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Livefyre Comments 3

Livefyre Comments 3 replaces your default comments with real-time conversations. Our social integration features make it easy to capture all the conve


  • Sanitized data


  • Bug fix for Spanish language translations


  • Settings template bug fix
  • Improved Spanish language translations


  • Corrected more language translation issues.


  • Fix format of timestamps in Spanish.


  • Add in support for French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Allow users to toggle caching and give them the ability to clear the cache through the settings page.


  • Fix for legacy values of import status affecting the settings page


  • Changed comments div name to livefyre-comments to avoid theme code conflicts.
  • Check for comment before running update_comment_status in postback.
  • Skip comment import for sites with no comments.
  • More specific instructions for how to fix CloudFlare in conflicting plugins.


  • Removed potential naming conflicts in the livefyre-api folder.
  • Fixed bug with LF JS not being put out to the page.
  • Changed debugging messages for Livefyre not displaying.
  • Restored some multi-site functionality.


  • Fixed multi-site blog registration.
  • Bumped up priority of the comments widget to support certain themes.


  • Removed security plugins acting up with Raven.
  • Added some more CSS in the settings page.
  • Removed potential naming conflicts.
  • Outputs an invisable div to tell us if we shouldn't be displaying for debugging purposes.
  • Fresh installs won't activate a backfill.
  • Fixed small postback issue.


  • Changed a option to automatically be set to true.


  • Added an ability to turn off comments on pages or posts with a checkbox.
  • Renamed Logger to Livefyre_Logger to avoid a common name.
  • Fixed an update option to be more compatible with older code.


  • Implemented the Comments 3 platform for all conversations.
  • Added a backend upgrade to migrate old conversations to the Comments 3 platform.
  • Increased the reliability of site syncing by making a check for it's scheduling.
  • Added debugging features in the WP logs if debug mode is on.
  • Updated and redesigned admin settings page.
  • Added useful links in the settings page.
  • Fixed issues with importing of comments to warn or potential problems.


  • Fixes some issues with comment count, increases site sync request timeout to improve reliability.


  • Implements the Livefyre V3 comments platform Beta.


  • Added a validator which tests the UTF cleaner before applying it. If it fails to return the string that was passed in, we turn off the UTF cleaner. This will fix the import process for a number of blogs where iconv is broken or other encoding issues exist in the target environment.


  • Fixing an issue with postback parent comments not being associated - which caused replies to appear at the top level in the WordPress comments section when livefyre is turned off.


  • Skip invalid dates - the importer will choose a date (that of the article) if WordPress can't supply a valid date on export.


  • Suppress comment changes to author fields when an approval activity is posted back to the plugin.


  • Fix very old bug with livefyre_get_wp_comment_id (does not return!) this fixes postback in some cases.
  • Add signature to sync request url.
  • Uses the new http://www.livefyre.com domain to avoid costly redirects.


  • Fixed misconfigured Livefyre domain for bootstrap html fetching.


  • Added a deactivate action to reset the status of the import process. This prevents upgrading an old plugin (in an inconsistent state) and erroneously getting the admin notification "we're still importing your comments..."
  • Added testing for iconv() support for before attempting to sanitize comments that are being exported (to Livefyre)


  • Added better messaging during import process: * notifying users of the fact that a job is queued, when it is * better display when an error is encountered * allow users to come back and see continuously updated import status via the Livefyre link under Comments (WordPress Admin) * better messaging in admin dashboard during import
  • Added a unicode-cleansing character filter as per the spec http://www.w3.org/TR/xml/#charsets. This resolves a rare issue where very old (upgraded) WordPress blogs sent Livefyre invalid characters during data export.


  • Handling quotes better for postback, as using the correct "init" hook causes WordPress to unilaterally escape all quotes in $_POST. This fixes broken postback in a number of cases.


  • Moving postback hook into the more appropriate "init" wp hook for better performance


  • Fixing syntax that was incompatible with php 4.x.


  • New platform release with updated postback synchronization.


  • Fixed bug where livefyre css loads on every page (which made pingdom claim that every image in the css, whether loaded or not, was being fetched on page load. LIES!)


  • Fixed bug related to load order changes in the Livefyre streaming library.


  • Fixed bug on upgrade to 3.0.3 that caused a permission error on activation (or re-activation) of Livefyre.


  • Corrected use of 'siteurl' to 'home' instead when obtaining the site's base url for web service endpoints in the plugin.


  • Added 'copy my comments' button for those who decide to import or who need to sync comments. Unfortunately until our 'full sync' solution is complete, the button is kind of dumb and is there all the time. It can't hurt tho - we'll never duplicate a comment thats already in the livefyre system.
  • Added automated test for wp_head() template hook, to proactively notify users of compatibility issues.


  • Improved the automated importer - it now limits the maximum number of queries to run for one chunk of xml (20) in addition to limiting the number of characters that are allowed in one chunk.
  • Improved the automated importer - using local dates where GMT is unavailable on very old articles, presumably from versions of WP that didn't track gmt.
  • Added a 'copy my comments' button to the options page for users who opted out of automatic import on the initial registration step.


  • Added automatic comment sync for users who deactivate, then collect more comments in the wp db, then re-activate Livefyre.


  • Securing the export process with a signature.


  • Changes to ignore bogus/zero import dates.


  • Adding phone-home on activation/deactivation of plugin, we now store the status on a Livefyre server for debugging purposes.
  • Adding large blog import support - we now use chunk files with a central index delivered to Livefyre.com instead of one giant XML file of arbitrary length (regularly growing to the point of exhausting RAM).
  • Making the livefyre interface behave correctly on pages (eg 'About') as well as posts.
  • Not showing the livefyre interface on preview mode - this was breaking the title grabber.
  • Only showing approved pingbacks/trackbacks.


  • Excluding pingback and trackback data from comment data import. Removed unnecessary extra call to Livefyre server on successful authentication on the plugin options page.


  • Added cache reset calls to reset wp-cache and WP Super Cache plugins


  • Shows trackbacks


  • Copies comments to WordPress database.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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