terms or substitute your own query results. The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-list-table-hooks-example.php.txt example plugin has been updated with the new filters.
  • New: A new /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-custom-field-search-example.php.txt example plugin has been added to demonstrate the new "prepare_items" query terms filter, adding a custom field search to the Media/Assistant Search Media text box.
  • New: A new /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-a-z-cloud-example.php.txt example plugin has been added that combines MLA with the Collapse-o-matic plugin and custom database queries to produce an "alphabetic cloud" and custom [mla_gallery].
  • New: For [mla_gallery], when mla_alt_shortcode=mla_tag_cloud, parameters such as mla_link_href are passed through to be used by [mla_tag_cloud].
  • New: Term-specific pagination has been added to the /examples/twentytwelve-mla/image.php file.
  • New: For [mla_gallery], the new "captiontag_content" attachment-specific substitution parameter contains the complete HTML markup for the caption if both captiontag and caption are not empty. This can be used to omit empty caption tags (as it is in the default template).
  • Fix: For [mla_gallery], the "captiontag" (<dd> or <figcaption>) now contains an item-specific id attribute, supporting the aria-describedby attribute in the thumbnail's <img> tag.
  • Fix: For [mla_gallery], the default HTML5 Row Open and Row Close template sections are now empty for themes that register support for HTML5. This removes the <!-- row-open --> comment in the Row Open section and the <br style="clear: both" /> tag in the Row Close section.
  • Fix: The obsolete "Attached" view has been removed from the /examples/mla-custom-view-example.php.txt file.
  • Fix: MLA enhanced icons for non-iage items are now properly displayed on the Media/Assistant submenu table.
  • Fix: Taxonomy terms containing "HTML special characters", e.g., ampersands, are now handled correctly for searching and editing.
  • Fix: The mla_list_table_new_instance filter is now called for Media/Assistant Set Parent and Quick Edit (Ajax) actions.
  • Fix: For IPTC/EXIF mapping, empty values returned from an "EXIF/Template" template no longer suppress IPTC values that are present.
  • Fix: For the Media/Library grid view, JavaScript errors initializing the Enhanced Media Search toolbar control have been eliminated.
  • Fix: For IPTC/EXIF and custom field mapping, handling of items with corrupted attachment_matadata has been improved to avoid PHP Notice and Warning messages.
  • Fix: When WPML is active, [mla_tag_cloud] returns language-specific terms.
  • Fix: The MLA orientation data source reliably returns "portrait" or "landscape". The WordPress orientaton value, when present, is available as meta:image_meta.orientation.
  • Fix: Media/Assistant filtering by numeric custom field values with leading spaces (such as file_size) has been restored.
  • Fix: Media/Assistant "Unattached" and "Trash" view handling updated for WP 4.2 changes.
  • Fix: JavaScript "spinner" handling updated for WP 4.2 changes.
  • Fix: Code and files for WordPress before version 3.5 has been removed.


  • New: For the [mla_gallery] shortcode, the Google File Viewer (mla_viewer) has been replaced by two new featues. First, a "Featured Image" can be assigned to Media Library items; it will replace the MIME type icon as the thumbnail for the item. Second, PDF documents can generate a thumbnail image for the item if ImageMagick, Imagick and Ghostscript are available on the server. See the Other Notes section section or the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab for more information.
  • New: XMP metadata can be extracted from JPEG and TIFF images and used in [mla_gallery] shortcodes and IPTC/EXIF or Custom Field mapping rules.
  • New: Several simple MLA Gallery examples have been added to the Documentation tab.
  • New: A Media/Assistant submenu table custom view example plugin, mla-custom-view-example.php.txt has been added to the /media-library-assistant/examples/ directory. The example adds two custom views for "Attached" items and "Unpublished" items that are attached to a parent whose post_status is 'draft', 'future', 'pending' or 'trash' .
  • New: Two new filters for the "Media/Assistant Submenu Hooks" allow you to record or modify the new values for Bulk Edit fields. The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-list-table-hooks-example.php.txt example plugin has been updated with the new filters.
  • New: A Terms Search "exact" option has been added to eliminate false matches such as "man" within "woman".
  • New: A new field-level data source, "alt_text" is available for use in shortcodes and mapping rules.
  • New: A new field-level option value, "substr(s,l)" is available for use in shortcodes and mapping rules. It uses the PHP substr() function to extract a portion of a field-level value.
  • New: If you add define( 'MLA_DEBUG_LEVEL', 1 ); to your wp-config.php file a new Settings/Media Library Assistant Debug tab is available. The new tab lets you view, download and reset (empty) the PHP error log file.
  • New: The Development Version date and MLA debug level, if applicable, are now added to the title of the Settings/Media library Assistant submenu.
  • Fix: Text and Textarea option settings containing backslashes are now cleaned up with stripslashes.
  • Fix: In the Media Manager Modal Window, CSS styles have been updated to improve the layout of the toolbar.
  • Fix: If 'Enable "bulk edit" area' is checked, bulk edit on Add New uploads will be run even if all four "enable mapping" options are disabled.
  • Fix: Terms Search performance has been improved by eliminating redundant table joins.
  • Fix: For the Media/Assistant submenu table, sorting on custom fields now works correctly.
  • Fix: For the Media/Assistant submenu table, Search Media with the terms option now works correctly.
  • Fix: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-acf-checkbox-example.php.txt example plugin has been re-written to use the new filters and to confrom to changes made in MLA version 2.01.
  • Fix: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-image-source-control-example.php.txt example plugin has been re-written to use the new filters and to confrom to changes made in MLA version 2.01.
  • Fix: Where-used reporting now identifies posts and pages in the Trash.
  • Fix: For IPTC/EXIF mapping, single/double quotes in the EXIF/Template Value field are now handled correctly, without adding backslash characters to the new values.
  • Fix: Field-level option values containing multiple arguments are now parsed correctly.
  • Fix: Several changes to the Translation/Localization strings to reduce translation effort.

2.00 - 2.02

  • 2.02 - Bulk Edit on Media/Add New, pause/restart IPTC/EXIF mapping, EXIF CAMERA fields, "timestamp", "date" and "fraction" format options. Six other enhancements, twelve fixes.
  • 2.01 - Google File Viewer (mla_viewer) disabled. IPTC/EXIF mapping performance gains. Four other enhancements, five fixes.
  • 2.00 - Requires WP v3.5+. Ajax-powered bulk edit and mapping, front-end "terms search" for [mla_gallery]. Five other enhancements, two fixes.

1.90 - 1.95

  • 1.95: New [mla_gallery] parameters, Download rollover action, Media/Assistant submenu filters. Eleven enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.94: Media Manager fixes and new "current-item" parameters for [mla_tag_cloud]. Two other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.93: WordPress 4.0 Media Grid enhancements (optional) and compatibility fixes. New auto-fill option for Media Manager taxonomy meta boxes. One other enhancement, three other fixes.
  • 1.92: Three bug fixes, one serious.
  • 1.91: WordPress 4.0 support! New "Edit Media meta box" and "Media Modal Initial Values" filters and example plugins. Four other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.90: New "Terms Search" popup window and Search Media "Terms" checkbox. Post Type filter and pagination for "Select Parent" popup. Ten other enhancements, five fixes.

1.80 - 1.83

  • 1.83: Corrects serious defect, restoring Quick Edit, Bulk Edit and Screen Options to Media/Assistant submenu. Three other fixes.
  • 1.82: "Select Parent" popup window (Media/Edit Media, Attached to column, Quick Edit area), SVG support and several new filter examples. Five other enhancements, three other fixes.
  • 1.81: Corrects serious defect in Media Manager Modal Window file uploading. Adds item-specific tag clouds. One other enhancement, five other fixes.
  • 1.80: Full taxonomy meta box support in the Media Manager Modal Window. Checkbox-style meta box for flat taxonomies. Fourteen other enhancements, nine fixes.

1.70 - 1.71

  • 1.71: Searchable Category meta boxes for the Media/Edit Media screen. Support for the WordPress "Attachment Display Settings". Six fixes.
  • 1.70: Internationalization and localization support! Custom Field and IPTC/EXIF Mapping hooks. One other enhancement, six fixes.

1.60 - 1.61

  • 1.61: Three fixes, including one significant fix for item-specific markup substitution parameters. Tested for compatibility with WP 3.8.
  • 1.60: New [mla_tag_cloud] shortcode and shortcode-enabled MLA Text Widget. Five other enhancements, four fixes.

1.50 - 1.52

  • 1.52: Corrected serious defect in [mla_gallery] that incorrectly limited the number of items returned for non-paginated galleries. One other fix.
  • 1.51: Attachment Metadata mapping/updating, [mla_gallery] "apply_filters" hooks, multiple paginated galleries per page, "ALL_CUSTOM" pseudo value. Three other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.50: PDF and GPS Metadata support. Content Templates; mix literal text with data values, test for empty values and choose among two or more alternatives for [mla_gallery] and data mapping. Four other enhancements, seven fixes.

1.40 - 1.43

  • 1.43: Generalized pagination support with "mla_output=paginate_links". One other enhancement, four fixes.
  • 1.42: Pagination support for [mla_gallery]! Improved CSS width (itemwidth) and margin handling. Eight other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.41: New [mla_gallery] "previous link" and "next link" output for gallery navigation. New "request" substitution parameter to access $_REQUEST variables. Three other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.40: Better performance! New custom table views, Post MIME Type and Upload file/MIMEs control; 112 file type icons to choose from. Four new Gallery Display Content parameters. four other enhancements, twelve fixes.

1.00 - 1.30

  • 1.30: New "mla_alt_shortcode" parameter combines [mla_gallery] with other gallery display shortcodes, e.g., Jetpack Carousel and Tiled Mosaic. Support for new 3.6 audio/video metadata. One other enhancement, eight fixes.
  • 1.20: Media Manager (Add Media, etc.) enhancements: filter by more MIME types, date, taxonomy terms; enhanced search box for name/slug, ALT text, caption and attachment ID. New [mla_gallery] sort options. Four other enhancements, four fixes.
  • 1.14: New [mla_gallery] mla_target and tax_operator parameters, tax_query cleanup and ids/include fix. Attachments column fix. IPTC/EXIF and Custom Field mapping fixes. Three other fixes.
  • 1.13: Add custom fields to the quick and bulk edit areas; sort and search on them in the Media/Assistant submenu. Expanded EXIF data access, including COMPUTED values. Google File Viewer support, two other enhancements and two fixes.
  • 1.11: Search by attachment ID, avoid fatal errors and other odd results when adding taxonomy terms. One other fix.
  • 1.10: Map attachment metadata to custom fields; add them to [mla_gallery] display and as sortable columns on the Media/Assistant submenu table. Get Photonic Gallery (plugin) integration and six other fixes.
  • 1.00: Map IPTC and EXIF metadata to standard fields, taxonomy terms and custom fields. Improved performance for where-used reporting. Specify default [mla_gallery] style and markup templates. Five other fixes.

0.11 - 0.90

  • [mla_gallery] support for custom fields, taxonomy terms and IPTC/EXIF metadata. Updated for WordPress 3.5!
  • Improved default Style template, [mla_gallery] parameters "mla_itemwidth" and "mla_margin" for control of gallery item spacing. Quick edit support of WordPress standard Categories taxonomy has been fixed.
  • MLA Gallery Style and Markup Templates for control over CSS styles, HTML markup and data content of [mla_gallery] shortcode output. Eight other enhancements and four fixes.
  • Removed (!) Warning displays for empty Gallery in and MLA Gallery in column entries.
  • New "Gallery in" and "MLA Gallery in" where-used reporting to see where items are returned by the [gallery] and [mla_gallery] shortcodes. Two other enhancements and two fixes.
  • Enhanced Search Media box. Extend search to the name/slug, ALT text and caption fields. Connect search terms with "and" or "or". Five other enhancements and two fixes.
  • New [mla_gallery] shortcode, a superset of the [gallery] shortcode that provides many enhancements. These include taxonomy support and all post_mime_type values (not just images). Media Library items need not be "attached" to the post.
  • SQL View (supporting ALT Text sorting) now created for automatic plugin upgrades
  • Bulk Edit area; add, remove or replace taxonomy terms for several attachments at once. Sort your media listing on ALT Text, exclude revisions from where-used reporting.
  • Support ALL taxonomies, including the standard Categories and Tags, your custom taxonomies and the Assistant's pre-defined Att. Categories and Att. Tags. Add taxonomy columns to the Assistant admin screen, filter on any taxonomy, assign terms and list the attachments for a term.
  • Quick Edit action for inline editing of attachment metadata
  • Fixed "404 Not Found" errors when updating single items.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-27
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


39 of 42 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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