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LivePress is a hosted live blogging solution that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress blog.

Other notes

Hooks and Filters

LivePress is fully extensible by third-party applications using WordPress-style action hooks and filters.

Add a Tab to the Live Blogging Tools Palette

The "livepress_setup_tabs" hook will pass an instance of the LivePress_Blogging_Tools class to your function. You can add a tab by calling the add_tab() method of that class and passing in the title of the tab, its ID, and either content for the tab or a reference to a callback function that generates output.


add_action( 'livepress_setup_tabs', 'my_setup_tabs' );
function my_setup_tabs( $tools ) {
    $tools->add_tab( array(
        'id'      => 'my_custom_tab',
        'title'   => __( 'My Custom Tab' ),
        'content' => '<div><p>This is some custom content.</p></div>'
    ) );

Remove a Tab to the Live Blogging Tools Palette

All of the default tabs in the tool palette can be removed by name using the "livepress_setup_tabs" action hook and calling the remove_tab() method of the passed class.


add_action( 'livepress_setup_tabs', 'remove_author_notes' );
function remove_author_notes( $tools ) {
    $tools->remove_tab( 'live-notes' );

The default tab IDs used in LivePress are:

  • Comments => 'live-comments'
  • Twitter Search => 'live-twitter-search'
  • Manage Remove Authors => 'live-remote-authors'
  • Author Notes => 'live-notes'

Custom post types

In order to live blog on a custom post type, you need to add a filter. You can add it in your theme's functions.php file:

// In this case, add the 'books' post type function add_livepress_post_types( $post_types ) { array_push( $post_types, 'books' ); return $post_types; } add_filter( 'livepress_post_types', 'add_livepress_post_types' );<pre><code></code></pre>

Control insertion of live stream

You can use the 'livepress_the_content_filter_disabled' to turn off LivePress's 'the_content' filter.

apply_filters( 'livepress_the_content_filter_disabled', '__return_true' );<pre><code></code></pre>

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 100+


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