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Livefyre Comments 3 replaces your default comments with real-time conversations. Our social integration features make it easy to capture all the conve

Livefyre Comments 3 for WordPress

=Livefyre Comments 3=

Livefyre Comments 3 was designed from the ground-up for the social web, turning your blog into the hub of engagement and giving you the tools to moderate real-time conversations.

=Features= - Real-time technology: Comments is built on XMPP chat technology for fast, lightweight conversations on your site. - Social Sync: the conversation happening around your articles on Facebook and Twitter automatically syncs directly to the comments on your site. - Social Signin: Users have the option to sign in with several social networks so that they can jump right in and join the conversation. No new login required. - Guest Commenting: Sites can also use our guest commenting option to let their community comment without even creating an account. - Friend Tagging: Easily invite Facebook, Twitter, and Livefyre contacts to join the conversation right from the comment box. - Comment Sharing: With one click, readers can easily share comments with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. - Comment Liking: Let your community members recognize those commenters who elevate the conversation. - Rich Text Editor: Emphasize your point of view in flourishes of bold italics, or create a bulleted list to drive home your argument. - LinkBack: Encourage community interaction by allowing other Livefyre bloggers display a link to their latest post when they leave a comment. - Live Listeners: Show readers exactly how many people are viewing the page and are following the conversation. - Comment Notifiers: Show your readers who is participating in the conversation and what they are saying in real-time, all without losing your place on the page. - Media Embedding: Display Instagram photos, play videos from YouTube, listen to songs from Spotify, and cite Wikipedia articles directly in the conversation stream. - Comment Editing: Commenters can fix typos mistakes with a five-minute window to edit their comment after it has been posted. - User Profiles: Visit the other Livefyre Network sites where your community is commenting. - SEO Optimization: Comments 3 is Google crawl-able so you receive SEO credit for all comments, including those originating from Facebook & Twitter.

=Admin Dashboard=

Livefyre’s centralized dashboard allows you to track and monitor every interaction on your site from one location.

=Features= - Spam Protection: Imperium spam filtering keeps the conversation going and the spam out. - Community Flagging: Develop trust with community members by letting them notify you when a comment is offensive or off topic. - Edit Comments: Moderators can edit all comments to correct spelling and grammar, and make sure that shared links and embedded media keep the conversation clear and relevant. - Leave Comment Notes: No need to leave your admin panel to coordinate with your moderators, see all your communication around comments in one place. - Multiple Moderation roles: Delegate moderation responsibilities among Site Owners, Admins, Moderators, and
- Whitelists & Banned Users: Authors and trusted community members can bypass pre-moderation with Whitelists, while trolls are kept at bay with Ban lists and their comments are Bozo'ed so that they are only visible to the comment author and not your community. - Profanity Lists: Customize the settings for filtering comments for your community. - User Activity: See which community members are your top commenters and who you should reach out to invite them back to your site. - Moderation & Conversation Reports: Generate reports that give an overview of your moderation practices and see which posts are sparking the most conversations.

For more info check out Livefyre's full feature list.


= What is the difference between Community Comments and LiveComments?=

Livefyre Community Comments is our free comments plugin for bloggers and small publishers. LiveComments is part of our paid StreamHub product suite for large publishers. Community Comments runs on the Livefyre network, so you will need a Livefyre account to leave a comment. Each our LiveComments customers run on their own custom network, so you will need an account with that network to leave a comment.

Why doesn't my Livefyre plugin work?

The Livefyre Community Comments plugin depends on a couple different WordPress conventions to work properly. Here are the most common reasons why Livefyre commenting widget does not show up.

  1. You are lacking wp_footer() function in your footer.php of your WordPress theme. You can add it to your theme by editing your footer.php file, then appending on a new line at the end of the file.

  2. Your theme is not using the comments_template() function to load comments. The Livefyre Community Comments plugin hooks onto the comments_template() function to insert Community Comments onto the page. Look at the default theme to see how it is implemented and add it into your theme accordingly. You will need to add where you want Community Comments to appear on the page.

  3. The post or page in question has comments disabled. Community Comments will only show up on WordPress posts and pages that have comments enabled. If you go to the Livefyre Settings page in the WordPress admin, you will see a list of post and pages which have comments disabled.

  4. You have turned off "Display Posts" or "Display Pages" in the Livefyre Settings page. There are options to enable or disable Community Comments on all posts or all pages. If you are missing comments on all your pages, please make sure the Display Pages is checked in the settings page. By default, comments are enabled on posts and pages.

What are all of these transient_livefyre values in my WordPress options table?

By default, the Community Comments plugin will cache the static HTML of the comment widget for every page and post Community Comments appears on into transient values in the WordPress options table for performance purposes. These values are temporary, and will be deleted by WordPress cron jobs periodically. You can turn off caching in the Livefyre Settings page, but doing so will incur a sizable performance penalty. You can also delete all transient_livefyre values in the Livefyre Settings page.

Can I change the language of the Community Comments module?

Yes. With new feature in v4.1.0, plugin site owners can now choose which language to display on the comment module. Currently, site owners can choose between English, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Visit the Livefyre FAQ to access our entire Knowledge Base, or e-mail us at support@livefyre.com with any questions you have.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2014-12-5
Active Installs: 8,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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