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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

LMB^Box Smileys


Fixed Some Minor Code.
Updated Code/Layout.
Updated Styles.
Fixed Any Validation Problems, Now Validates XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
Added Plugin Version Notifier.


Reworked some more of the plugin code.
Optimized plugin code.
Fixed magic_quotes adding '\' to Smileys Images Directory Path.
NOTE: Function call has changed! Make sure you read Step 3!


Rewrote the plugin into a PHP class!
Removed the 'modal' javascript window property from Smileys Popup Page.
Modified the LMB^Box Smileys Management page for long loading times.
Added auto detection of Directory Seperator in Smileys Images Path.
Cleaned up plugin code.


Fixed Short Smiley Tag in Thunderbird Smileys List, Smiley Image File miss-named.
Reworked Smileys Convert code: Now using Regex. Now you do not need to have a space before and after 
    the Smileys Tag. You only have to have a space BEFORE Smiley Tag or the Smiley Tag can be at the 
    beginning of a new line. You can now have: 
    (Beginning of Line OR Space):Smiley Tag:(Any Non-Alphanumeric Character OR Space OR End of Line)


I've found a fix that will take care of the problem with other plugins messing up the post or comment 
    content and Smileys Tags. There is now no need to use the modified version of the IImage Gallery 
    plugin. This fix makes WordPress process the LMB^Box Smileys filters first before the others, 
    which completely fixes the problem. This fix should also fix any other plugins that cause the same 
    problem now or in the future.


LMB^Box Smileys plugin package now includes a .txt file and a modified version of IImage Gallery to fix
    problems that IImage Gallery causes. For more info, please read the IImage_Gallery_Fix.txt file.


Reworked Smileys Convert code: Fixed problems with the display of Smileys Tags and Short Smileys Tags.


Added title attribute to <img> tag for Smileys Images on Smileys Popup page and Smileys displayed 
    directly in the Comment Form Area.
Added more automatic loading options for auto-load Smileys Lists.
Changed the Smileys Images' filenames around and Smileys Tags (you may have problems with old posts!).
Reworked Disabled Smileys Image coding.
Added Short Smileys Tags and options to control, use and display them (step 6.3).


Added Sync Smileys Lists feature and automatic Smileys Lists loading.
Added Display Order for Smileys Lists.


Added ability to display Smileys in the Comment Form area directly without the Popup Page (step 3.1).


Just cleaned up some of the code and documentation.
Added check to see if any Smileys are displayed on Smileys Popup Page or not. If not, then you 
    get a "No Smileys Avalible! Contact the Admin to Activate the Smileys!" message.
Maybe: I may add a Template feature to allow an easy ability to customize the Smileys Popup Page, 
    but I'm not sure. It seems reduntent, but would be a nice feature to allow easy upgrade and 
    theme management.
Not Doing: I'm not going to add short Smiley tags like :) or :D because of the fact that I don't 
    know what every blog admin would want to use for the default short Smiley tags Smileys 
    (the smiley image). So if you really want the short tags, just add them to the Smileys Lists 
    that you want them to use (if you put the short tag above the long tag smiley, then on the 
    Smileys Popup Page, the short tag will be added to the comment/post form; and if you put the 
    short tag below the long tag, the long tag will be added to the comment/post form).


Added confirm boxes to remove stored settings for the plugin on deactivation
Added disabled smileys from Smileys List for either Admin Write Pages or Comment Form.
Fixed disabled problem with display for admin and comment smileys
Fixed problem with default WordPress smileys not be removed (remove_filter() settings).
Fixed no Smiley Button on quicktags toolbar in Comment Edit - Temp fix until WordPress has 
    edit_comment_form action added to edit-comments.php file in wp-admin folder.
Shortened php call and args to get Smileys output.
Changed Management Page name.
ToDo: Add short Smiley tags like :) or :D to Smiley List for default action.


Added Manage Smileys Page
Changed the Smileys Popup Page JS Settings (Window Settings)
Changed Plugin's Name! From WP Smileys to LMB^Box Smileys!


Added Option Page for WP Smileys
Improved smileys adding/displaying and security
ToDo: Add Manage Smileys Page -> core code in place, just need to make page!


Added new feature: Admin Write Page and Comment Form Smileys Page Settings
ToDo: Add options page for all settings and management page for smileys


Fixed the button style documentation to continue to work with WP Comment Quicktags Plus.
Added info as to how to add a style to the smileys button in the admin write pages.


I have now included a readme.txt file with the plugin and I have also edited the 
    documentation in the files themselvies.
Changed the style classes around and added more documentation


Changed the popup script options for a better display.
Changed the code to add for a link to allow for non-javascript browsers


The first offical release of WP Smileys for WordPress!

Requires: 2.3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.3.2
Last Updated: 9 years ago
Active Installs: 100+


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