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Show currency values to readers in their local currency (in brackets after the original value).

2.9 (1st June 2015)

  • New Feature: The plugin now uses the standard WordPress shortcode system. The old format will still work but is not recommended.
  • New Feature: The 'from' currency can now be specified for each value to be converted.

2.8.1 (21st May 2015)

  • Update: Added Armenian AMD and Georgian GEL.

2.8 (21st May 2015)

  • Update: Updated the currency list to reflect which currencies are used in which countries in 2015.
  • Minor Change: Changed the order of the dropdown list of currencies on the front end of the site to alphabetical.
  • Minor Change: Modified the activation function so that it also deals with updates.
  • Minor Change: Tweaked the Powered By wording to make it shorter when there is no link
  • Minor Change: Changed the default setting for whether to link to the plugin home page to off.

2.7 (23rd October 2014)

  • Fixed Major Bug: The URL required for the call to Yahoo! Finance changed, so conversions stopped happening.

2.6 (25th October 2013)

  • Fixed Major Bug: Conversion was broken when there was only one conversion on a page.
  • Fixed Bug: Quicktag was no longer appearing.

2.5 (4th July 2013)

  • New Feature: Plugin now converts currency ranges, eg $50-100. See the How To Use section for details.

2.4 (28th June 2013)

  • Fixed Major Bug: If the value to convert contained a decimal point, the converted value was 100 times what it should be.

2.3 (13th November 2012)

  • Fixed Major Bug: Plugin was trying to load local exchange rate JSON file rather than the one from Yahoo.
  • Fixed Major Bug: Yahoo has changed the format of the exchange rate JSON file slightly, which broke the plugin.
  • Fixed: Removed the nonce check which was failing when sites used caching plugins such as W3TC or WP Super Cache.

2.2 (29th September 2010)

  • New Feature: Adding a custom field called force_lc with a value of 1 will force LocalCurrency to run, even if there is no 'shortcode' on the page (only useful where the shortcode is added by another plugin)
  • New Feature: A new option called Plugin Firing Priorty controls when LocalCurrency manipulates the post content, for better compatibility with other plugins that manipulate post content.

2.1 (28th September 2010)

  • Fixed Major Bug: Users from the site's main location didn't seeing any currency if the Hide Original Price setting was turned on.

2.0 (15th September 2010)

  • Major rewrite of underlying structure to improve efficiency and security.
  • Added the ability to use Historic Exchange Rates (ie at time of post), rather current rates.
  • Added the ability to Hide Original Price, so the user will just see the price in their currency rather than both the original and their currency.
  • Added debug mode to assist with troubleshooting.
  • Moved the plugin to the official WordPress plugin directory.

1.01 (24th February 2008)

  • Fixed: issue with plugin not working when there was only one currency on the page. This was due to the way the JavaScript array was created dynamically by PHP.
  • Fixed: issue with plugin not working properly on pages with more than one post (ie home page, archive pages etc). Plugin now works properly, although changing currency only changes it for the one post with the select on it.

1.0 (20th February 2008)

  • Initial Release

Requires: 2.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.10
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 400+


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