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Lottery Results

Feature daily lottery results on your website.

My state is missing!

Unfortunately Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah & Wyoming have no lottery system. If you're in this state, contact your law maker and get a lottery going! It's a great way to raise money for education, conservation, and other great causes.

What is the plugin license?

  • This plugin is released under a GPL license.

What filters exist?

The following filters have been added to allow for modification of code using apply_filters():

  • lottery_widget, lottery_widget_{$widget_number}
  • lottery_results
  • lottery_game_name
  • lottery_game_date
  • lottery_game_caption, lottery_game_caption_{$state_code}, lottery_game_caption_{$state_code}_{$game_id}
  • lottery_game_bonus, lottery_game_bonus_{$state_code}, lottery_game_bonus_{$state_code}_{$game_id}
  • lottery_game_multiplier, lottery_game_multiplier_{$state_code}, lottery_game_multiplier_{$state_code}_{$game_id}
  • lottery_game_wildcard, lottery_game_wildcard_{$state_code}, lottery_game_wildcard_{$state_code}_{$game_id}, lottery_game_wildcard_result
  • lottery_thank_you_link

How do I use the `apply_filters()` functionality?

If you want to change some code in the widget, you can use the WordPress add_filter() function to achieve this.

You can add code to your theme's functions.php file that will modify the widget output. Here's an example:

function my_example_function($widget) { 
    // The $widget variable is the output of the widget
    // This will replace 'this word' with 'that word' in the widget output.
    $widget = str_replace('this word', 'that word', $widget);
    // Make sure to return the $widget variable, or it won't work!
    return $widget;
add_filter('lottery_widget', 'my_example_function');

How do I remove the titles of the games (the captions)?

If you want to remove game captions from the widget, add the following to your active theme's functions.php file:

add_filter('lottery_game_caption', 'lottery_return_no_caption');
function lottery_return_no_caption($caption = null) {
    return '';

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.8
Last Updated: 2014-9-5
Active Installs: 200+


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