This plugin has been closed and is no longer available for download.

Marketers Delight Main Menu



  • Unlimited sub-menu levels
  • Social media menu
  • Simple search bar that shows on toggle
  • 2-step email signup popup with MD Popups
  • Fully responsive, tap nav buttons to toggle on mobile
  • Developer: customize with hooks and templates

This is a free add-on for the Marketers Delight theme.


  • Default menu design on desktop

  • Default desktop design customized with CSS

  • Menu turns into a tab switcher on tablet / mobile

  • The condensed tab menu on mobile

  • MD Main Menu further integrates with MD Popups and lets readers triggers your custom-designed popup on click.


  1. Upload marketers-delight-main-menu to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Appearance > Customize to add menu items

Read the FAQ for more details and tips.

Read the official getting started guide →


Does this menu work with my theme?

This menu plugin was built specifically for the Marketers Delight theme from Kolakube.

How many dropdown menus can I have?

This menu supports an unlimited level of dropdown items on all devices.

Where is the menu added?

The main menu is added to your blog homepage and archives by default. You may add/remove the Main Menu from any individual post or page by clicking “Add/Remove Main Menu” in the “Layout” meta box on your post editor.

If you want to add the Main Menu to every page by default, from your Dashboard go to Appearance > Customizer > Main Menu and enable the Sitewide setting.

If the Main Menu is enabled site wide, you will have the option to remove it from any individual post or page from the same “Layout” meta box on your post editor. Fine-tune control, baby.

Can I override the template file and stylesheet?

Using a Child Theme, you can overwrite the HTML and CSS this plugin uses to display the Main Menu. To do that, browse via FTP to /wp-content/plugins/md-main-menu and look for the /templates/ and /css/ folder. Each respective folder contains the template file or CSS file. Whichever one you want to edit, open it up and copy the entire contents of the folder.

Then in your child theme, create a folder with the same name as the folder you just copied the file from, and a file with the same name you just copied from. Paste what you copied from the plugin into your new file and save. You may now edit.

For example, if I wanted to edit the template, the file path would be /wp-content/themes/my-child-theme/templates/main-menu.php.

Contributors & Developers

“Marketers Delight Main Menu” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed bug preventing Main Menu from displaying on Taxonomies.


  • Fixed warning notice on save when no menus are created.


  • Fixed warning notices on Customizer screen regarding MD Popups


  • Fixed bug that prevented Main Menu options from saving on posts/pages.
  • Full compatibility with the new MD4.3.5


  • Prevents plugin from loading if the Marketers Delight plugin ( isn’t installed.


  • New: Add a 2-step optin popup to your menu with MD Popups
  • New: Simplified search bar design
  • Fix: Add/remove meta box controls have been fixed
  • Fix: All menu item triggers open on mobile
  • Moved inline JS into main-menu.js file
  • Cleaner, leaner stylesheet


  • Fixed bug where menu couldn’t be removed from individual Pages


  • Getting this beast out into the world. 🙂