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Premium Social Login with Social Data Integration (Paid)

This is a paid subscription plugin offered by LoginRadius for Social Login and Social Data Integration.


  • Updated Social Sharing url
  • Updated Activation


  • Removed Social Sharing ajax request


  • Support added for WordPress 4.3.0
  • Custom post type sharing added
  • Improved multisite performance
  • Redirection bug fix


  • Improved functionality and optimization
  • Improved theme compatibility
  • API updates Facebook, LinkedIn, Google


  • Performance upgrades
  • Social Sharing Improvements
  • Interface & Theme compatibility improvements


  • Added Buddypress Login/Register Options
  • iOS login fix


  • Buddypress Avatar Fix


  • Added new options for social login and social sharing
  • Released responsive interfaces for Social Login and Social Sharing
  • Revamp User interface and User Experience of Admin interface
  • Simple and easy to use admin options
  • Fixed some bugs related to social sharing


  • Fixed issues in last version
  • Compatiblilty with WordPress 4.0
  • Tweak: Removed hard-coded plugin version and stored it in database


  • Restructured plugin for better performance.
  • UI improvement in notification popups
  • Simplified plugin settings text.
  • Improved PHP SDK, Started using wp_remote_get and wp_remote_post instead of CURL
  • Added plugin requirements checking on activation.
  • Added debugging option.
  • Separated settings as basic and advanced settings.
  • Improvement in widgets.
  • Fixed issues with multisite installation.


  • Updated the demo website link in details


  • Added 3 more Social ID providers (Disqus, SinaWeibo, Instagram)
  • Improved performance of plugin


  • UI improvement in notification popups displayed at website front end
  • Improved PHP SDK
  • Added support for woocommerce plugin for social login and social sharing


  • Added performance improvements
  • Added new features and widget for Social Account linking
  • Added shortcode for Social Account linking widget
  • Enhanced Social Sharing to support responsive themes and mobile devices
  • Added an option to use large social profile picture as WordPress avatar
  • Added an option to include plugin JavaScript code in website footer


  • Added an option to handle redirection for registration and login using Social Login
  • Added an option to enable improved user experience for Social Login
  • UI improvements in options page


  • Added option to specify target url for multiple sharing interfaces at Homepage
  • Added option to specify username separator in Social Login widget area.
  • Added option to delete plugin settings on plugin deletion
  • "Enable plugin now" button will be displayed at plugin options page, only if user has not saved API Key and Secret.


  • Added new login ID providers - Amazon, Github, kaixin, Paypal, renren, Salesforce, odnoklassniki and QQ


  • Sharing UI change.
  • Added option to update user profile data on login.
  • Added feature to specify CSS in Social Login and Sharing shortcode.
  • CSS issues fixed with Input fields on the wordpress login form
  • Added WP login hook in Social Login "Login" function. Functions called on WordPress login hook will work on Social Login.


  • Performance improvement in login redirection.


  • Added options to manage user activation/deactivation from wordpress admin
  • Added social Login interface customization options
  • Added Pinterest in Social Sharing
  • Added Pinterest and Hybridshare in Social Counter


  • Bug fixed with social login interface generation on https site


  • Added JS framework [Important: If you are upgrading to Version 4.5, the icons in your login interface will default to the new login theme. Please log into your http://www.loginradius.com account if you wish to change it.]


  • Added performance improvement during login interface load


  • Added Social Sharing and Counter with in WordPress admin with customization options
  • Add social login provider - Github, QQ, Renren, Kaixin
  • Multisite - Auto create settings of main blog to all sub-blogs
  • Multisite - Added control for Admin to replicate main website options to other pre-existing blogs in the network
  • Added an option to redirect to buddypress profile page after login
  • Added feature for social account mapping, so users can now link multiple social accounts
  • Enhanced the Social Login admin interface to quick navigation
  • Added the help and support section with direct link to support documents
  • Added a feature to auto-detect API Connection Method
  • Added a feature to verify LoginRadius API settings
  • Added a feature for admin to allow/dis-allow new user registration form social network
  • Added an option to place social login interface at various positions in commenting layout
  • Custom hook to display Social login interface at any place of the website/blog
  • Option for admin to see the social provider name in the user list
  • Shortcodes for inserting social login, social sharing and social counter in the post/page contents
  • Option to disable sharing/counter by navigating to the individual post/page 'Edit' section


  • Added user nicename sanitized.
  • Added social avatars for Buddypress.


  • New layout for Social Commenting
  • Added Social Counter
  • Enhanced Social Sharing with updates
  • WordPress admin UI improvement
  • Added a separate menu item - LoginRadius in admin panel
  • Username/password is not sent to user before email verification
  • WordPress admin bar appearing at first login, page refresh issue fixed
  • Correct password is sent to user after registration
  • Validation of api/secret key entered through admin
  • Bug fixes with social sharing
  • Support for brazillian language


  • Multisite and S2member support added
  • Social login interface can be enabled on Buddyprss login and register form
  • Replicate main site plugin settings to each subsite in multisite network
  • Buddypress refresh at login solved
  • Buddypress user registration issue solved


  • Issue fixed with Social login beside position.
  • Issue fixed with Social sharing JQuery conflict with some plugins.


  • Issue fix with Social sharing JQuery conflict


  • Social sharing released.
  • WordPress Admin UI improved with tab structure.
  • Logout Redirection option added.
  • Auto Approve Social User's Comments- feature added.
  • Hidden field removed using tmp db.
  • WordPress admin settings improved - now compatible v 2.8 and higher.
  • social share widget added.
  • Title and avatar added in widget.
  • Anyone can register bug fixed.
  • Social Login interface position (embed in wp form or/and beside wp form ) option added.
  • Link existing wordpress user accounts to social login option added.
  • Email verification enabled for end user.
  • API key and secret validation enabled.
  • Performance improvement enhancements.


  • Interface customization for language, social icon set and theme
  • Social Avatar added.
  • WordPress Admin interface enhanced
  • More user profile data added like about,avatar and website name etc.
  • Curl and fskopen option added in wordpress admin
  • Option to choose social icon login, register,comment page in admin interface.
  • Bug Fixed - filename conflict fixed.
  • Bug fixed - redirection issue from admin login page fixed.


  • Popup issue Fixed
  • Redirection issue fixed(same page)


  • Callback Https redirection issue fixed
  • German language added
  • Redirection issue fixed(wordpress installed in sub-root)


  • Enhance feature for First Name and Last Name
  • Enhancement to send email to new user
  • Bug fixed - redirection issue
  • Bug fixed - popup in IE


  • Bug fixed for First Name and Last Name
  • Enhancement to set default user role for social login


  • Auto detection for Http and Https websites to remove IE and chrome warning message
  • User profile data fetch for international languages support


  • Stable release
  • Added 6 more languages - Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French


  • Stable release
  • Added foursquare social login in provider list
  • Redirect selection option in admin.
  • Existence of email validation.
  • Popup design enhancements.
  • New interface on comment box for login.
  • Admin interface design enhancements.


  • Stable release
  • Bug fixes and Admin enhancements


  • Bug fixed - Registered user email notification issue


  • Bug fixed - Email pop-up issue


  • Added js directory


  • This is the first version of the application.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


3 out of 5 stars


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