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Manga+Press Comic Manager

Manga+Press is a webcomic management system for WordPress.

I'm using the bundled theme for TwentyEleven, -Twelve, or -Thirteen but the Custom CSS and/or Insert Navigation options have no effect? Or they add a second navigation bar

This is because the navigation for the comics is built into the theme. Using a different theme or overriding the default theme's template will allow you to use the options. (however, see issue #17 for additional issues)

Does Manga+Press work on WordPress Multi-site?

Yes, it does. However, a few steps must be taken to make Manga+Press' child-themes available to your network. See the question below on the steps to take to enable the child-themes on Multisite.

The bundled themes aren't available in WordPress Multi-site. What's going on?

This is because the plugin hasn't been activated for the entire MS network. In order for the child-themes to be available, Manga+Press must be available to the entire network. This can be done by going to Network Admin > Plugins and clicking the Network Activate link for Manga+Press. Once this is done, then both the parent- and child-themes need to made available to the network as well. This can be accomplished by going to Network Admin > Themes, selecting the themes in question, choosing Bulk Actions > Network Enable, and then clicking Apply.

Is Manga+Press responsive?

Not by itself. However, Manga+Press doesn't really output markup other than the comic navigation. Responsiveness depends on the theme that is being used. The themes bundled with Manga+Press — the TwentyEleven thru TwentyFourteen child-themes — all have some level of responsiveness that is dependent on their parent themes.

Is Manga+Press compatible with Advanced Custom Fields

Yes, it is! Manga+Press is simply a stripped down custom post-type with a custom Featured Image meta-box. Like any other post-type, you can add a new field group using ACF — however, you will have to configure your theme to display these custom fields.

Is Manga+Press compatible with the WPML plugin?

I have never had the chance to test Manga+Press with the WPML plugin so I can't really guarantee compatibility. Since Manga+Press works like a standard WordPress post, and WPML is compatible with custom post-types, this shouldn't be a problem.

Do you take feature requests?

I do take feature requests, but I also judge each request on the basis of how well the new feature fits into Manga+Press' current functionality and also how feasible the new feature is to implement into Manga+Press' core.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 100+


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