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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Live Blogging

Live Blogging is a plugin that allows you to insert micro/live blogs into posts with automatic updating of the content.

How do I start live blogging?

The very first thing you need to do is select a post which to use as the shell for your live blog. Either create a new post, or select an existing one to edit, and then to the right of your post screen, there should be an option entitled: "Enable live blogging on this post". Without this option being enabled, you will be unable to add new live blog entries to this post!

The final step is very important. You must insert the shortcode [liveblog] somewhere within your post which indicates where the liveblog is to appear.

Now, your live blog is set up! You can select 'Add New' from the sidebar under 'Live Blog Entries', choose the live blog you want the update to apply to from the list in the sidebar, and then create your entry as per usual.

Once you have finished with your live blog, untick the ``Enable live blogging on this post'' box. This will stop automatic updating and any new updates to be added to the live blog, but will preserve any existing live blogging entries for posterity.

How do I upgrade my live blogs from version 1.x of the plugin?

If the plugin detects that old data from the plugin exists, then it will prompt you to upgrade on the options screen. Also, a 'Live Blogging Migration' option will exist under the Tools menu. Run that tool and follow the prompts to upgrade all your old entries to the new version.

Please note that live blogs created in previous versions of the software can not have new entries added to them.

Please note that it is recommended that you disable posting to Twitter when running a migration, as the migration will cause all legacy entries to be posted to Twitter.

If I change the time on a live blog entry to appear in the past, then it doesn't appear in the right order during automatic updating?

Unfortunately this is a limitation on the system - any new entries must appear at the top of the live blog. Readers who come in after the blog was posted, or users who subsequentally refresh will see the blog posts in the correct order.

I'm using TwentyTen and comment updating doesn't look right


add_filter('live_blogging_build_comments', 'twentyten_liveblogging_comments');
function twentyten_liveblogging_comments($a)
    $a['callback'] = 'twentyten_comment';
    return $a;

to your functions.php in your theme.

Comment updating does not appear to work on my theme

For comment updating to work, you must be using a reasonably standard comment setup. That is, your theme must generate comments using wp_list_comments and put them in an element with an ID of commentlist. If your theme does not do these things, it is recommended that you disable comment updating in the option panel.

If your theme does support this, but comment updating still does not work correctly, it is possible that your theme is calling wp_list_comments with non-default arguments. It is possible to account for this using a filter.

Using the live_blogging_build_comments filter, you can return the arguments which your theme uses to call to wp_list_comments to get the same effect as your default theme. For an example of how to do this, see above.

I imported my live blog from version 1 of the software, and am continuing to use the same live blog, but comment auto-updating isn't working?

Sorry, this is a design issue with the software. It is recommended that you do not re-use any imported live blogs in this way.

What is Meteor, and how do I use it?

Meteor is a streaming web server that allows you to instantly "push" updates out to your readers. This is the technology Twitterfall uses, and the advice of the Twitterfall creators was useful in developing this functionality. Using Meteor allows you to lower your server load, as well as quicker updates for your readers.

There is a catch, however. Meteor is a web server separate to what servers your normal website and requires special configuration to set up, and your own server or VPS to run it on. Shared hosting is, typically, unsuitable.

If you are a professional blogger, running your blog from a server where you can install things as root, and are wishing to reduce server load, using the plugin with Meteor is highly recommended.

For more about Meteor, please see the Meteor website.

Does deleting a post from inside WordPress also delete it from Twitter?

Yes, it does!

Editing a post does not change the tweet the software generated

It is impossible to edit tweets. A decision was made not to implement this functionality, as it may result in out-of-order or duplicate tweets in a user's timeline. If you really need to delete a tweet, it is recommended that you either delete the tweet manually, or delete the post and create a new one.

Can I get an RSS feed containing just my live blog entries?

Yes - if permalinks are enabled. Navigate to: WP-URL/feed/?post_type=liveblog_entry&liveblog=ID where WP-URL is the address of your WordPress site, and replace ID (right at the end) with the ID of the post containing that live blog.

I'm getting multiple bookmarking icons or similar on every live blog post

Some bookmarking plugins work by adding their icons at the end of every post. Obviously, when you're microblogging and adding multiple entries per page, this can get very tiresome. The options screen allows you to workaround this.

In 'Advanced Settings' at the bottom is a list of actions which are unhooked from the the_content display filter, so they do not show up. To hide a bookmarking plugin, you must add the name of the function which is called by the


filter to this list. The green + allows you to add more text boxes, and then red - allows you to remove a function from being unhooked.

Can I add a hashtag to my tweets?

Sure! Just create a custom field on the post/page which contains the live blog called 'liveblogging_hashtag' and it will be appended to all of your tweets.

(Note that this custom field should not contain the # character, that will be added automatically)

AJAX updating doesn't work with multi-site and domain mapping

This forum topic (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/ajax-in-subsite) should resolve the issue for you.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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