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Media Library Assistant

Enhances the Media Library; powerful [mla_gallery], taxonomy support, IPTC/EXIF/PDF processing, bulk/quick edit actions and where-used reporting.


  • Fix: Remove call to xdebug_get_function_stack() causing fatal PHP error.


  • New: A new shortcode, [mla_term_list], composes lists, dropdown controls and checkbox lists for flat and hierarchical taxonomies.
  • New: A new example plugin, /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-term-list-hooks-example.php.txt has been added. It documents the filters (hooks) provided by the [mla_term_list] shortcode.
  • New: A new example plugin, /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-custom-taxonomy-example.php.txt has been added. It defines three custom taxonomies and shows how to combine [mla_term_list] and [mla_gallery] terms search parameters.
  • New: The Settings/Media Library Assistant "MLA Gallery" tab has been renamed "Shortcodes" to more accurately reflect its content. An expanded jump table makes it easier to access the style and markup sections for each shortcode.
  • New: A data element specification has been added to the taxonomy terms data substitution prefix. For example, you can get the term slug value(s) by coding [+terms:attachment_category(slug)+].
  • New: Field-level substitution parameter filters (hooks) have been added to allow you to create and access custom substitution parameters and format options.
  • New: A new example plugin, /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-substitution-parameter-hooks-example.php.txt has been added. It documents all the new hooks and adds a custom "parent_terms:" prefix to illustrate their use.
  • New: A new "Taxonomy term keyword(s) search" parameter has been added to change the delimiter used to separate terms in the input list.
  • New: A new example plugin, /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-bulk-edit-remap-example.php.txt has been added. It performs IPTC/EXIF and Custom Field mapping at the conclusion of a Bulk Edit action, so data sources like "terms:" are properly applied.
  • New: A new example plugin, /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-current-user-example.php.txt has been added. It changes the [mla_gallery] parameter author=current to the ID value of the current logged in user.
  • New: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-project-slug-example.php.txt example plugin has been enhanced to allow one or more attachment_tags terms to be excluded from the filtered results.
  • New: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-insert-fixit.php.txt example plugin has been enhanced to link unattached items that are inserted in or are the Featured Image for a post or page.
  • New: Additional debug log messages have been added for IPTC/EXIF and Custom Field mapping AJAX actions.
  • Fix: The mla-media-modal-scripts.js script has been changed to avoid "Uncaught RangeError" problems.
  • Fix: The posts_per_page parameter is no longer ignored when the data selection parameter is ids= (or include=).
  • Fix: Corrupted exif:DateTimeOriginal values are replaced by xmp:CreateDate when possible. The original bad EXIF value is retained as exif:BadDateTimeOriginal.
  • Fix: MLA Media Manager enhancements are now loaded when plugins such as Beaver Builder invoke the Media Manager on the "front end".
  • Fix: Polylang version 1.8+ API changes have been incorporated, eliminating "deprecated" warning messages.
  • Fix: Files with valid, but empty XMP metadata that contain no namespaces are now handled without generating PHP Warning messages.


  • New: Argument Substitution Parameters can be added to custom markup templates to provide default values for shortcode parameters. See the Other Notes section section or the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab for more information.
  • New: For the Media/Assistant submenu, the list/grid view switcher has been added so you can access the WordPress Media/Library grid view even if the Media/Library submenu entry has been suppressed. A new option in the Settings/Media Library Assistant General tab controls the switcher display.
  • New: Two new Settings/Media Library Assistant General tab options, "Delete Option Settings" and "Delete Option Backups", let you delete MLA settings from the WordPress options table and/or MLA settings backup files when you delete the plugin. The default is to retain settings and backup files, as in previous MLA versions.
  • New: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-hooks-example.php.txt example plugin has been enhanced with a new "custom SQL" example. The new example selects one or more "recently uploaded" images that are attached to a post/page.
  • New: The /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-metadata-mapping-hooks-example.php.txt example plugin has been enhanced to restore IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata to files processed by the Easy Watermark plugin during the upload process.
  • New: A performance improvement has been made to the /media-library-assistant/examples/mla-tax-query-example.php.txt example plugin, replacing two separate SQL queries with a single query/subquery.
  • New: For the Settings/Media Library Assistant Debug tab, you can enter "0" (zero) in the MLA Reporting text box to suppress all MLA debug messages but keep the Debug tab active.
  • New: Error reporting for damaged mla-default-mime-types.tpl files is now optional, and some additional information has been added to the messages.
  • Fix: When invoking the Media/Edit Media submenu from the Media/Assistant submenu "Edit" rollover action, "Update" and "Trash"/"Delete Permanently" actions preserve Media/Assistant as their source.
  • Fix: XML parsing has been improved to avoid PHP Warning messages for documents with empty rdf:description sections.
  • Fix: Initial values are provided for the $post object when [mla_tag_cloud] is called without a parent post/page.
  • Fix: Default values for itemtag, termtag and captiontag are provided when a custom markup template is used with [mla_tag_cloud].
  • Fix: A new filter, mla_tag_cloud_raw_attributes has been added to match the corresponding [mla_gallery] filter. The mla-cloud-hooks-example.php.txt example plugin has been updated to document the new filter.
  • Fix: For XMLRPC calls, the full plugin functionality is loaded so Media Item uploads trigger IPTC/EXIF and Custom Field mapping rules.
  • Fix: The Relevanssi "prevent default request" filter definitions have been repaired, eliminating some PHP warning messages and restoring proper queries in the [mla_gallery] shortcode.
  • Fix: Changes have been made in mla-media-modal-scripts.js to increase compatibility with Enhanced Media Library, by wpUXsolutions.
  • Fix: Changes have been made in the Media/Assistant submenu screen and in mla-media-modal-scripts.js to increase compatibility with WP Media Folder, by JoomUnited.
  • Fix: Some template and metadata parsing error messages have been converted from unconditional error_log() calls to MLA Debug calls so they can be suppressed when not needed.
  • Fix: Information on the [mla_tag_cloud] itemtag, termtag and captiontag parameters has been added to the Documentation tab.

2.00 - 2.24

  • 2.24 - Corrects the MLA error that suppressed Admin Columns functions for Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, Users and Comments.
  • 2.23 - Admin Columns 2.4.9 fixes, EXIF/XMP/PDF improvements, Posts, Pages and custom Post Types in [mla_gallery] display. Seven enhancements in all, six fixes.
  • 2.22 - Support for the "Admin Columns" plugin, PHP7 and "enclosing shortcode" syntax. Better performance, new filters and examples. Eight enhancements in all, eight fixes.
  • 2.21 - Fix for "empty grid", "No media attachments found", "No items found" and "Unknown column" symptoms. Thanks to all who quickly alerted me to the problem. One other fix for "Featured Image" handling of size=none.
  • 2.20 - Reduced memory/time footprint, default setting changes, WPML/Polylang IPTC/EXIF mapping fixes, partial German translation. Nine other enhancements, thirteen fixes.
  • 2.15 - Bulk Edit Reset button, Debug tab enhancements, Quick Edit thumbnails, new examples and hooks. Sixteen enhancements in all, sixteen fixes.
  • 2.14 - Final WordPress 4.3 updates. New Debug tab features. Updated Dutch translation. Four other fixes.
  • 2.13 - WordPress 4.3 updates. PDF Thumbnail image generator. Wildcard keyword/term searching. Several WPML and Polylang fixes. Dutch and Swedish translations! Twelve other enhancements, twelve other fixes.
  • 2.12 - Fixes a defect in [mla_gallery] handling of the mla_caption parameter. Adds mla_debug=log option.
  • 2.11 - Enhanced WPML and new Polylang support. "Attached" Media/Assistant table view. Eight other enhancements, fifteen fixes. *2.10 - mla_viewer is back, with a Featured Image option! XMP support for image meta data. Eight other enhancements, twelve fixes.
  • 2.02 - Bulk Edit on Media/Add New, pause/restart IPTC/EXIF mapping, EXIF CAMERA fields, "timestamp", "date" and "fraction" format options. Six other enhancements, twelve fixes.
  • 2.01 - Google File Viewer (mla_viewer) disabled. IPTC/EXIF mapping performance gains. Four other enhancements, five fixes.
  • 2.00 - Requires WP v3.5+. Ajax-powered bulk edit and mapping, front-end "terms search" for [mla_gallery]. Five other enhancements, two fixes.

1.00 - 1.95

  • 1.95: New [mla_gallery] parameters, Download rollover action, Media/Assistant submenu filters. Eleven enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.94: Media Manager fixes and new "current-item" parameters for [mla_tag_cloud]. Two other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.93: WordPress 4.0 Media Grid enhancements (optional) and compatibility fixes. New auto-fill option for Media Manager taxonomy meta boxes. One other enhancement, three other fixes.
  • 1.92: Three bug fixes, one serious.
  • 1.91: WordPress 4.0 support! New "Edit Media meta box" and "Media Modal Initial Values" filters and example plugins. Four other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.90: New "Terms Search" popup window and Search Media "Terms" checkbox. Post Type filter and pagination for "Select Parent" popup. Ten other enhancements, five fixes.
  • 1.83: Corrects serious defect, restoring Quick Edit, Bulk Edit and Screen Options to Media/Assistant submenu. Three other fixes.
  • 1.82: "Select Parent" popup window (Media/Edit Media, Attached to column, Quick Edit area), SVG support and several new filter examples. Five other enhancements, three other fixes.
  • 1.81: Corrects serious defect in Media Manager Modal Window file uploading. Adds item-specific tag clouds. One other enhancement, five other fixes.
  • 1.80: Full taxonomy meta box support in the Media Manager Modal Window. Checkbox-style meta box for flat taxonomies. Fourteen other enhancements, nine fixes.
  • 1.71: Searchable Category meta boxes for the Media/Edit Media screen. Support for the WordPress "Attachment Display Settings". Six fixes.
  • 1.70: Internationalization and localization support! Custom Field and IPTC/EXIF Mapping hooks. One other enhancement, six fixes.
  • 1.61: Three fixes, including one significant fix for item-specific markup substitution parameters. Tested for compatibility with WP 3.8.
  • 1.60: New [mla_tag_cloud] shortcode and shortcode-enabled MLA Text Widget. Five other enhancements, four fixes.
  • 1.52: Corrected serious defect in [mla_gallery] that incorrectly limited the number of items returned for non-paginated galleries. One other fix.
  • 1.51: Attachment Metadata mapping/updating, [mla_gallery] "apply_filters" hooks, multiple paginated galleries per page, "ALL_CUSTOM" pseudo value. Three other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.50: PDF and GPS Metadata support. Content Templates; mix literal text with data values, test for empty values and choose among two or more alternatives for [mla_gallery] and data mapping. Four other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.43: Generalized pagination support with "mla_output=paginate_links". One other enhancement, four fixes.
  • 1.42: Pagination support for [mla_gallery]! Improved CSS width (itemwidth) and margin handling. Eight other enhancements, six fixes.
  • 1.41: New [mla_gallery] "previous link" and "next link" output for gallery navigation. New "request" substitution parameter to access $_REQUEST variables. Three other enhancements, seven fixes.
  • 1.40: Better performance! New custom table views, Post MIME Type and Upload file/MIMEs control; 112 file type icons to choose from. Four new Gallery Display Content parameters. four other enhancements, twelve fixes.
  • 1.30: New "mla_alt_shortcode" parameter combines [mla_gallery] with other gallery display shortcodes, e.g., Jetpack Carousel and Tiled Mosaic. Support for new 3.6 audio/video metadata. One other enhancement, eight fixes.
  • 1.20: Media Manager (Add Media, etc.) enhancements: filter by more MIME types, date, taxonomy terms; enhanced search box for name/slug, ALT text, caption and attachment ID. New [mla_gallery] sort options. Four other enhancements, four fixes.
  • 1.14: New [mla_gallery] mla_target and tax_operator parameters, tax_query cleanup and ids/include fix. Attachments column fix. IPTC/EXIF and Custom Field mapping fixes. Three other fixes.
  • 1.13: Add custom fields to the quick and bulk edit areas; sort and search on them in the Media/Assistant submenu. Expanded EXIF data access, including COMPUTED values. Google File Viewer support, two other enhancements and two fixes.
  • 1.11: Search by attachment ID, avoid fatal errors and other odd results when adding taxonomy terms. One other fix.
  • 1.10: Map attachment metadata to custom fields; add them to [mla_gallery] display and as sortable columns on the Media/Assistant submenu table. Get Photonic Gallery (plugin) integration and six other fixes.
  • 1.00: Map IPTC and EXIF metadata to standard fields, taxonomy terms and custom fields. Improved performance for where-used reporting. Specify default [mla_gallery] style and markup templates. Five other fixes.

0.11 - 0.90

  • [mla_gallery] support for custom fields, taxonomy terms and IPTC/EXIF metadata. Updated for WordPress 3.5!
  • Improved default Style template, [mla_gallery] parameters "mla_itemwidth" and "mla_margin" for control of gallery item spacing. Quick edit support of WordPress standard Categories taxonomy has been fixed.
  • MLA Gallery Style and Markup Templates for control over CSS styles, HTML markup and data content of [mla_gallery] shortcode output. Eight other enhancements and four fixes.
  • Removed (!) Warning displays for empty Gallery in and MLA Gallery in column entries.
  • New "Gallery in" and "MLA Gallery in" where-used reporting to see where items are returned by the [gallery] and [mla_gallery] shortcodes. Two other enhancements and two fixes.
  • Enhanced Search Media box. Extend search to the name/slug, ALT text and caption fields. Connect search terms with "and" or "or". Five other enhancements and two fixes.
  • New [mla_gallery] shortcode, a superset of the [gallery] shortcode that provides many enhancements. These include taxonomy support and all post_mime_type values (not just images). Media Library items need not be "attached" to the post.
  • SQL View (supporting ALT Text sorting) now created for automatic plugin upgrades
  • Bulk Edit area; add, remove or replace taxonomy terms for several attachments at once. Sort your media listing on ALT Text, exclude revisions from where-used reporting.
  • Support ALL taxonomies, including the standard Categories and Tags, your custom taxonomies and the Assistant's pre-defined Att. Categories and Att. Tags. Add taxonomy columns to the Assistant admin screen, filter on any taxonomy, assign terms and list the attachments for a term.
  • Quick Edit action for inline editing of attachment metadata
  • Fixed "404 Not Found" errors when updating single items.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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