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Mad Mimi for WordPress

Integrate Mad Mimi with your WordPress website: includes signup form widgets and automatically adding registered users to lists.



  • Added: Users added in the WordPress admin are now added to lists if "Sync Users" is enabled.
  • Fixed: Some PHP warnings


  • Fixed some PHP warnings
  • Moved including the widget file to the MadMimi class - hopefully that will solve end of file issues for some users.


  • Added debug setting to allow users to submit more detailed error reports.
  • Added notice re: Gravity Forms Mad Mimi Add-on
  • Fixed issue with form function not accepting title=>true, but only title='true' (issue #578739)


  • Updated API call to be more secure - prevents the Firesheep security vulnerability over unsecured WiFi.


  • Fixed issue with user registrations not being properly added to lists.


  • Fixed potential bug on line 368 of madmimi-widget.php, as reported by Leo Germani. Thanks again, Leo!



Lots of improvements in this update.

  • Added option for adding text before form
  • Changed method of accessing data from curl() to WordPress functions wp_remote_get() and wp_remote_post()- now if users don't havecurl()` on their servers, they still may be able to use the plugin.
  • Added filters for text before form (madmimi_form_description and madmimi_form_description_[form ID]
  • Added URL validation and sanitation to success page redirection
  • Added basic phone validation to form submissions. Not strict, so works for international & US/Canadian numbers
  • Added label to error messages; clicking on the messages will focus users on the field throwing the error.
  • Improved error generation
  • Improved speed of plugin by caching email lists using set_transient()
  • Fixed success page redirection
  • Fixed Undefined offset PHP notices
  • Fixed display of HTML code in success message


Structural improvements in Version 1.3 are thanks to Leo Germani.

  • Created a class, so (almost) everything is inside it. No more globals named $user or $api.
  • Changed the way settings are saved based on the best practices:
    • Use of register_setting() and settings_field() (which takes care of the nonce and everything)
    • All options in a single database entry
  • When displaying a widget, the plugin now checks if the settings are configured properly, otherwise it won't show the widget.
  • Added code structure for internationalization of plugin. Details to come.
  • Wrapped "thank-you" signup message in <div class="mad_mimi_success"> for better formatting control.
  • Added mad_mimi_signup_form_success filter for modifying the form submission message.
  • Added rel=nofollow to the optional link to Mad Mimi.


  • Runs a check to see if curl_init is supported by the web host; it's required for this plugin
  • Fixed readme.txt links to MadMimi


  • Critical upgrade - fixes widget not displaying in Widgets page


  • Added support for PHP4 servers. The plugin won't have the user list management functionality, but everything else should work.
  • Fixed potential error when submitting a form without a selected user list
  • Added form id to input id's to allow for better <label> handling
  • Added notice for users without PHP5
  • Added wpautop() formatting to signup success message, meaning that it will add paragraphs if none were provided


  • For those experiencing the implode() fatal error (it even sounds bad!), this update should fix it thanks to an updated mimi_signup_lists() function in madmimi_widget.php.
  • Added error message check to make sure the error message displays on the form that was submitted, not another Mad Mimi form.
  • Added checks for whether or not there are any lists, and if not, add the contact to the All Audience List
  • Added three hooks for add_filter(): mad_mimi_signup_form modifies the form if used by shortcode or in the widget, mad_mimi_signup_form_widget modifies the widget output (including before and after the form), and mad_mimi_signup_form_error modifies the error message. Refer to the FAQ for more information.
  • Updated widget display


  • Initial plugin release

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.7.8
Last Updated: 2013-10-26
Active Installs: 3,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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