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Manga+Press Comic Manager

Manga+Press is a webcomic management system for WordPress.


  • 2.9.3
    • Spanish language updates to embedded themes.
  • 2.9.2
    • Added support for Jetpack Publicize feature.
  • 2.9.1

    • Corrects an issue where Comic posts were not getting assigned to a default Series taxonomy on save.
    • Corrects Comic post 404 error/Missing Comic post issue.
    • Corrects appearance of comic navigation on Latest Comic page
  • 2.9.0

    • Updated navigation CSS
    • Removed "Order By" Option. Now defaults to date.
    • Removed "Use Theme Template" options. Now defaults to using theme templates.
    • Added contextual help tabs
    • Added Calendar template tag for comics
    • Added filter for changing Comic post-type front slug (defaults to comic)
    • Fixed missing "No comics" message for Latest Comic page.
    • Corrected issue with Comic Post terms getting updated on post-save.
    • Updated Spanish Language files.
    • Updated child-themes to handle styling for Comic Calendar widget
    • Corrected issues in comic navigation when Group Comics/Group By Parent options are used.
    • Added Manga+Press-specific version of WordPress calendar widget
    • Updated Comic date permalink structure
    • Updated and fixed loading of Spanish Language files
    • Adjusted template hierarchy for Latest Comic and Comic Archive pages to use WordPress' defaults (page-{slug-name}.php and {custom-page-template}.php)
    • Brought default Single Comic template in line with default Latest Comic and Comic Archive template handling
      • Incidently corrects an issue where a Single Comic post might not display correctly due to markup being incompatible with a user's selected theme.


  • 2.8.3

    • Correcting blank issue when "Use Theme Template" is selected when used with third-party themes
  • 2.8.2

    • Correcting Latest Comic template error when Latest Comic is used as front page.

    • Correcting problem with undefined function error appearing when Latest Comic template in TwentyFourteen theme is used
  • 2.8.1

    • Corrected E_STRICT notice on plugin activation
    • Updated font icons
  • 2.8

    • Added bundled child-themes for TwentyEleven, TwentyTwelve, TwentyThirteen, and TwentyFourteen
    • Corrected 404 issues for custom post-type after activation
    • Updated admin interface to fit WordPress 3.8
    • Adjusted template stack for single comics
    • Added new Media Library popup (eliminating legacy ThickBox dependency)
      • Added WordPress 3.5 Media Library window
    • Code review and cleanup
    • Removed legacy options (Comic Banner)


  • 2.7.5

    • Fixed 404 when visiting comic pages after update (ported from upcoming 2.8 release)
    • Fixed undefined index errors caused by checkboxes when settings page is updated
    • Tested works with WordPress 3.8
  • 2.7.4

    • Fixed SQL bugs relating to "Group By Category" option
  • 2.7.3

    • Added "Group By Category" parent option
  • 2.7.2

    • Added Spanish Language support
    • Fixed issues with comic navigation.
    • Addressing query-usage on Latest Comic page.
  • 2.7.1

    • Fixed undefined index notices (WP_DEBUG turned on)
  • 2.7 RC 1

    • Moved partial templates to sub-directory inside templates.
    • Corrected issues in comic-specific conditional functions.
    • Changed Ajax hooks to be admin-specific.
  • 2.7 Beta 3

    • Fixed missing template issues.
    • Fixed issues with "Use theme template" settings.
  • 2.7 Beta 2

    • Corrected issue with framework paths which prevented the Manga+Press Options forms from displaying properly.
    • Added closing PHP tags for servers that have short open tags disabled.
  • 2.7 Beta

    • Eliminated "Insert Banner" and Comic Update codes. These features may return in future versions.
    • Added custom taxonomies, and post thumbnail support.
    • Eliminated TimThumb.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 100+


4 out of 5 stars


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