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Lumiere! Movies helps you integrate loads of information about movies and stars. Widgets, links to informative popup, and dedicated taxonomy pages are available. You can easily include movie’s information into your posts. Everything is automatised and no further configuration is required from the user. However, although the plugin works out of the box, your can change the themes, add taxonomy to your pages, remove links, display automatically information according to your blog posts’ titles, and use many hidden features. All the information about movie directors, pictures, etc. is retrieved from the well-known IMDb website. Lumière! ensures that you have the most accurate and reliable information always available on your blog.

Many features are available in the wordpress editing interfaces (Gutenberg, Visual editor, and HTML editor).

Lumière! is a great tool to illustrate your articles. It is an amazingly versatile plugin: users can display movie details through many ways: popups, widget, and straight inside the article. It can be extensively fine-tuned in the admin panel.

“Lumière! Movies” is the continuation of IMDb Link Transformer plugin that reached over 20’000 downloads.


Use the WordPress Support for general issues, the GIT repository for technical requests.

It’s always a good idea to look at the official website


  • Popup displayed when an imdb link is clicked.
  • How movie's data is displayed "inside a post"
  • How movie's data is displayed in a "widget"
  • Admin preferences for cache
  • The widget area to display a movie
  • Menu in visual editor (tinyMCE) for inclusion of a movie section or popup
  • Tool to insert a movie section or a popup in a post
  • Query page to find a movie IMDb ID
  • Gutenberg block
  • Taxonomy page for a star


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Lumiere Movies
  • Lumiere Movies



PHP 7.2 is required.

  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Should you want to fine-tune your blog, configure the plugin (in admin settings). Default values are automatically filled, in most cases, no change is required.
  3. Activate a Lumière widget if you intend including movie information into your sidebar.
  4. Write your blogs including movie information using the many tools smoothly incorporated in WordPress!

basic options

There are three ways to use Lumière!: 1/ with the popup link maker, 2/ with a widget and 3/ inside a post. Each option can be combined with any other; there is no limitation!

  1. Popup When writing your post, embed a movie’s title using editor Lumière’s tools. They add a span tag around the selected title such as: < span data-lum_link_maker “popup”> movie’s title< /span>. A link that opens a popup will be created in your post upon saving. That popup will contain data about the movie you embeded within the tags.
  2. Widget can be activated and used to display movie’s data. Go to widgets admin options, and select Lumière widget. According to your WordPress version, you will be either offered to install a block editor or legacy widget. Once a widget activated, you can add or remove what type of data to display on your sidebar: go to data management in Lumière! administration settings. Then, when editing your blog post (both block and classic editors work), a new widget will be displayed for your to enter either the name (can lead to unexpected results) or the IMDb ID (never fails) of the movie you want to be shown in the sidebar. If you don’t know the IMDb ID, you can use the query link provided in Lumière widget.
  3. The plugin can show IMDb data inside a post. When writing your post with classic WP editor (pre-5.0 WordPress edition interface), use Lumière’s tools to select the movie title: that will insert html tags around your selection, such as < span data-lum_movie_maker “movie_title”>My movie’s title< /span>. With modern WordPress, just add a Lumière Inside a Post block and enter a movie’s title or movie’s imdb id. For the latter, in order to find the imdb id use the query tool provided in Lumière block (gutenberg sidebar). A similar tool is provided with classic WP editor in a form of dropdown menu.

Fine tuning:

  1. Lumière! Movies can create pages that include a list of movies identically tagged (known as taxonomy). Taxonomy templates are provided. Check plugin’s help to figure out how to use it.
  2. You may edit the “/* —- imdbincluded */” section in css/lumiere.css file to customize the layout according to your taste. You need to download an unminified lumiere.css from the Lumiere GIT repository, and after edition just copy the lumiere.css file into your current template folder. Your modifications will be kept through Lumière!’s updates.


  1. If you do not want Lumière to add any link (in the case you are only looking for information displayed in widget and inside posts), search for the option located in “General options -> Advanced -> Remove popup links?” and select “yes”. Links opening a popup (both in widget and posts) will not be be available anymore.
  2. Should you want to display automatically a widget according to the post’s title, just switch on the “Auto widget” option located in “Options -> Advanced -> Auto widget” in the plugin admin panel. Usefull for blogs exclusively dedicated to movie reviews.
  3. You may want to include a custom page in your blog that includes all your movie related articles. Have a look there : Lost highway’s movies reviews.
  4. Taxonomy pages and popups URLs can be edited according to your tastes. In advanced general Lumière options, you may want to modify the URL starting with ‘lumiere’.
  5. Should you blog be focused on TV shows or videogames only, it is possible to change Lumière’s search behaviour to retrieve these exclusively. In advanced general Lumière options, look for ‘Search categories’.
  6. Many more options are offered, just take a look at the options!


How to use the plugin?

You can find further explanation about how to use the features of Lumière! in the dedicated page of the plugin settings. After installing the plugin, take a look at the section “Lumière! help”.

Can I suggest a feature/report a bug regarding the plugin?

Of course, pay a visit to the Lumière! Movies home or GIT repository. Do not hesitate to share your comments, glitches and wishes. The plugin does more or less what I need but users have helped me improve Lumière! a lot.

I don’t want to have links to a popup window!

Look at “Widget/Inside post Options / Misc / Remove all links?” and switch the option to “yes”. Links will not be displayed anymore, both for the “widget” (inside posts) and external links (like popups).

I want to keep data forever on my disk/server

Look at “Cache management / Cache general options / Cache expire” and click on “never” to keep forever the downloaded data from IMDb. Be carefull with that option: changes made on IMDb will not be anymore reflected in your cache. Should you have selected that option, you can still delete/refresh any specific movie you want in the cache options.

Is it possible to add several movies to sidebar/widget and inside my post?

While one widget only can be added per post, you can insert as many movies as you want inside your articles.

Does it integrate with Polylang plugin?

If Polylang is installed, new features for taxonomy are added, such as selecting a specific installed language to show in taxonomy pages.

Can I change the size of the poster pictures?

Sure thing, just untick ‘Display only thumbnail’ in general admin options, and insert the size in pixels of the picture.

Can I change the size of the popups?

Sure thing, just fill in the width and heigth in general admin options.

Can I change the color themes of the popups or inside the posts?

Sure thing, just select one of the theme available in general admin options, either in ‘plain page’ or ‘popup’ sections.

Can I add or remove the data details, such as director or year of release?

Sure thing, you can also modify the order of these details. Just take a look at data management options.

Known issues

  • None.


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Contributors & Developers

“Lumiere Movies” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


Take a look at the changelog to find out the latest developments. Or for even more extensive and recent changes available at GIT commits.

Major changes:


  • Code linted and functions rewrote using PHPCS, PHPMD and PHPStan. Faster, more secure and more stable plugin.
  • Uninstall process properly implemented. Lumière doesn’t rely on WordPress deactivation function anymore. Properly delete taxonomy. Nothing left in user database.
  • Bug hunting, as usual.


  • Shortcodes [ imdblt ] and [ imdbltid ] have become obsolete, using span html tags instead. It ensures that upon Lumière uninstall, no garbage is left in your articles. Install and uninstall will be smoothly processed! Compatibility with obsolete shortcodes ensured.
  • link to popups are now dealt by a < span data-lum_link_maker “popup”> instead of < span class “lumiere_link_maker”> for plugin code consistency. No compatibility with the latter ensured, since it was recently introduced.
  • Support for the plugin in Help admin section has been improved and updated


  • Cache improvement, fixed longstanding bugs, admin design ameliorated, popups design ameliorated, lumière variables are now automatically updated, code simplification (notably droped htaccess generation), taxonomy pages for people created (huge boost for reasons of using taxonomy). Updated to imdbphp 7.0 library.* New types of search: you can select to search movies, tv shows, and even videogames!
  • Due to recent changes on IMDb website, the new imdbphp library has been rewritten. You must clear your cache folder to make sure the new pages are downloaded, as the olde pages are no longer supported. Just go to the admin panel, go to Lumière plugin settings, then ‘cache management’ panel -> ‘manage cache’, click on ‘delete all cache’, and you’re done.


  • Considerably simplified the way to include widgets; Lumière! now has a metabox in the edit interface. Taxonomy system is fully versatile (URL is editable). Uninstall/deactivation fully functional. Introduced the option to keep the settings upon deactivation (therefore uninstall too). Better design for the admin panels and popups. Under the hood, coding better respecting WordPress and PHP standards.


  • Many options related to the popups (favicon, change the URL, etc.), fixed missing/wrong variables all over the plugin, further compatibility with PHP8 added, fixed the submit buttons in the admin, much technical work and bug hunting


  • Due to compatibility reasons with Gutenberg, the way to display links to internal popupups has changed from ‘(!–imdb–)(!–/imdb–)’ to ‘< span class “lumiere_link_maker”>’. Compatibility with the old way currently maintained.
  • Gutenberg interface finished.


  • Major update, plugin vastly rewritten. Name IMDb Link Transformer changed to Lumière!. Should be Content Security Policy (CSP) compliant. Too many changes to be listed. Check the changelog.