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Magic the Gathering Card Tooltips

Easily transform Magic the Gathering card names into links that show the card image in a tooltip when hovering over them. You can also quickly create

The plugin adds a button in the visual post editor. To use it, just select the text that represents a Magic the Gathering card name and click the button. The card name will be enclosed in [mtg_card][/mtg_card] tags (or the shorthand [c][/c] tag). When viewing the post, the card name will show up as a link to the card's page on https://deckbox.org . Hovering over the link will show the card's image in a tooltip.

A similar tag can be used to quickly create deck listings: [mtg_deck][/mtg_deck] (or the shorthand [d][/d]). A deck listing should contain a list of cards and categories. All cards have a number before their name. All other lines are interpreted as category names. Do not include card numbers on the category name lines, they will automatically be computed and displayed by the plugin. A short example follows.

The default style for displaying decks is a card listing with each card having a mouseover tooltip. This style can be changed to an embedded view, where the listing has a card image to the right of the deck. This can be toggled in the plugin settings for all decks, or specifically for a deck by setting the style attribute to the tag, as can be seen below.

[d title="Really Small Deck" style="embedded"]
    2 Bloodbraid Elf
    4 Grizzly Bears

    4 Lightning Bolt

    4 Cultivate

The screenshot section includes an image of the above deck listing.

Requires: 2.8.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 400+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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